Rapper Chingy turned into a conspiracy theorist


If you’re not familiar, Chingy was a fairly popular rapper a few years ago with the hits like Right Thurr, Holidae Inn (sic)and One Call Away. So fast forward from the early 2000’s to today and he’s apparently been studying up on various esoteric traditions and conspiracy theorists. I had no clue about this until I read it on VICE’s music website, so be sure to hit that jump to read more on it (and several more examples). He’s apparently been on a quest to expose the truth behind the music industry, and also pursued this idea that he’s one of the Black Hebrew Israelites (as you can guess, these are Black Americans who believe they are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites; although the mainstream Jews don’t accept this).

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Much to my dismay, I can’t say I like the VICE article because they are clowning on Chingy which makes me think they are part of the mainstream agenda of pushing out bullshit and lies, but whatever. They publish enough good stuff to make me give this one a pass :). So let’s take a look at a couple of Chingy’s Instagrams/Tweets that they are clowning on:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Chingy Instagram

I don’t know, I gotta side with Chingy on this one. Seems like a reasonable enough argument. I don’t think I love the war on drugs (seems like some bullshit to lock people up and keep the prison industries in the profit); and I especially don’t trust the Wall St. banksters, so… yea, I’m with Chingy on that one. Here’s a couple of posts showing how the presidents are related; and again, I’m with Chingy ‘cuz they have proven all of these guys have some form of relationship. I can’t say that there’s anything necessarily “evil” about that, but it does seem kind of strange to me:

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This one reminds of the Freeman theory about Obama-Akhenaten cloning:

Chingy Instagram


He’s got a track he released in May 2013 called King Judah (shocker; it didn’t hit the mainstream radios) and in it he talks about how he’s changing his outlook on life and the rap game:

Cut yo’ triangle eye, with my shortminders, know I You in the kitchen, cookin’ up, trynna bake a pie I’m readin’ ’bout my past deception, trynna cremate a lie Guess I should talk about, bottles, girls, the hood and guns I’ve gotten sick of that you son of sin, I’m God’s Son

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Chingy King Judah Illuminati eye

And he even goes into FEMA stockpiling coffins (like we saw on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show):

There are preparing mass slaughters, over half a million coffins is waiting in, in Half a million waiting in Georgia Over 2 million coffins is waiting between, between Arizona, Mexico and Canada

Here’s that King Judah video:


I watched Ching-a-ling on VH1’s Couples Therapy and I vaguely recall him and his squirrel fighting cuz she said he was reading all the time, and now we see what he was reading. I can relate to that, as my significant other has been subjected to far too many conspiracy theory documentaries and alien shows lol. You can keep up on Chingy at his Twitter @ChingyJackpot, or Instagram ChingyJackpot.

UPDATE 19JUN2014: Chingy gets interviewed by VladTV and XXL.com tries to make him seem crazy (it’s good to see the social programming is effecting XXL’s journalists) but really he seems like he’s really putting some work in on his research. He drops some theory on the triangle being a symbol for thought, mind, emotion and action, and Saturn being the planetary expression of Satan. I can’t tell if he is supporting the Illuminati or not because he talks about how they are really the “enlightened” ones (hence Illuminati-on). He also talks about the deep wisdom of it all, which is kind of true. Here’s XXL talkin that shit:

An interview has surfaced with Chingy appearing to be quite out of it. Chatting with VladTV, the rapper goes on a rant about the Illuminati, religion, and how they all are connected by planets. Sound odd enough? Well, it is.

Chingy goes on to talk about how people are just miseducated about the Illuminati and how the cult’s meanings aren’t so bad, when one looks deeper into them. He later adds that he was never really into church and how his curiosity about religion ultimately led him to discover all these things, that are related by the planets.

In Chingy’s mind, religion, the illuminati and the solar system are one in the same.

Is Chingy alright?

And the interview is HERE (the video doesn’t seem to load properly on my website all of the time so you can hit that link):

  I’ve got my own posts on Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids and the Sun and also the Illuminati Symbolism of Saturn and Satan if you want to hear more theories on that. And buy my book for knowledge sprinkling:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. “Black Hebrew Israelites (as you can guess, these are Black Americans who believe they are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites; although the mainstream Jews don’t accept this).”
    You need to understand we are not “Black Hebrew Israelites” thats what white supremacists call us.

    We are Israelites this has been proven through History.

    General Vaspasian and his son Caesar Titus fought against the Jews. Millions of Jews fled into Africa, among other places, fleeing from Roman persecution and starvation during the siege.” ( The Great Roman-Jewish War: 66-70)

    bn Khaldun, who lived in the 13th century, a respected authority on Berber history testified about the Black Jews of Western Sudan with whom he personally interacted. The famous muslim geographer al-Idrisi, born in Ceuta, Spain in the 12th century, wrote extensively about Jewish Negroes in the Western Sudan.

    Black Jews were fully integrated and achieved pre-eminence in many West African kingdoms. For instance Jews were believed to have settled in great West African empires such as Songhai, Mali, Ghana and Kanem-Bornu empires. According to numerous accounts of contemporary visitors to the region several rulers, and administrators of the Songhai empire were of Jewish origins until Askia Muhammad came to power in 1492 and decreed that all Jews either convert to Islam or leave the region. See Ismael Diadie Haidara, “Les Juifs a` Timbouctou”, Recueil de sources relatives au commerce juif a Timbouctou au XIXe siecle, Editions Donniya, Bamako, 1999.

    The 16th century historian and traveler Leon Africanus, was a Hebrew-speakingJewish convert to Islam, raised in a Jewish household by Jewish parents of Moroccan descent. Leon Africanus travelled extensively in Africa south of the Sahara where he encountered innumerable Black African Jewish communities. Leon later converted to Catholicism but remained interested in Jewish communities he encountered throughout his travels in West Africa. See Leo Africanus (al-Hassan b. al -Wazzan al-Zayyati), Della discrittione dell’Africa per Giovanni Leoni Africano, Settima Parte, in G.B. Ramusio, Delle navigationi e viaggi. Venice 1550, I, ff.78-81r.

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