Randy Quaid trying to reveal ‘Star Whacker’ Illuminati game


Randy Quaid was trying to expose a conspiracy theory involving Hollyweird a few years back, and this topic resurfaced recently in forums, in part due to a Mark Dice video explaining how this whole thing is a disinformation campaign. Randy Quaid and his wife have been on the run from the law, and they claim they are in hiding because of an Illuminati murdering practice called ‘Star Whacking.’

Randy doesn’t necessarily think he’s going to be murdered, but rather be the victim of a scandal or smear campaign. He said that this started with false arrests and accusations of defrauding a hotel innkeeper a couple of years ago. Around this time he and his wife found that they were still in possession of some property in Santa Barbara that they thought they sold 20+ years ago. While they were cleaning the property they were arrested for trespassing and vandalism. They claim that they’ve been fraudulently arrested and set up by people within the Santa Barbara government.


The reason? To do a cash grab.

Take a look at what the LATimes reported about Michael Jackson’s estate after he died:

According to documents filed with the U.S. Tax Court in Washington, Jackson’s executors placed his net worth at the time of his June 2009 death at slightly more than $7 million.The IRS placed it at $1.125 billion, a difference so vast it looks like a typo.Jackson’s return was so inaccurate, the IRS said, that it qualified for a gross valuation misstatement penalty, which would allow the government to double the usual 20% penalty for underpayment.“I’ve never even heard of the gross valuation misstatement penalty being asserted,” said Andrew Katzenstein, an estate tax expert at the law firm Proskauer Rose in Los Angeles.

Ironically, the state of California was contemplating buying the property for $100M to turn it into a state park at one time, so what does that tell you?…

Randy says the “Star Whackers” killed David Carradine (by hanging him; claiming his wife even supports this theory) and Heath Ledger. He also believes that Google helps out in the setup by placing smear campaigns at the top of the search results. There’s also a sub-theory to consider that claims Randy might be trying to expose Scientology in a covert way. David Carradine was affiliated with Scientology:

Carradine’s desire to be accepted by Scientology may have been for sentimental reasons. The actor was baptized as an Episcopalian, but his mother was a strict Christian Scientist. According to Jensen, Carradine had several scientologist friends and attributed his role in Kill Bill to meeting director Quentin Tarantino at the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood

And the Celebrity Center is also located in the epicenter of this ‘Star Whacker’ conspiracy theory being concocted. Here’s the best youtube video of Randy and Evi Quaid on an Early Show interview:


Here’s an interesting interview where Randy and his wife go through most of the theories I’ve presented thus far, and then claim that competing companies use scandals to defame celebrities in attempt to gain financially. For example, Randy was the voice of Capital One, so a competing bank might be behind all of this in order to make Capital One suffer some image problems. Another example is Tiger Woods’ sponsorship competition setting up the whole sex scandal. Take a listen:



Here is a public statement he gave in 2010 in Vancouver that explains most of it over again; talking about how “banks prefer dead actors because they don’t get in the way.”



Part 2 (he goes into the Star Whackers theories here):



Another aspect of the theory is that Hollywood has been orchestrating this smear for a long time now, giving Randy roles that are indicative of him being wacky or offbeat. Like the classic Cousin Eddie character in Christmas Vacation:

Randy Quaid Illuminati


So what do you think? Is Randy Quaid getting set up?


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. He’d better come up with a more mature term to use for this situation and blogs like this need to stop using star whacker too and put a mature name to it so people can take it for the seriousness that it is.

    It’s no surprise that it’s time to start getting rid of the “aged” celebrities with hefty royalties and assets. But in light or Robin Williams I couldn’t help but think that at some point early in these people’s careers, they actually agreed to these “death dates”. I think this would explain why Robin Williams became increasingly depressed the closer he came to his agreed upon “death date”. I also think this is why MJ became increasingly vocal about the illuminati the closer he got to his agreed upon “dead date”.

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    • I guess all the prematurely dead celebrities isn’t enough for it to be taken seriously. Or all the ones suddenly becoming “bi-polar.” Maybe we should attribute it all to eating bad sushi. Which side are you on?

