Predictive Programming, Nazis, & Illuminati symbolism in Hunger Games


Hunger Games; an example of Predictive Programming PSYOPS

The second Hunger Games film, Catching Fire released on November 22nd, 2013, and judging from the second trailer we could see it was going to be a PsyOp (psychological operations; a mind manipulation) assault on your kids.

The idea that these Hunger Games films are some kind of way of introducing themes of murder and dystopia is nothing new. The storyline does in fact support this since this is an annual ritual in which children kill each other as a form of entertainment. If you’re a believer in predictive programming (which I am), then these types of themes are able to penetrate the subconscious and plant the idea of the acceptance of this happening, which is the end game for the Illuminati.


The Illuminati practice child sacrificing rituals at Bohemian Grove on an annual basis during the Cremation of Care ceremony, so don’t be surprised to know that the most popular children’s book has that same theme. If you also tie in all of the other oddities such as Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins’ living in Sandy Hook, CT where the shootings happened, then there is a sense of something a bit off here…


Sandy Hook All Seeing Eye Illuminati


Donald Sutherland (who plays the evil President Coriolanus Snow) went on record saying that he hopes this film can implant themes of revolt into children, supporting the theory that this stuff does play on the mind. Here’s what Guardian posted as the quote:

Donald Sutherland wants to stir revolt. A real revolt. A youth-led uprising against injustice that will overturn the US as we know it and usher in a kinder, better way. “I hope that they will take action because it’s getting drastic in this country.” Drone strikes. Corporate tax dodging. Racism. The Keystone oil pipeline. Denying food stamps to “starving Americans”. It’s all going to pot. “It’s not right. It’s not right.”

Millennials need awakening from slumber. “You know the young people of this society have not moved in the last 30 years.” With the exception of Occupy, a minority movement, passivity reigns. “They have been consumed with telephones.” The voice hardens. “Tweeting.”

“Hopefully they will see this film and the next film and the next film and then maybe organise. Stand up.”It is a neat marketing pitch: go see the movie not to swell a Hollywood blockbuster’s box office but to fan a flame that will make the world a better place.


Illuminati Symbolism of the Occult

There have been small pieces of symbolism sprinkled out before the film releases, such as Katniss’ Baphomet like dress:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Baphomet Katniss Beyonce

And the Shard Tower symbolism that has its own share of Illuminati symbolism, appearing like an Egyptian obelisk (phallus power):


The Shard

Natalie Dormer plays the role of Cressida in the third installment of Hunger Games called Mockingjay. In a media campaign for the film she appeared in December’s Cosmopolitan magazine doing the All Seeing Eye symbolism:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Natalie Dormer All Seeing Eye

That was featured in an article entitled ‘The Odds Are Ever in Her Favor‘- yea, duh, we already know that since she’s apparently in on pushing symbolism.

We obviously know that Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away, but I analyzed the possibility of Illuminati blood sacrifice since he went on Imbolg- a pagan holiday:

This festival marks the beginning of spring and is placed at the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. It was originally based on worshipping the goddess Brighid in Irish mythology, and is still celebrated to this day by Wicca and Pagans. It is considered a night of sacrifice, implying that a ritualistic human sacrifice should be performed as an offering to the gods and goddesses. They celebrate it February 1-2nd, which leads us to the first connection: Groundhog’s Day.

Philip Seymour Hunger Games

Nazi Symbolism

First we get the Hunger Games logo of the Mockingjay, which is actually a Nazi Gunner badge:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hunger Games Illuminati 1


In the books, a girl named Madge Undersee gives the pin to Katniss, perhaps referencing the queen of Kabbalah; Madonna, who goes by Madge.

The Nazis have a rich history with occult symbolism, and you can see how repeating messages and pushing symbols can have its effect on the masses by reading into the history of the Germans pre-WWII.


