Puma Punku Totem Videogame on Kickstarter

Interesting looking game, voiced by actor from 24 and features shamans and supernatural powers. Looks a little too much like Pokemon for my tastes, but here it is:



 Puma Punku Totems is a wonderous and magical world consisting of games, trading cards and animation.This KickStarter campaign will focus on our first springboard game where we will be creating a tile matching fighting game for mobile apps with feature film quality animations.This game will be the central focus of the entire Universe of Puma Punku Totems. By winning totems and using their totem spirit, you can create a powerful Shaman. That Shaman can be used for other games. The future is vast and there are many possibilities for the Shamans and their totem powers. Examples would be RPGs, MMOs and platform games. But we need to start somewhere first. We consider this premiere game a social game created by social people. You have the power to be part of a universe from the very beginning! This is a great opportunity for our Backers to be really creative with a game company that really wants to hear your thought and ideas. So don’t be shy.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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