‘Prometheus’ Analysis: Transhumanism, Christianity, Ancient Astronauts and Avatar

Prometheus is a film that can be explored from many angles. Jay Weidner said that director Ridley Scott was a fan of Stanley Kubrick, and believes that Scott might’ve desired to create a timeless film that has several underlying meanings and symbols that can be examined for decades to come. I believe Scott has achieved this, but in a more overt way than Kubrick. There are many haters out there who are quick to call the film a failure, but I don’t think they’ve taken a look at the film through the right lens, so to speak. Forbes called it an ‘epic failure’ but I think that is an oversimplification for the thinking man or woman. Perhaps for the common sheep-le it’s an ‘epic failure’ but if you like a thought provoking film that takes more than one time to fully grasp, then Promtheus turns out to be a great movie.

The internet is littered with more theories than I could possibly have time to read through, but I’ve taken a quick look through several and applied some of the ideas together that make sense with the ideas that jumped out to me as I watched the film. Some of the aspects that I’ll discuss might’ve been seen before, while others are unique and I haven’t seen discussed yet.


There are several avenues to explore in this film, but the overall main theme is religion and human kind’s place in the universe. This main theme can be broken down into Christianity, Transhumanism, Avatar, the Occult and Ancient Astronaut theory.


For the entire film breakdown, please pickup my book: A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture. I cover all of the images you see below and detail the full extent of various aspects of this film. I also have the full review of the banned documentary about the murder of Princess Diana Unlawful Killing. I’ll leave most of the images up for cross reference with the book.









Christmas themes:






Avatar, the Occult and Ancient Astronaut symbolism









Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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