To stay on the Nazi theme, take a look at the District’s town square. It has the long vertical flags draped across everything, just like the Nazis used to do:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hunger Games Illuminati 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hunger Games Illuminati 3

Take a look at Nazi Germany:

Berlin, NS-Kundgebung im Lustgarten

WW2 Nazi Germany

Another piece of nazi symbolism (sort of) is the racism hidden in the film. In Catching Fire you can see the train tour cruising through District 11 and you see guards with weapons supervising others picking cotton in the fields. This is the district in which Rue and Thresh were from; and it’s mostly black people. This wasn’t mentioned in the book, but the film decided to sneak this in there.

Catching fire hunger games racist cotton



Project MONARCH Mind Control

So, moving past this, we get the Project MONARCH and MK ULTRA mind based trauma symbolism of the monarch butterfly:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hunger Games Illuminati 4

We see this all over the place in the entertainment industry:



Katniss’ Alchemical Transformation

And we get one more shot of the butterfly symbolism on Katniss **Correction; I’m being informed that she is turning into a mocking jay; not a butterfly. I didn’t know that because I don’t read children’s books 🙂

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hunger Games Illuminati 6

In fact, if she is turning into some kind of black bird, this supports various symbolism we see with occult performers such as Lady Gaga:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom gaga



There’s way more about black birds in my Lady Gaga and black bird symbolism post, including a black bird image from the Lil Wayne ‘My Homies Still‘ video. Here’s a snippet discussing the symbolism around the black bird:

“The symbolic meaning of blackbirds is eternally linked to the “dark vs light” phases of the moon. I’m talking nocturnal awareness. Illumined lunar understanding which requires a different use of the senses. Sense which can only be utilized when transformative devotion is made. A commitment to higher knowing (flight) and an acceptance of the void (infinite vastness that eludes the ego and rational mind).

This is a fundamental concept of alchemy which is: Transition and Transformation. The bird is symbolic of life in the heavens (higher ideals, higher path of knowing) and the color black is symbolic of pure potential. Between the two, there is no limit to human transformation – all we have to do is close the shutters of the rational mind, and start sojourning with our darkly feathered friends.”

It all ties into the occult belief system of alchemy and the pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone. This “Great Work” of occult traditionalists suggest that there is a way of achieving immortality (a Golden Age concept I explain in my first book- A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory). The path through these steps are portrayed by colors, or birds with the same corresponding colors.

We’ve seen this from Miley Cyrus; right before she went off the rails in her video Can’t Be Tamed (which also features the bird cage mind control aspects):

Miley Cyrus cant be tamed bird cage alchemy black wings WO

You’ll also recognize in that video she is depicted with the peacock feathers, which tells us the fabricated story of Miley Cyrus who lost her mind in this transformative process. The peacock feathers can symbolize the failed attempt, which drives one crazy; as you can read on

The second meaning is that it represents the failure of the alchemical process. When the conscious enters the unconscious “each part of a thought can take shape and become visible in color and form”, according to a Chinese text about yoga exercises. One starts seeing all kinds of forms which look real and which look like they have an independent life. But one cannot go into it as it leads to discord of the mind, and possibly to schizophrenia.

Miley Cyrus cant be tamed peacock alchemy WO

The colors go from black, to white, to yellow, and finally red. Or the raven, swan, and phoenix. These colors are all represented on the book covers:


Hunger Games Alchemy book covers


And in the final films we see her final destination- the phoenix rising from the ashes, signifying alchemical transformation:


Hunger Games Mockingjay poster Jennifer Lawrence Phoenix

I’m thinking that Katniss must go through some kind of occult transformation…

Plus there’s the whole ordeal of the Santa Barbara shootings by the Hunger Games assistant director’s kid:

The latest bit of weirdness is the now infamous “Youtube Maniac”. This spoiled piece of work named Elliott Rodger apparently shot and killed multiple targets from his luxury BMW on the UC Santa Barbara campus area as ‘retribution’ for his lack of sexual fulfillment. Like all of these inexpiable MK ULTRA-type shootings, his grand finale was to take his own life so that he wouldn’t have to face real prison time.

Now, let’s start taking a further look at this guy’s connections to the entertainment industry…

Turns out his father is an assistant director for the Hunger Games films (as if you didn’t already know that), and he even mingled with the stars somewhat. Here’s CrimeFiles:

The killer was the 22-year-old son of Peter Rodger, an assistant director on the wildly successful Hunger Games film series.   This young man traveled the world with his father and actress stepmother.   This privileged youngster had access to stunning stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry. 


