Predictive Programming of forthcoming Rihanna tragedy?

Original Post from 05MAR2013:

I sincerely hope I’m way off the mark with this post, but in this weird world of conspiracy theories and symbolism it seems that things are pointing towards one thing for Rihanna. Illuminati sacrifice. I love Rihanna, truly I do. I love her music, her story, all that. Unfortunately though, after spending much time devoted to focusing on this topic of Illuminati symbolism, it seems that there could be plans in the works for something bad to happen. The Illuminati love a good sacrifice to the gods; especially one that involves a goddess- particularly the moon goddess.


It all starts with an article I read that compared Rihanna to Princess Diana:

Like Diana, Rihanna has worryingly drifted into using photo ops to send messages of allure, defiance, or revenge in a turbulent relationship with an errant partner. Rihanna, another victim of a festering romantic triangle, has bounced dizzyingly back and forth in her checkered affair with rapper Chris Brown, who was convicted of a felony in 2009 for abusing her.

Diana’s anguished helplessness and isolation inside the royal family, with its stoical code of duty, led her to gravitate toward the ever-hovering paparazzi, whose global power as a media institution increased exponentially because of her popularity… The problem is that, in this era of social media, Rihanna in her fury of tainted love has tools ready to hand that Diana never dreamed of. Instagram, for example, a photo-sharing program with a palette of special-effects filters, allows Rihanna to send personal pictures to friend and foe in the blink of an eye, without the mediation of professional photographers. It is autobiography written by a volatile mix of impulse and mood…

Diana and Rihanna began as sensitive, wounded, but appealingly bubbly and good-natured provincial girls who slowly discovered their own photogenic virtuosity and began to conceptualize themselves as living sculpture for the lens. Both developed a false intimacy with photographers and the public and began to cannibalize themselves in their futile search for security in love. Diana, rebuffed, eventually accepted her exile. But Rihanna, in the classic syndrome of the battered woman, still pities and hopes to change and save her abuser…

This magazine issue was all over the internet, and I couldn’t help but think of Princess Diana’s unfortunate demise. It seems a bit odd to draw the comparison between Rihanna and Princess Diana, it’s almost as if Rihanna is already gone? Why would they even do that?


To me the two people couldn’t more disimilar, but apparently the media is pushing this message out. They are pushing the message out as a form of predictive programming. The best way to deliver a message is through a methodical process where you:

1. Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them
2. Tell them
3. Tell them what you just told them

This is the key to predictive programming, which is found countless times over online in music videos, film, music, and other places within the entertainment industry. Princess Diana was not murdered by the paparazzi, contrary to what many media outlets claim. The British Royal Courts performed an inquest 2007 where the court found the “mysterious” drivers of some motorcycles and a white Fiat were the cause of the accident. Eyewitnesses said they saw those vehicles enter the tunnel, then a bright flash, then the accident. None of the vehicles were ever identified, and there were “coincidental” video recording malfunctions in all of the 17 camcorders between the Ritz Hotel and the tunnel, so it was never caught on film. The tunnel is now the home location for a black pentagram and flaming Torch of Liberty, which is an Illuminati sign of participation. The inquest resulted in a finding of ‘Unlawful Killing’; not an accident as much of the public believes due to media incompetance.

So now the media is pushing this comparison of Rihanna and Princess Diana, which is questionable enough, but then there is an episode of Law & Order: SVU where the relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna is examined. Well, it’s not really them, but the circumstances around the case are too similar for it not to be. In the SVU episode, the woman is domestically abuse and eventually murdered. As HuffingtonPost appropriately points out, the episode is trying to help show the public that domestic violence usually ends in homicide, which is the truth. 80% of domestic violence murders had incidents of abuse prior to the death. So what that tells us is that if you’re a victim of domestic violence, the odds are heavily favored that you will become a victim of murder by the same means if you don’t get out. That same HuffingtonPost article analyzes Rihanna and Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie video and says it almost appears to be sexy to be involved with this domestic violence. What message is Hollywood trying to get out to us? It seems like we’ve got conflicting messages all over the place, so don’t let the entertainment industry, Hollywood, or the Illuminati agenda steer you down the wrong path.

Finally, Rihanna is on the cover of Elle UK wearing all of this checkerboard Freemasonry-like clothing. The checkerboard pattern is all over the place in music videos and elsewhere, and seems to be a placement of Freemasonry ideals since the pattern is found in Freemasonry temples all over the world. In the magazine shoot, Rihanna reveals that she wants to have a baby, her motivation for ‘Stay’, and her life being shared on Instagram.


