Predictive Programming and the secret agenda

Interesting read on predictive programming and satanic agendas in the entertainment industry. Paul McGuire suggests that events happening today have prophecies from the past, particularly in the Bible. Eerily enough, he mentions that Hunger Games (among many other films and television shows)and says that the subliminal message is that we need to give up personal freedoms in order to progress forward. This of course means stepping towards government control from the paranoid conspiracy theorist standpoint.

I don’t think that implementing a few gun regulations is any more of a step towards a totalitarian government than say, requiring photo ID to renew your driver’s license. I do agree that Hollywood is pushing messages at us left and right though. These subtle messages embed in our subconscious and become a part of our thought process whether we know it or not.


McGuire says that authors George Orwell (1984) and Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) worked for British Intelligence and were hip to the plans in store for the future, hence the predictive programming found in their books about big government. I wasn’t able to verify this anywhere, so I’m not sure whether this is based on truth or not. I did see that British Intelligence kept a file on Orwell (intelligence agencies like to keep files; such as Princess Diana, Tupac, Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan, etc.).

Another odd coincidence not mentioned in the article is that George Orwell (Eric Blair was his real name) and Huxley were both members of Eton College, with Orwell learning from Huxley’s teachings. Another oddity about Huxley was his death on the same day as John F. Kennedy and author C.S. Lewis; all on November 22nd, 1963.

The article goes into Tavistock; an Illuminati funded research group that supposedly has ties to the Fabian Society and the occult. I can’t verify this besides the loose ties of funding between Rockefeller and Tavistock, but I haven’t read anything besides Wikipedia and Google to confirm this. Some links would be helpful to verify this.


McGuire mentions that the Illuminati created Communism and Fascism, which are both different approaches to the assault on families, religion, and morals. David Icke mentions this concept also, and I find it interesting because in reality the political spectrum is a circle if you go far enough to the left or right. Fascism and Communism are considered different extremes of the political spectrum, but they both seem to have the same overall effect of the ‘people’ being in control of things but in reality a dictator calls all of the shots because power corrupts. McGuire believes that the elite Illuminati members are Satanists and are using mind control and sorcery to push the elite further upward and the working man further downwards.

He says that the occult philosophy relates to the totalitarian state in that the value of the common man is cheapened. We are not made in the image of God, and therefore disposable. I can agree with this, as we can see the empathy for one another being destroyed on a continuous basis. Just driving down the road it’s almost impossible to avoid being the victim of road rage at this point. And with political policies that threaten to get rid of social welfare items such as food stamps, meanwhile blowing through cash to build weapons that can destroy the world many times over seems a bit non-Christian in my opinion. I realize this idea goes against some of the ‘big-government’ conspiracy theorists who say that social welfare programs are just another way of the government taking control, I don’t agree with that. It seems to me a way to combat poverty, and if you read the statistics you can see the costs are much less than some of the other things we’ll spend endless amounts of money on.


McGuire says that the Satanic elite are in positions of power, and therefore fulfilling the prophecies of end of days as they lead us to a one-world order.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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