The Predictive Programming Goes MUCH Deeper:

Thailand revolution, True Detective, HP Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley, and Missing Malaysian Flights, and more

If you thought predictive programming was just some nonsense conspiracy theory garbage, take a look at this non-nefarious example of what CNN had to say about Jennifer Lawrence’s archery influence:


Jennifer Lawrence Archory programming

Also, check out what they’re doing in Thailand…

Thailand’s military rulers say they are monitoring a new form of silent resistance to the coup – a three-fingered salute borrowed from science fiction blockbuster The Hunger Games – and will arrest those in large groups who ignore warnings to lower their arms.

The raised arm salute has become an unofficial symbol of opposition to Thailand’s 22 May coup, and a creative response to several bans the ruling junta has placed on freedom of expression.

“At this point we are monitoring the movement,” said Colonel Weerachon Sukhondhapatipak, a spokesman for the ruling junta. “If it is an obvious form of resistance, then we have to control it so it doesn’t cause any disorder in the country.”

Since staging its bloodless coup, the military has prohibited political gatherings of more than five people and tried to enforce a ban on criticism of the coup by closing politically affiliated television stations and blocking hundreds of websites. (source)


Anti-coup protesters in Thailand


As commenter Maria points out; this is actually a magical sign from the Necronomicon called the Elder Sign:


Elder Sign Hunger Games Illuminati occult symbol


Things get even stranger as you start researching on this subject because in a brief skim of the Encyclopedia of HP Lovecraft, and also Wiki, you’ll see that HPL might’ve been inspired to write the Necronomicon by Robert Chambers’ The King in Yellow:


Chambers HP Lovecraft

The King in Yellow might ring a bell because these were the short stories that the HBO television series True Detective might’ve been based on. I’ve got an entire post about the occult symbolism behind True Detective as well that’s worth checking out:

 Two episodes into the series, True Detective dropped a reference to one of the strangest, most compelling tales in the canon of weird fiction: Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow, a collection of short stories published in 1895. Knowing this book is key to understanding the dark mystery at the heart of this series.  This collection of stories has influenced writers from H.P. Lovecraft and Raymond Chandler, to Robert Heinlein, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman and George R. R. Martin. The King in Yellowand his legendary city of Carcosa may be the most famous character and setting you’ve never heard of.   In fact, the more of the show you watch, and the more carefully you pay attention, you’ll find a number of Easter eggs aimed squarely at hardcore fans of the weird fiction genre. I’ll touch on a few of the more prominent ones, but I have a feeling the rest of the series will be a bonanza for true detectives of strange fiction.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom True Detective Moloch Baal 2

Although the Necronomicon is a fictional work, many occultists and magicians still believe in this book of grimoires and spells. This includes Kenneth Grant; a Crowley accolade, head of the Typhonian OTO magical order. They believe in this type of thing because they think you can summon the same energies from a fictional work as non-fictional. Magicians believe you can focus on any form of energy to evoke its powers, and this often includes works from HP Lovecraft due to his dark nature and style of writing. In Kenneth Grant’s Magic Revival book he suggested Crowley and HP Lovecraft came from the same dark, occult force:

Writers such as Arthur Machen, Brodie Innes, Algernon Blackwood and H.P. Lovecraft are in this category. Their novels and stories contain some remarkable affirmities with those aspects of Crowley’s Cult dealt with in the present chapter, i.e. themes of resurgent atavisms that lure people to destruction. Whether it be the Vision of Pan, as in the case of Machen and Dunsany, or the even more sinister traffic with denizens of forbidden dimensions, as in the tales of Lovecraft, the reader is plunged into a world of barbarous names and incomprehensible signs. Lovecraft was unacquainted both with the name and the work of Crowley, yet some of his fantasies reflect, however, distortedly, the salient themes of Crowley’s Cult. 

