Prince and the Illuminati

Prince’s death was extremely odd when we consider all of the occult symbolism we can find tied into his persona. I wrote an article upon his passing in April 2016 entitled “Prince and the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Conspiracy” and given the recent findings from a released video I’ve got even more concerns…


Video now up!


Prince’s Death and the Video

Prince died on April 21st, 2016 and two years later (almost exactly– April 19th, 2018) the police released video footage of his Paisley Park estate. These dates may be of concern because they are the lead up period to the “Illuminati” sacrifice holiday of Beltaine (April 30th-May 1st). Some would go as far as to claim in the two weeks prior to Beltane sacrifices are conducted to Moloch as they were back in the days of the Canaanite cultures.


TMZ posted the video of Prince’s estate when they were studying the death scene and I was floored when I saw what transpired…


All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye is the symbol of enlightenment in the ways of occult thinking. It represents the awakening of the pineal gland- an important element in the history of the occult.

When we see it posted on the door we could begin to question what Prince was aware of:


Alchemical Union

In my “Prince and the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Conspiracy” article I went into detail on Prince’s name/symbol and its alchemical roots.

The symbol he chose was a combination of the male and female symbols- suggesting he was into this recurring Illuminati theme of gender neutralization. There could be more behind the LGBT movement than just equal rights if you consider the beliefs of the secret history of the occult. They believe that humans were originally androgynous beings and someday will return to this “perfected” state.


Was Prince interested in pursuing the pan gender- perfected state?

Was this a symbol of the alchemical wedding and embracing opposites?

The symbolism we see in his estate suggests he MAY have been since we see the moon and sun prominently place on the floor (with the skies visible on the walls- suggesting a celestial connection). Not to mention they are right next to his alchemical wedding symbol on the floor…


Goddess Sacrifice

The last thing I noticed was the most shocking.

In my previous article I suggested that there was some higher purpose for his death in the location it happened.


As I mentioned in my second post about this topic; L.A. Reid told us of some very interesting ideas that Prince had regarding the symbolic meaning of the elevator as the Devil.


When we combine the idea that the elevator symbolized the Devil to Prince we can see why his death in front of the elevator is so alarming. Even more shocking is the fact that he was found dead on top of the symbol for the Star of Ishtar!

Prince’s censored body on top of the Star of Ishtar in front of the elevator (Devil)


In Conclusion

Given the recent Beyonce-Coachella-Goddess connections I’ve been providing it seems that the “Illuminati” have been focusing on the goddess worship elements recently.

Prince being found on top of the eight pointed star is of great concern.

We’ve seen this star represented as the Star of Ishtar (or Star of Semiramis) to represent the worship of goddess entities or even the Aleister Crowley “8 of Wands” to represent the 8-pointed star of Chaos Magic.

Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot 8 Wands Chaos Star

It was even prominently featured in Eyes Wide Shut (a film I’ve compiled in my Kubrick’s Code project):


What’s the purpose here?…

In terms of occultism they believe in an energetic exchange with the unseen. This is how their ritual magick operates and sometimes we see so much symbolism we can’t help but wonder what their higher purpose is…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hello,
    Prince was actually found inside of the elevator. The medics pulled him out on/with the rug to work on him. Also, not sure if you knew that his clothes were on backwards. I was not personally there, just live in Minneapolis and have been following the illuminati perspective since his death. He was a very enlightened individual and is painfully missed.

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    • Hi Loralei, interesting about his clothes being on backward, remembering how the Illuminati and their followers are very much into reversals and doing things backwards.

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      • Hi Nick,
        Yes, I found it interesting as well, also his socks were inside out.
        I could maybe see throwing one article of clothing on wrong, but not socks, shirt and pants.

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  2. Isaac, Hi – I still cannot buy the books here from Johannesburg South Africa … please help I need your material. Thank you for all you do!

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  3. I never heard of the 8 pointed star reference before, and I found it by accident in doing some research on the Vatican, nice to know someone else has referenced it! I knew there was something up with the “8”. It is in the middle of St. Peter’s square with an obelisk in the center.. definitely something Egyptian (Like Semiramis or Ishtar).
    Also, something weird with him and M. Jackson on Fentenyl, coincidence.. I think not.

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    • Fentenyl has “8” letters. Is it the only drug of its kind with 8 letters?

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  4. Lovely, all goes on inside a cube

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