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I haven’t seen it yet, nor have I read this article, but I gave enough of a rough look to see that it looks like it probably holds some information relevant to what it says. It provides clues as to the link between Prometheus and Alien (apparently it’s not obvious when you watch the film??…). So feel free to read up on it, I’m avoiding any spoiler alerts until I get a chance to see it.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Prometheus in greek mythology is the devil / satan / eblis / lucifer himself .

    Obviously lucifer / satan and his followers wanted him to be a hero and the friend of humanity ( instead of showing his true personality in which his the enemy of us that we can find it in every holy book including new and old testament and Qur’an ) .

    greek mythology tells us about the great deluge (noah’s deluge) and we can easily guess before reding the myth who is the hero of this story !?

    Obviously it’s Prometheus !

    Guess who is the bad guy ?

    Zeus the figure of Yahwa, Allah, and God is the bad guy . actually he’s the bad guy in almost every important and real (like great deluge, the story of stealing fire by prometheus, and so many other real stories in ancient mythologies)

    you can also see prometheus story in a tv show named Supernatural season 6 thus far in which Castiel (a fallen angel like lucifer) plays role like prometheus and helps people (Winchester brothers) to solve their problems .

    concerning above part about Supernatural and Prometheus I suggest you read :

    Terry Deary trilogy named ” The Fire Thief ” (means prometheus) in these books you can see promethes , a fallen angel , (actually Lucifer / Devil / Eblis is a Demon or Jinn) helps people how !

    even sumerian account of the great deluge have been manipulated !

    I suggest you to check the link below and see the similarity of the sumerian story and the greek one .

    One god decided to destroy humanity because of his sins and one kind god !!! (in this case prometheus or sumerian version of him Enki) helps mankind to escape of this cruel decsion of god ! | Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through The Portal (Pt. 3)

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  2. Sorry , I writed the above comment very quick so there’s a few (probably more) grammer mistakes !

    Actually I’m persian … and of course I know about English language a thing or two .

    I hope you don’t mind .

    Thanx .

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