It proceeds to draw comparisons of their work, which includes Crowley’s Book of the Law with Al Azif, upon which Lovecraft says Necronomicon derived (or transformed from).

Take it to one more level and you can see there is a Malaysian government-owned luxury hotel called Carcosa Seri Negara (note that True Detective used the same exact word in the storyline; “Carcosa”). This was built by Sir Frank Swettenham, who named it after The King in Yellow. Could this be connected to the missing Malaysian flights?… Seems strange but damn, we just connected Hunger GamesTrue Detective, Aleister Crowley, and HP Lovecraft, so anything is possible.

I talked on conspiracy theorist Freeman Fly’s ‘The Free Zone’  about The Fappening and Jennifer Lawrence’s role in that, so check that out:



Cannibalism Programming

In the Hunger Games storyline there is a character named Titus who sharpens his teeth because he eats human flesh. This is the first level of predictive programming to plant that idea in the subconscious. The next step was to have one of the main stars of the films come out and support it…

Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson, was interviewed in British GQ and stated the following:

“I don’t want somebody to die for me to eat them,” he told the mag. “However, if someone happened to die, from natural causes and it was not so taboo…I’m curious. I want to know what it tastes like. Like you want to know what a pigeon tastes like, you know, except a human. They’re all animals.”

Here you can also see him doing the All Seeing Eye:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Josh Hutcherson All SEeing Eye Hunger games

We also recently saw Shia LaBeouf praising cannibalism; which begs the question of what the agenda is attempting to unfold. I wrote up an exclusive newsletter about this for the Watcher community who are subscribed to my newsletter:



Free tools for decoding Illuminati symbolism; join the ‘Watcher’ community:



Not only do you see the actual script of what he said, but you’ll also notice a subliminal reference to Satanism with the comment of “They’re all animals.” I discussed this in the Illuminati symbolism of Maroon 5’s ‘Animals’ music video:

If you take a step back and just look at the title, you’ll see that the term ‘animal’ is often times used to describe mankind by Satanists. It’s actually the 7th commandment in the Church of Satan:

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!

In the first film of the series, Hunger Games, you hear Peeta conflate humans and animals when he tells Katniss that:

…hunting animals is no different than humans.


Nothing can prepare you for the end…

The final movie’s poster shows us more of the same topics we’ve talked about in this analysis- the black/white/red colors of Katniss’ alchemical transformation along with the All Seeing Eye symbolism with the rose over her right eye:

Katniss Hunger Games All Seeing Eye mockingjay 2 poster


Thanks for reading and check back for updates to this post- it was compiled over the course of a few years of watching the whole thing unfold.


P.S. If you want to learn all of the secrets behind this Illuminati agenda, I piece them together in my books A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory (a beginner’s guide to conspiracy theories), and SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC (a book that focuses on hip hop and the music industry’s role in the occult). Check them out:





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • In the nicest way possible I think you have missed the whole point of the books/ film. The Nazi symbolism is 100% deliberate and this novel is polemic in nature. Effectively, the Nazi symbolism is meant to symbolise the corruption of the Capitol as John said below they are meant to be Neo Nazi on purpose to show the corruption of the capitol, the capitol are effectively just like the Nazis. Secondly, there is your issue with the violence and how Katnis supposedly has an occult transformation. Again not accurate. You can’t post something without checking your facts and reading your resources first. [SPOILER ALERT] Katnis is the symbol of the revolution- the one who is trying to take down the Capitol. The beauty and complexity of this novel is that the cure i.e. the rebel forces are just as bad as the disease, and Katnis realises this which is why she eventually decides not to support the rebels. The is absolutely nothing vaguely connected with the illuminati in this novel. This novel is polemic in nature and is commenting on the current situation in the united states, a country where the rich and poor are seriously divided (like in the Hunger Games) and is making connections between the USA and Ancient Rome- the city name Panem actually means ‘bread’ in Latin. Therefore the killing is not the major plot, in fact the whole Hunger Games is self is just a vehicle for the deeper message of Collins’ novel is that she is highlighting the current corruption in our society all over the world- a pace where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Enough said.

