‘President Barack Obama is the clone of Akhenaten’ conspiracy theory


Occult expert, Freeman Fly, has been posting a ton about his theory on Barack Obama being a clone of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. At first it seemed so far fetched and over my head that I didn’t really read into it, but the more I read on it, the more fascinating it seems. Of course, it seems ridiculous on the surface, but like all good conspiracy theories you can piece together various possibilities and see it’s not all that crazy.

Akhenaten was known as the pharaoh that introduced the ideas of worshipping only one god (the sun; Aten) where as the previous Egyptians were used to worshipping multiple gods (polytheism). Is it a coincidence we see a sun on the campaign logo?:



Obama Aten Sun

Freeman points out that there is an episode of Stargate SG-1 that came out in 1996 with a character named Apophis who looks very similar to President Obama…

Obama Apophis Stargate

…and Apophis is the Greek word for the Egyptian deity of evil Apep who is depicted as a serpent…

Apep Obama

…and then Obama was going to weaponize space through an asteroid event (Freeman claims this is because Wernher Von Braun predicted this, and I’ve read that Von Braun claimed we would justify space weapons via a threat that is extraterrestrial), and in 2004 there was an asteroid named 99942 Apophis. Freeman believes that this was a ritual event to depict Akhenaten fighting Apophis.

Freeman lists several videos and sources that talk about the great deal of interest there is in DNA, cloning, and mummies of the ancient Egyptians. There are also links to suggest the Egyptians had a superior technique for preserving the bodies than what we use today, and that conducting a clone experiment isn’t necessarily impossible.


Obama Clone Akhenaten


He also believes that Michelle could be a clone, as she resembles Akhenaten’s mother, Queen Tiye:


Obama Michelle CLone Tiye


Freeman even includes the children into the theory:

Akhenaten had two daughters by Nefertiti. They look amazingly like Malia and Sasha. The code names of Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance and Rosebud correlate well with the ancient depiction of the Royal Family. 

He also posts a link to a gossip site that claims Beyonce is having an affair with President Obama, which might explain all of the goddess symbolism we’ve been seeing in her newer videos. However, Perez Hilton posted that Washington Post has already debunked the story. Here’s what the basis is:

A leading French newspaper, le Figaro, picked up the scoop of the Prez and Bey’s hush-hush hookups after paparazzo Pascal Rostain spilled the rumor in a radio interview! Mr. Rostain happens to be friends with the former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, and promised that this bombshell would blow up in Obama and Beyoncé’s faces! He exclaimed: “It’ll go out tomorrow in the Washington Post. I can assure you that the world will talk about it.”

Of course, we can claim that her goddess symbolism ties her into this clone theory, but also her latest Illuminati symbolism rich video Partition drops the questionable lyrics about messing around with a President:

“He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown”

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Beyonce Partition Illuminati Mirror

The whole thing is a stretch, but it’s entertaining and actually very intriguing. Freeman has a ton more on it on his website FreemanTV.com and you can read specifics on this Obama Clone theory and listen to various podcasts:

He’s also got a DVD set you can scoop up if the price is right.


Obama Cloning and the Coming Space War


Just to throw something else out there, I was watching a show on the Travel Channel about castles, and saw this segment on the curse of the pharaohs and the discovery of King Tut’s tomb (Akhenaten’s son). I saw this image on the screen and I couldn’t help but snicker because of the Obama similarities of the man on the far right:


Obama Egypt Tut


There’s plenty of other conspiracy theorists out there making this same claim, but they don’t see to hold the same clout that Freeman does. Of course, President Obama has been the most conspiracy-labeled president of all time it seems, even though I personally don’t see that much wrong with him that can actually pass all of the fact checks (e.g. the silly birth certificate conspiracy). I realize that this isn’t a popular thing to say on a website that covers conspiracy theories, but to each his own. That’s not to say things in the world aren’t heading in a bad direction, I’m just saying there’s higher force steering the ship.

Freeman appeared on Sean Stone’s Buzzsaw to talk about this theory more in-depth:




Free tools for decoding Illuminati symbolism; join the ‘Watcher’ community:






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Physical resemblance alone is not enough to support the theory ( you have plenty of Maury guests to verify that). If you studied anything of the Divine Pharaoh you would know that he would so not be working with the dark forces. The so called enlightened of us fail to realize that just because the evil ones use history, science, medicine, diet and every other aspect of life to commit evil works DOES NOT make that thing in and of itself evil. Hopefully the day will come when we stop wasting time and energy on conjecture and work together to come up with a detailed comprehensive plan to combat the forces which seek to destroy us all.

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    • Glad the author of this piece at least freely admits that this whole idea is pretty much baseless.

      It’s unfortunate though, SO many other people are willing to take the “evidence” provided here and claim its 100% solid. Proven. That’s what’s driven me away from the “Truther” community. There’s way way too much willingness to parrot ridiculous crap simply because it’s esoteric and trippy and scandalous.

      Of course I’d rather people be irrationally biased AGAINST the state or the powers-that-be, as opposed to the other way around, but we don’t NEED to prove Obama is a clone or an inter dimensional space lizard, the guy has bombed 7 different countries!! There’s plenty of real, verifiable shit we can use against him / them.

      Sure, it’s great fun to toy around with absurd conjectures, see how many dots you can connect—but it really, truly, genuinely HARMS our cause when speculation is bandied about as proof.

      Because of that, now whenever I wanna bring up, for example, the possible Israeli tie to 9/11, I have to devise this elaborate disclaimer that I’m NOT “one of THOSE people”.