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      • I agree with you Caroline, look at for instance Rosanne Barr. Loose lips you get clipped and broke!

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  2. of course, makes perfect sense.if people will believe in religion they will believe this too

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    • It’s not baffling that people DO believe in God. It’s baffling that so many people DON’T believe in God and think we are the result of a “starburst.” That’s easier to believe than procreation from God? I strongly disagree. Obviously something is amiss in Hollywood.

      If you won’t believe an insider, who will you believe? Randy and Evi know what they’ve been through and what they’re going through. The rest of us don’t. Just like people who have experienced real miracles from God know what we’ve been through and non-believers don’t. Can’t really deny what you don’t actually know.

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      • Ur retarded. God doesn’t exist.

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        • God DOES exist and I don’t have enough ribbon in my typewriter to describe what you are. Get a life and grow up.

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        • You’re an idiot. Are you TEXTING or TYPING? Hilarious when a complete moron calls someone else retarded for believing in God. I guess to a complete idiot He doesn’t exist. Get a clue.

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        • If God doesn’t exist, then why do the most powerful people in the world worship Lucifer? Your a fool who has falleb for the false narrative Hollywood and our very own government propagates. God is real and very soon everyone will know.

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        • God is real. I can help you meet him!

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      • I am very glad you posted this reply. I used to be one of the biggest skeptics ever when it came to supernatural matters. But a few years ago, I had five different experiences that changed my life, and my entire belief system. It occured while I was reading the Holy Bible. I had three visions from God, one where I saw Jesus Christ in a vision. Two were messages from Him, one was a demonic encounter which was terrifying, and then I saw a ufo at my brother’s house in the country. As you said, it’s easy to dismiss people’s experiences, until you yourself have one….or in my case, five. Let people believe I’m crazy, if I am, I’m crazy for Christ. This really happened.

        A former skeptic, turned believer.
        James Reis

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        • According to your bible you can’t believe in god and aliens…I think you need to reevaluate your belief system….just saying….

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          • Why can’t we believe in “Aliens” (just another word for demons IMO)

      • Good post. I agree with your point.

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        • J, true, I have always believed that “Aliens” were fallen angels and I think they are here somewhere on this Earthly plane, Maybe underground or the other side of the anarchic or another dimension? We just don’t know, but I don’t believe that stars or planets are solid objects. To everyone their own opinion

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  3. All that Quaid is alleging is possible in the high powered, high stakes life an actor.
    You have to constantly be on watch for the fraudsters, scammers, skimmers, and opportunists who do not have your interest at heart. Why they would be fixated upon Randy is hard to grasp. Perhaps because he has not had someone in his corner to run opposition in his life other than his wife, and he truly must be a trusting soul, a giver, not a taker. But, to be a financial success in the actors business, you need many people who have your back, and it is apparent that Randy has not had this in his life even from the period before he became an actor. Something is very sad about this, and it is very depressing.
    One can only hope he can keep himself together and no give in to the self destructive behaviors which he alleges to have been designed in the deaths of Keith, David and others.
    Randy, Hope to see you back to work where you belong.

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  4. Warning, Stars and conspiracy investigators have been murdered since 1999.
    There may be some conspiracy to destroy Afro-American status, role models and racial relationships wealth and there is may be a conspiracy to

    Many old stars of old shows have been murdered when a remake of the shows they starred in come on t.v. or movies.

    Its secret societies gambling over the lives of these stars and other famous people and, it is also occult things to these stars for their star successes and it is making immoral and sick things by getting rid of moral people who may publicly attack the things hollywood is putting in movies or allowing in movies that public is looking at.

    If you look at this list, many of the people on it seem to be funny and about peace and or promote peace. The society is promoting patriotism for people to accept for war or after a bad incident and mistrust, racial disunity and paranoid arming being in battle ready shape.