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      • I totally agree with you..THe nazi symbolism is on purpose, not to be a hidden message..I believe they are trying to say what it will be like here soon, those dependent on the government will be just like this…forced to fight to live..for food..etc…like the jews..and believers since ancient rome..I believe also that the U.S is like the Modern day Babylon..and could end up this way..BUT there is hidden messages that are blatant satanism..just as noted, about canabolism, stating the satanic commandment that humans are animals..most hollywood, actors/singers are into satanism, and are totally pushing their agenda or those that CONTROL THEM. They are owned, they really don’t have much choice..they chose fame and fortune in turn for their souls..The spiritual realm is real, and as a believer in the Word of God, I understand this well. I agree the richer will stay or get richer..and everyone else they want to be complletely dependent on the stamps, HEALTH CARE, Social security..etc.. They could easily take it all away, to aquire this agenda..they want revolt too, so they can force martial law and control the nation or nations.. All this may seem innocent, oh they are just trying to get teens to stand up and REBEL against government, bc it’s corrupt..but remember HITLERS QUOTE..
        “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

        ― Adolf Hitler
        Eventually the masses will believe the lie, heck most already are corrupted with paganism..even encouraging witchraft thru Halloween, harry potter, easter, xmas, Freakin NARNIA!!! NARNIA is not a christian or believers film, AT ALL theyre ALL DEMONS..They are all MIXED SEED which is FORBIDDEN BY GOD..portrayed as good guys, good magic vs. bad magic…’s all brainwashing the children into thinking magic is good, and is of the God of the bible..WHICH IS NOT!!! Paganism is paganism= satanism period, ..Isaiah 5:20 “WOE TO THOSE WHO CALL GOOD EVIL, AND EVIL GOOD, WHO PUT LIGHT FOR DARKNESS AND DARKNESS FOR LIGHT.” There is no inbetween, or lukewarmness..In His eyes. They are calling for peace and saftey but death and destruction will come on them like a thief. They want riots, and murder, terrorism, so they can control your guns, and life..duh The one world religion ran by the pope(known fact) – is pushing peace with all religions, love is all you need..Darwinism is true (taught by school gov.system), and you are saved whatever religion,gender, you are, or are, spiritualism, green peace, oneness, revolt, heck even islam is peaceful lol…really, the masses are so blind to this crap.

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        • Wow, this is awesome. I like that you mentioned Narnia with ties to good magic and with the whole debate concerning the Hunger Games. I am a believer as well, and growing up, Narnia was my first and favorite “fandom” I guess I could say, since I became obsessed with the story and merchandise, and franchise as a whole, and I remember being into the mythology of creatures such as fauns, centaurs, mermaids, stars, river gods, and being confused with how you could call something a river god while supporting Christ. It made no sense, but I continued to love it. I also read something recently about a lampost being symbolism for the light of Lucifer (please clarify or correct me as I am not sure and am only making this connection) and The lampost happens to be the most significant symbol in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And I am also a believer that this world is only, slowly but surely, fulfilling the predictions made in Revelation. So with the entertainment industry, such as pop music, hip hop, the superbowl, reality television, movies, books, art, sculptures, whatever, it’s all influencing our behavior and attitudes as a society. The Hunger Games influences rebellion, such as many other films and books in the past and now. So with this being one of many mediums to target a very large audience (So if you don’t watch the Hunger Games, you watch X Men Apocalypse) the HG, suggests a female president through Coin, (maybe Hilary Clinton) Donald Sutherland representing Donald Trump? Haha well not as himself but through his character President Snow, who is the more professional version of Trump. Keep in mind I am still educating myself and I happen to be fairly ignorant with my surroundings, so any thoughts, please share

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  1. I saw the first and second movie days apart from one another. The first one was so dark I didn’t plan to see the next, but friends wanted to go so I went…….all I can say is, when Elizabeth Bank’s charecter Effie came out in the monarch dress I knew I would be online asap googling “catching fire + illuminati”……… and unfortunately I was right. We have slipped a very long way when we as a society label these types of movies as ” good”. We have redinfined good and now there’s little left of the original definition. Good use to mean Godly.