      “Those people” not meaning people who are willing to tell uncomfortable truths, but people who are willing to abandon all STANDARDS of truth in the pursuit of some wildly interesting theory.

      Politicians MURDER, they start wars, they perpetuate a corrupt banking system, some push drugs, some guns. If even 25% of “Truthers” put primary focus on these real, documented, prove-able issues, I think we’d be in MUCH better shape.

      Doesn’t mean outright reject the crazier conjectures, it’s fun, but I think we need to stop treating them as if they deserve equal attention.

      Most places I say these types of things, people label me some kind of illuminati shill, a secret agent or something. No dude, I’m only suggesting we take the effort to learn some common logical fallacies, the principle of Occams Razor, etc. After I did that, I started to find many of the claims I USED to accept as true to be completely fallacious and wrong.

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      • So true. Some theories are so ridiculous and it seems like many people are willing to believe the more unlikely scenarios instead of the more likely. For example, the idea that the people on the 9/11 planes are still alive. Why would a group of people that were willing to destroy the World Trade Center care about the lives of the passengers? Aren’t they taking the chance that at least one of the passengers would speak out some day? The fact is they don’t care who dies as long as theit plans succeed.

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      • Really? How, exactly, do you propose holding President Obama to account?

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      • I can’t believe you all missed the boat, they are not cloned they are the descendants! Check out the blood lines, Rho-negative, all of them. The last 44 out of 45 presidents were Rho-negative. Nothing has changed, the Pharoahs are still ruling just in a different sneakier way. You see in England there were getting to be too many kings who each wanted their own palace, so they came here and decided they would all have the palace, just 4 years at a time. So when people (the majority Rho+) vote they think they really are deciding but they are not! Atlantis, then Eqypt, on to England, then to USA. Only those with the courage to see the truth will, the others, well they just have not evolved yet. The Rho-negs are smarter because they evolved long before the others did so they are at an advantage until people wake up to the truth and get them out of the white house. There is no division in politics, its just the haves and the have nots, the people who will get, and the people(workers) who will not. So sad as it is easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled. btw I am Rho-Neg.

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        • No confirmation bias here huh.

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        • OMG! That’s just mind-blowing!!!! But, just to be sure, where are the records of all the POTUS’ blood types published?

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    • Daughter of the Great Sun I just came across this article and your name stood out to me for a few reasons, I wrote this about a week ago;-

      Your voice is the golden ratio flowing out of the radio

      Subliminal sublime a glorious rhyme that transcends time

      Blast off, thinking out of the box, cunning as a fox

      A magical formula, a phenomenal phenomenon

      She is the one, a daughter of the sun

      So right, what a sight. the end of the night, a return of sunlight

      Little miss sunshine has turned the water into wine

      As for the Divine Pharaoh, back in early 2012 I had what is called a Michael Newton past/between life hypnotherapy session. During this session I was taken back to a previous life and from there to the death of that life. From here I left the body and journeyed to the spirit world where I was taken to meet my spirit guide. ‘He’ was dressed as a Pharaoh and when asked the significance he said it was because our last life together had been in ancient Egypt. It turns out it was the Divine Pharaoh and we had worked together to seed a new unity consciousness on the planet. That I had returned now to help with completion of our goal the Magnum opus.

      The thing with evil is; –

      Like the cycle of day and night, there are cycles of good and evil. Without the knowledge of good and evil we could not know the good and that is worse than evil. Yet the night will come to an end and the sun will rise on a new day, the darkest hour is the one before dawn. What’s happened under darkness will come to light.

      Life is not all about the light but a harmonic balance, it is only in the dark that you can become enlightened.

      As a song I heard a few weeks ago so eloquently put it; –

      In the dark I have seen
      That the sun still shines for the one who believes

      Given your chosen name I believe you are here to help in bringing about spiritual day break and the return of the Sun.

      Check out my blog if any of this resonates; –


      Much Love

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  3. Wow this was so insightful I cant thank you enough! I had no Idea our president was black!

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  4. Insane theories like this should be used to bring awareness to the lack of mental health care in this country.

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  5. I don’t get this theory. First of all, Obama’s face doesn’t look like that of the Akhenaten statue. The statue face is obviously more OVAL and sharp and more thin, whereas Obama’s face is more circular and wide. Where’s the resemblance? The images of Michelle Obama look more similar, but her eyes are rounder and more circular than that of the statue of Akhenaten’s mother.

    Also, Freeman doesn’t explain when this cloning took place and if it was recent, then how did they teach Obama English and educate him so fast? And how could they know if his clone was stable enough to function as president? It doesn’t make sense.

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    • He is a descendant, they share the same blood line, don’t look at the skin color, its the DNA that links everyone!

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  6. all black people look the same anyway

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    • What a stupid comment. Do black people think all whites look the same?

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  7. Hi! I’ve been following your website for a
    while now and finally got the courage to go ahead
    and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx!

    Just wanted to mention keep up the great work!

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  8. Soooooo racist. And just that.

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  9. Bwahaha, that idiot doesn’t look anything like Akhenaten. No matter his couple of mannerisms, the only thing that he closely resembles is he would love to be king. lol, this is the best joke I’ve heard today.

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  10. That’s some pretty crazy stuff.

    I recommend we contact the Tok’ra immediately.

    I remember watching the actor playing Apophis thinking “wow, if his acting was better, he’d make a great Obama.”

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