    John Saunders (not sure)

    Michael Jackson

    John Ritter

    Ossie Davis

    Marrion Berry

    Whitney Houston

    Robin Williams


    Jack Larson

    James McArthur

    Pat Tillman

    James Brown (not sure)

    Political murders
    Michael Ruppert

    Chandra Levy (set up Condit who was in the national security )

    Col. Mhoamar Khadafy

    Molly Ivans

    GARY WEBB !!!

    Ways they murder people
    Kaiser Permanente hospital is a very bad place if you are being watched or making these people upset. They have murdered a lot of people at this hospital and many older activists have died and families believing they died of illness or natural causes or Many UC Berkeley alumni and activists have died at these Kaiser hospitals that these societies wanted when they were/ are trying to destroy socieity and do things they don’t want non profits and activists to investigate and make news stories about or the public learn about them.


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  5. I have spoken to Satan many times and I will continue his message to me as often as I can. Satan says “Illuminati is responsible for many deaths!” Whatever Illuminati affiliated groups tell you about not being envolved with killing humans is a lie! Also, I listen to brainwaves of Illuminati members as well as Illuminati as a whole. Illuminati calls it “erasing”! Illuminati are so used to eliminating people from the planet that they call it “erasing”! Illuminati is also conducting secret projects in Syria! “Illuminati projects in Syria!” I will only add one more detail about the government. If you believe that the government can control the weather then you are correct. The government is often responsible for changing the weather! A few years later I got a Facebook account and learned that this information of which I recieved from a government wave is actually true! The government uses a device called a HAARP! I would rather believe my entities before I believe anyone who is Illuminati affiliated!

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  6. Yes. He is 100% being set up.

    I’ve SEEN this type of protocol on someone. It’s called Gang Stalking. My friend’s ex wife accused him of dealing drugs. Despite beating cases, the DEA still hacked into his phone, contacted friends, contacted employers, contacted family, hacked into his email, broke into his car… and even had street teams of motorists follow him everywhere.
    Sounds insane right? Nope. Let me explain:

    In the chaos following World War II, the U.S. government faced many difficult decisions, including what to do with the Third Reich’s scientific minds. These were the brains behind the Nazis’ once-indomitable war machine. So began Operation Paperclip, a decades-long, covert project to bring Hitler’s scientists and their families to the United States.
    With Operation Paperclip, psychological warfare tactics were embraced and still being used today with the Infragard and gang stalking program. There are people paid to mentally harass INNOCENT citizens on a daily basis. These people break into cars, damage property, break into homes, and follow targeted individuals on a daily basis. All for a check. The entire program is used to discredit these targeted individuals. To make them crazy and ultimately kill themselves.
    These people are all innocent. Many of them are whistle blowers and anti-war types.
    Randy has information THEY don’t want you to know. So he’s being targeted.

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  7. The “Banksters” insured the victims in their hit list. There are Businesses like Haliburton that take out policies to collect on Military members casualties. Why should HollyWierd or the music industry be any different ?

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  8. I beleive in Yahushua.

    They attempt to get people to agree to murder themselves, such as, would you like to be a in club? if you say yes they say I didn’t mean that kind of club.. they have so many tricky agreements I wouldn’t let any one take, eat, murder, bite, hurt, strangle, harm, burn, or anything that sounds bad, I would not let them do it to me..

    I believe in Yahushua and I would not go to the stores, because they are attempting to kill people at the stores because they say stuff like the price is changing or say they are adding to the total and add stuff like ‘your dead’ as a curse or don’t put dollar signs on the prices, I would order online and that is dangerous. I would pray about living peacefully together with believers possibly near a farm with other believers if I could I would but even that is dangerous.

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  9. SOME OF THEM ARE NOT HUMAN, they are using human bodies as AVATARS and attempt to SWITCH REPLICATE humans.

    They surround people have seperated people in the matrix to attempt to HARM THEM or BURN IN HELL!

    I WOULD NEVER SAY YES SURE. I believe in Yahushua, YHWH. I would repent of everything I ever did. I would wear dresses, no makeup, jewelry, I would dress modestly and ask to forgiven of every time I lied or laughed at evil.

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