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  2. Ok. First of all, Katniss NEVER goes through and occult transformation. The mocking jay symbolizes rebellion against a fascist and neo nazi world. And it’s not a “district” it’s the Capitol. They are meant to be neo nazi on purpose. It’s showing the uniformity of the antagonists. And Katniss’s dress is not baphomet like just cause if some accents. You need to calm down. If you keep living your life in fear then why even live.

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  3. I’ve seen both films and read all three books (which are not childrens books), and think they are amazing but can see the dark influences throughout. But the last book shows the down fall of the evil making these children compete to their deaths, and it is at the hands of katniss therefore showing the side she is on. Does this show that they can be overthrown or giving false hope to those who watch the film’s?

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  4. I think you should read the books. My friend read them before the movies came out and I thought the same thing about the books as you did. However I read them and there’s a lot more to it! If anything it should wake people up. And Katniss’s dress is supposed to look like a mockingjay but you could be right. you’ll find illuminati symbolism everywhere in movies. I would pay close attention to what Peeta says if you end up reading the books 🙂

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  5. I think the movies are actually a very subtle and well done attack ON the Illuminati. I think the movies are meant to be a wake-up call to society and a mirror to the monsters behind social corruption. The Wizard of Oz homages definitely deepen that conviction for me.

    Lionsgate is heavily involved in faith based films. It follows for them to throw a barb at the social forces manipulating the world.

    I can’t say if I have an opinion myself, but it certainly made me raise an eyebrow. I still believe there are factions out there fighting the tentacles of the Illuminati and that they are not as all powerful as people tend to make them to be.

    But then again, maybe the movies are meant to condition us to be ready for war.

    Or they just know the American public pretty well and want to manipulate it for making money.

    The message itself is rather pro-labor and anti-materialism. That doesn’t strike me as an Illuminati maneuver, even if they are incredibly sophisticated in their tactics.

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    • I agree it does seem like anti illuminati so it should have symbolism… The new movie defineltly looks like a near future

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  7. At the end of Catching Fire we Katnis transform mentally into the Mockingjay! I now see it is an occult transformation as she turns into a mutated black bird. I thought Jennifer Lawrence did an excellent job in portraying the change with just her eyes. She portrayed the PTSD perfectly. The Mockingjay personality survives but the core personality of Katnis is totally devastated in the end. Although I loved Catching Fire It is Illuminati.

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  8. Ok. So you are writing a commentary about a book/movie that you have never ever read or seen. Enough said.

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  9. BEYONCE’ COMPLETELY under HYPNOSIS! MK-ULTRA 100% Illuminati Sex Slave

    Can you make a video or a post talking about beyonce under hypnosis in the nets game, thanks so much.

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  10. The mockingjay pin also looks like the memorial to Princess Di and Dodi Fayed at Harrod’s. Look on this link, see the gold bird at the top?

    It’s also disturbing because the two circles or swooshes look like they form the number 66 around Dodi and Di, which is the number of the Qliphoth, the tree of death or the underworld. If you were a dark occultist and you were gonna sacrifice someone, that is exactly what you would sacrifice them to.

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    • Interesting; it does look just like the bird… The ‘6’s could also look like the viseca pisces too.

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  11. Nice article and you brought up some very interesting points. The weakest one was the racism part with the black man picking cotton. Not sure how that’s racism. Is they had shown a white man doing that would it still have be considered a racist scene? My grandparents picked cotton and they were white so not sure on that one. The symbolism yes, it’s prevalent in our entire “culture” now and in fact IS our new “culture”. Not too hard to understand when our youth today have mostly one goal in mind, to make money. Most are not interested in noble causes or rebellion or saving the world to be honest except maybe for those first few years out of school. Most I have talked to seem to be more focused on manipulating the system for their own financial gain. It’s sad to say, but money has indeed become our God and therein lays the problem, illuminati or not.

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  12. I think, Nimrod (hunter against God), would be better start clue to unravel this film symbolism.