These three things are all related together: Princess Diana was rumored to be pregnant during the time of her murder (and that is theorized to be one of the reasons the Royal Family wanted her dead- to prevent any undesirable bloodlines into the family), the abusive relationship with Chris Brown ends in death (as the SVU episode and domestic violence statistics indicate), and Princess Diana had an important relationship with the social media outlets during her life as well. Here’s what DailyMail showed us as details from that Elle UK magazine:

Divulging the secrets in her life is starting to become important to Rihanna, who was discovered in 2005 and has worked ever since, and the 25-year-old singer has explained this is why she shares so much of her personal life on Instagram.
Speaking frankly about her relationship with Brown, who assaulted her before the 2009 Grammy Awards, Rihanna said: ‘Stay [her new single] is a story about having love that close and wanting it to last forever. You don’t have that feeling with everybody so when you have it you don’t want to let go of it. I would definitely say that he [Chris Brown] is the one I have that kind of relationship with.’

And on the subject of children the Barbadian beauty said: ‘I will probably have a kid. And I’m praying I can go on vacation for a good month. And I’ll have set some things up so I don’t have to tour for the rest of my life, even though I love touring. I want health and happiness in five years. I want to be healthy and happy.’

So what do you think? Is this all just too coincidental? I hope they’re all just paranoid similarities and maybe Rihanna can get out of her relationship before anything bad happens. I’ve also got more details about a link between Rihanna and an ancient goddess named Rihannon that I detail in my book: A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture.


UPDATE 02OCT2013: Yet another comparison is drawn between Princess Di and Rihanna in a recent interview with Glamour magazine:


Speaking to American GLAMOUR, the Diamonds hitmaker said that the late royal was a fashion “gangsta”.

When quizzed as to who her fashion icon was, RiRi replied: “You know who is the best whoever did it? Princess Diana. She was like – she killed it. Every look was right. She was gangsta with her clothes. She had these crazy hats. She got oversize jackets. I loved everything she wore!”

The interview seems to be about fashion; but why does the interviewer feel the need to talk about Princess Diana? Could this support some kind of weird Princess Diana/Rihanna link?


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Does anyone else notice on her unapologetic album how her right eye that has the L on it resembles the eye of Horus

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  2. Yup! you are on track and right about all of this. Let’s pray for her, they are surely out to get her the signs are in her Diamonds video impending death as she is in a crucifixion position at end of video, this cross on the side of her of the Sunday Times, Law & Order ends the movie with murder, her 7 years are up, 777= completion and black magic occult, the symbol on her with the wings represent the black magic book 777 by Aleister Crowley and those wings are on top of book. This child went in to this innocent, the 3rd album as Jay-Z introduced her fully to this wickedness, the 3rd album represents the start of the 3rd eye wickedness and demonic movement. We are praying for her to get out without being murdered but she has not made a sacrifice yet and is due. Remember her 2nd album she said I dont want to be a murder, and she does not no one is sacrificed thru her as yet. Lord help this Barbadian child. She is 25 years, the time they murder you or the 25th of a month, Rita Ora has a song and she is signed to same Company as Rihanna it states R.I.P that is for Rihanna. All of a sudden many stalkers and death threats since her 25th birthday. Lord have Mercy these kids are being used by Lucifer may Riri com out of this safely. Suddenly she is ill and cancel two Diamonds tours may she cancel all, cause they want to finish her up after this. SMH

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    • I thought Rihanna did do a sacrifice? Her grandma died in 2012.. And Rih took the Isis tattoo right after the old lady past away..

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      • Oh yes you’re right about that and we all know what Isis and Kali stand for.

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  3. Again, I feel the need to chime in on the theme of domestic abuse and although I’m *definitely not a Rihanna fan, AT ALL* (I rarely even listen to radio/watch MTV), I’ve been abused since I was a child by multiple male abusers (I am a female) – one of the few concepts of love I’d ever understood was passion – intensity. The depth to which you can be affected by another human being; so much so that someone can blow up, beat you and then apologize/acknowledge their faults – being more sensitive in nature and being almost addicted to the person who’s done this to you – you can choose to forgive/see passed the bs/feel ‘safe’ in knowing that someone loves you THAT much that they cannot control their emotions. NOW – I AM IN NO WAY CONDONING ABUSE – I’m simply stating that, for those of us who HAVE endured abuse, multiple times and at the hands of multiple people, have not had a solid family bond and/or familial support and maybe are damaged in this capacity – this is more of a psychological issue than a question of Illuminati influence… her videos: they are chock full of symbolism and, of course, that’s the industry for you – I’m just trying to shed a little light on this as I understand the mentality and emotional state some people are in when it comes to these kinds of things… as for Princess Diana? I think we’re ALL aware that, although it will NEVER be acknowledged, she was murdered.

