Prometheus Film Illuminati Religion

I don’t know if it needs to be called a spoiler alert, but there’s talk of the plot behind the film Prometheus in the following paragraphs. Nothing too revealing though.

Alex Jones claims he has some Hollywood insiders who have relayed the script of the upcoming Ridley Scott Alien prequel- Prometheus. He says that it tells the story of genetic overwrite of the Earth for punishment against the humans for stumbling upon the aliens’ planet. It follows along the early civilizations’ signs and artifacts trying to convey their knowledge and communications with the alien lifeforms. These are all common theories held by Ancient Alien theories, and David Icke. It follows more along Icke’s view of the aliens being malevolent and manipulative.They’ve even covered this idea on Ancient Aliens on the episode with the talk of DNA manipulation by higher life forms. Some theories claim that we’ve made too large of an evolutionary jump and that some form of intervention was necessary to explain evolution. Some of the theories suggest the aliens/reptilians genetically created us to do their bidding and mine for gold as slaves, while Icke says that we’re mining energy for the reptilians to feed off of.


Jones talks of the elite bloodlines and their ties with the science fiction stories being told to start sprinkling the ideas of the ties these elite have with the alien gods. The Illuminati religion is that these elite bloodlines truly believe they descend from the aliens (whether or not we ALL are descendents doesn’t really matter since they’re in power) and they seek to do their bidding. The elite don’t think that the common person could handle the knowledge that we have alien origins. Or like Icke says, they don’t want us to know that we’re living in a matrix.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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