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  13. The Hunger Games world is exactly what the Illuminati want to create themselves. The Mockingjay is either a symbol created by District 13 (the leaders of the rebellion against the Capitol) or at least coopted by them. Since it turns out in the end that President Coin, the leader of District 13, is just as evil as President Snow, the darker symbolism of the Mockingjay pin could still be true. But Katniss resists the Mockingjay symbolism as much as she can and at the end of the series she is severely traumatized and literally burned by the fire bomb that President Coin used to kill Katniss’ sister and other civilians. Peeta is also severely traumatized when the Capitol tortured and brainwashed him. So is the Hunger Games series filled with Illuminati symbolism and ideas to brainwash us or warn us? One could also ask the same thing about 1984. But as far as Josh Hutcherson is concerned, he may have been in the Hunger Games movies, but that does not make him synonymous with the series. He might be appealing to the Illuminati because he’s such a hot commodity like Jennifer Lawrence. His use of the all-seeing eye is certainly suggestive.

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    • No offense- but I stopped reading the comment when I accidentally saw the spoiler part! LOL I haven’t read all the books so I don’t know how it ends. They are fun movies so I don’t want to spoil it. I’ll come back to this on November 23rd, 2015 LOL.

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  14. hi there, im a 14 year old girl from south Africa and I am a big fan of this site, you are doing a very good job… thumbs up! I just wanted to point out the inside of natalie dormers dress, it has a pyramid and a eye with sun rays on top!!!

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  15. Maybe the gift of the Mockingjay pin from Madge to Katniss is symbolic of jewel programming (showing a child a piece of jewelry, telling them how pretty it is and to try to be like it, and promising it to them as a reward.

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  16. Did you noticed that the name of the rebel dictatress/dictatrix (I’m not sure which is the feminine form of “dictator”) is Alma, which means goddess? Back to the goddess worshipping… And she’s in charge of District 13, an occult number. And Alma Coin? Coin alludes to Juno Moneta, the queen of heaven in Roman mythology (her name is where we get “money” from). Juno Moneta is the military aspect of Juno, which connects to Alma Coin who is leading a revolutionary war. The Illuminati’s predictive programming for inciting revolt is apparent here, with a character being portrayed as a war goddess directing a revolt.

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    • Update: something occurred to me. You might think this film is anti-Illuminati, because it’s all about revolt against a totalitarian government, but it’s not. The Illuminati’s goal through this film is to get young adults in a rebellious mood and to be willing to overthrow the status quo. The Illuminati will masquerade as freedom fighters, setting up fronts to convince people they’re fighting for freedom. Then, when the status quo has been overturned, the Illuminati will be able to create their New World Order out of the ensuing chaos. More evidence is given to this by making it turn out that the leader of the rebellion is evil, thus sending the message to young people that you can’t trust any authority. This is supported by how Katniss assassinates the leader of the rebellion. The message being sent here is that no one is good, not even the people who look good,so you should try to destroy them all. This will make it so the Illuminati will be able to rise out of the ensuing chaos. Order out of chaos is a heavily emphasized Masonic theme.

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  17. Correction: it is mentioned in the books that most of district 11 are black they fixed this mistake from the first movie which is why this appears only in catching fire. Race plays a much more important role in the books (e.g katiss mentions most people from the poor part of her district, the seam, are populated with dark skinned people

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    • , while the merchant class was filled with blonde hair blue eyed individuals such as peeta.)

      I just wanna say how can you even write this without reading the books. You honestly can’t know what your writing about if you haven’t,
      From someone who has read all the books and saw the movies I would say this atryicle is completely false.The hunger games is actually anti illuminati this is obvious if you actually read it. The whole point is to show how corrupt the government really is and especially how the population is controlled by the media and draws direct parallels to modern day America. I think these novels are meant to wake up Americas youth and expose the corrupt nature of our world

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      • You might want to reacquaint yourself with the notion that the worlds entertainment industry is the illuminati’s playground. Then consider the huge success of the books and the movies. Would our overlords allow anything that threatens them to reach such a wide audience?

        I think that we need to regard with suspicion all of the Hollywood blockbusters, but especially close scrutiny should be given to the blockbusters aimed at the supremely malleable minds of our teens.

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