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    • Wow you are right about that, I never got abused by men when I was younger although my mum was the disciplinarian she never hit us for no reason though and taught me a lot of respect etc but I have just this second finished a relationship with a man who has never hit a woman before and with me he loses complete self control and in a fucked up way you think ‘wow he must really love me to be able to lose control like that when he hasn’t before etc’ but way before this when I was 17 (I’m 30 years of age now) I was literally trapped with a partner who would lock me in the house which you needed a key to get out which mine suddenly had gone missing then he would beat me in front of his friends and no one would say anything, even Beat me in the street because some man had looked at me and still no one helped but I didn’t blame them to be fair, the last straw was when I turned over in bed while I was asleep and it angered him and he ripped me out by the hair literally battered me, even cut me with a samurai sword and have a massive scare to this day on my leg, anyway I ran away as we was in his nans victorian house so their was front stairs and servant stairs (back stairs for the old victorian servants) and lots of bedrooms I could hide in so I picked the servant quarters bedroom where it led to the back stairs and led into the kitchen and then into the veranda, (I waited hours while he slept in fitted wardrobe in nothing but a green dressing gown) I managed to find a window that I cold shuffle open in the veranda and made my escape running down a town in a bright green dressing gown bare foot and bleeding as a lovely couple stopped by to help me (I wish I knew who they were as I’d thank them with my life) they saw the state I was in got me in the car and said they would take me to my dad’s but while I was in the car the female in the passenger seat took a closer look at me and said we would go hospital, police then my dad’s but I was that terrified I demanded to be let out the car until they agreed just to take me to my dad’s as I’d had enough physical trauma anyway they did that and can’t thank them enough, but my point being is once we have been abused like that we never want it again but this partner who I was with recently never did things like this before so his friends were shocked and chose to sweep it under the carpet and carried on like nothing happened, but he would drone into me that if he didn’t love me he wouldn’t do it where the first one would always call me worthless, so their is a lot of different undertones to abuse it could literally drive one crazy.
      So many different levels to abuse and how it can mould ones mind etc it can even go as far as ‘wow he must love me, he must find me special to hit me’ which is a very fucked up way of thinking excuse my French but we need to teach all kinds of abuses and the outcomes to all children so they can be consciously aware of what they are doing etc.
      Sorry about the essay, your comment brought memories flooding back but if this story can help anyone then I’m here.

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    • I can’t stand it when people type all CAPS. This actually makes me not want to read the post.

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      • Yep same here and also hate it when people CAPITALISE their letters and use short text, it drives me crazy lol.

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  6. “I love Rihanna, truly I do. I love her music, her story, all that”.

    Hmmmm. So you are telling people about Illuminati and it’s evils but you love one of their master puppets? OK. So you agree with all the nasty videos she puts out with her music videos that young girls want to copy? Let me guess you will be running around in a checkerboard outfit next. B/S!

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  7. rihanna probably had nothing to do with the video with illuminati symbolism or even that black and white outfit. She probably doesnt even write the lyrics to her piss poor songs. So to say that all these things point to her being a member is far fetched. Rich people use popular people to make unpopular people drones, making rich people richer.. Its been happening for quite some time and has nothing to do with the occult. People with great mental capacity and deep pockets control those who do not. welcome to Earth.

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    • Totally agree, they are nothing but puppets on a string, told what to wear, do and say etc so we can’t blame the puppet in itself but the puppet master I.E their handlers.

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  8. I don’t know if you ever watched the SVU episode, but the “Rihanna” of the episode is killed by the “Chris Brown” on a vacation on their yacht or something like that (point being they were on vacation,” and in your update you quote Riri in an interview: “I’m praying I can go on vacation for a good month.” There’s another link and warning sign right there!

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  9. Sorry for the mistake. That quote is from the Elle UK interview that is just above the update.

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  10. Rihanna is also considered the Illuminati “Princess” in one of her videos it’s secretly displayed on a wall…I may be wrong, but I think it’s in the video for her song “S&M”along with some other blatant illuminati suggestions. Keep up the good work, I absolutely love your site.

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  11. I think that we should pray for these people,once they join illuminati they dont have a say they do only what their handlers wants them to do … Prayer and faith can set them free,as tasha cobbs says “there is power in the name of JESUS 2 break every chain!”

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