Ray Kurzweil Transhumanism agenda to start robot apocalypse


I’m an avid follower of Ray Kurzweil (futurist, inventor, technological genius, etc.) and the fact that he’s been hired on by Google has been catching a ton of headlines. TechnologyReview.com posted an article with the details of what his job will be there, and it doesn’t look good for humanity. He is going to be building an artificial intelligence machine that will compile data collected by Google (which is virtually everything on the internet) and having this machine reproduce the human conscious.

He’s been accurate on many predictions and has been pursuing a form of immortality through the use of technology. The robots and transhuman agenda he has have the capability to become self-aware (yes; just like Terminator’s Skynet) and at that point we as a human species are a done deal. Kurzweil will be able to harness this technology when he develops it, so let us all hope that this doesn’t mark the revolution and extinction of the human species. I thought it might take a bit longer, but once we start augmenting technology into our body such as corneas with nanometer size screens that can access the internet through brain interface (as predicted by Kurzweil in the ’90s), then we might as well call it a day. Kurzweil has had a passion for pursuing such technology in order to bring his deceased father back (or something along those lines; don’t quote me on that, I remember seeing something about that on a Kurzweil documentary) and this Google job could be the final frontier in creating an electronic consciousness.


In case you think I’m out in left field with all of this, check out an interview from NYT:

To clarify, you’re predicting your immortality.
The problem is I can’t get on the phone with you in the future and say, “Well, I’ve done it, I have lived forever,” because it’s never forever.

You have described microscopic nanobots of the future that will be able to shape shift into anything, even gather into patterns that mimic familiar life-forms. So millions of nanobots will be running around that look just like Ray Kurzweil?
This idea of creating a whole virtual body with nanobots, that’s more like a 2050 scenario. But by the 2030s we’ll be putting millions of nanobots inside our bodies to augment our immune system, to basically wipe out disease. One scientist cured Type I diabetes in rats with a blood-cell-size device already.

Your father, a musical conductor, died when you were 22, and you insist that by using his DNA, as well as the music and writing he left, you can reanimate him. Will we literally find him on a car lot picking out a new Cadillac?
By 2029, computers will have emotional intelligence and be convincing as people. This implies that these are people with volition just like you and I, not just games that you turn on or off. Is it my father? You could argue that it’s a simulation. But it’s not something you can play with. You don’t want to bring someone back who might be very depressed because the world is very different than they expect and the people they know aren’t around.

Here’s a Kurzweil video:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. This man is frightening and I hope he never succeeds. He is full of crap when he says life has only improved with technology. Life was long healthy and happy in many places during the Golden Age. I think he has no soul.

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