Professor accuses Sandy Hook of multiple shooters

Tenured professor James Tracy from Florida Atlantic University questions the official story to the Sandy Hook shootings. He supports the conspiracy theory that it is all part of a ploy to push gun control measures. He’s questioned 9/11, Oklahoma City’s bombing and more, so this isn’t new territory for him.



Tracy says there were multiple shooters and actors at the Sandy Hook incident. He’s also claimed the shootings didn’t even happen apparently.


I gotta give one thing to him, he’s correct in saying that the people need to take a sharper look at what’s going on instead of just believing all the b.s. the media tries to spoon feed us. The media doesn’t research on anything that’s important anymore. I just watched a Daily Show clip about how CNN cut their entire investigative journalism series out.


Meanwhile you turn on CNN and Nancy Grace will spew about whatever crazy-assed story is going on that is completely irrelevant to what’s really going on.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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