Postgenderism as Transhumanist Technology

Hello everyone! This is Isaac Weishaupt from Today we’ll be taking a look at part two of an on-going guest post by Ken Ammi- an independent researcher who has been around for years on other platforms. Ken reached out to me and I was flattered to oblige and provide a location for this series of posts about quite a taboo subject: the post gender movement.

Ken Ammi will be breaking down the occult roots of this controversial agenda through a five-part series, with the following being part two (*you can read part one: The Occult Roots of the Postgender Movement HERE).




Postgenderism as Transhumanist Technology

Herein we continue, from part 1, considering the paper Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary by George Dvorsky and James Hughes, PhD (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies – IEET Monograph Series, March 3, 2008 AD).

We will consider the evolutionary worldview behind the postgender movement which sees our bio-chemistry, and thus our gender, as being arbitrary. How radical feminism plays into it. That which I will term re-education with regards to gender issues. The ultimate goal(s) of the movement. And transhumanism.

The posthuman movement is active on many fronts, as the paper puts it, “the transcending of gender by social and political means is now being complemented and completed by technological means.”

Postgender - androgyny and hermaphroditism - 6

Reference is made to “Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Castration and Cross-dressing – Androgynous,” “Hermaphrodites” and “Gender variant people” as constituting “a third sex” and those having “ambiguous genitalia” are viewed as an “intersexuality” an “indeterminate sex” which:

…may now be more prevalent than before due to environmental chemicals that mimic estrogen and interfere with fetal genital development (Dumanoski, Myers, Colborn, 1997).[1]

Other relevant terms of interest are transgender, non-op transsexual, TG butch, femme queen, cross-dresser, third gender, drag king or queen, transboi, omni-gender and pan-gender.

In other words and for example, when a boy’s body is literally developing its male characteristic, it is being flooded with pseudo-estrogens and the confused body cannot figure out whether to express female or male characteristics (and genitalia).

Postgender - androgyny and hermaphroditism - 7

Thus, it is noted that “intersex activists,” such as the Intersex Society of North America seek:

…a postgenderist position, that there is no need to encourage children to ever choose either male or female gender roles. For these intersex radicals, the intersexed are a vanguard of postgenderist rejection of the gender binary.

Moreover, this is no mere accidental byproduct of using plastics, etc. but is being done purposefully via psychopharmacology, neurochemicals, etc.:


Efforts to treat female depression and male aggression, autism and ADD would give us ways to make the brain more androgynous. Francis Fukuyama lamented these trends, the “masculinizing” of depressive women‘s moods by antidepressants, and the “feminizing” of ADD boys with stimulant medications, in Our Posthuman Future, asserting that they were the result of pressure to conform to an “androgynous median personality” in American society (Fukuyama, 2002: 52).[2]


Substantial evidence suggests that gender identity, gendered cognition, and sexual preference are shaped prenatally by genes and exposure to testicular and estrogenic hormones (Brizendine, 2007; GIRES, 2008).[3]

And since on a reductionist, naturalist, materialist worldview we are nothing but accidentally conscious combinations of chemicals; what is the difference between one combination or another?

Technological progress is ameliorating these gender differences…emerging technologies will enable individuals to [chose one or more] gender…genetic and neurological sciences…

Trans- or post-humans would…eventually be able to transcend the biological altogether into cybernetic or virtual form…Greg Egan speculates about such an ‘uploaded’ society in his novel, Diaspora, where the inhabitants have largely adopted amorphous gender roles, characteristics and the use of gender-neutral pronouns (Egan, 1997)…

But the final liberation from dyadic, gendered, heteronormative relationships will likely come about through use of drugs that suppress pair-bonding impulses. Research with voles has found that genes regulating the neurotransmitter vasopression determine whether male voles will be monogamous or polygamous. Voles with low vasopressin make weak associations between the dopaminergic pleasures of sex and the sight and smell of a particular female, while stronger genes for vasopressin entrains the vole to his female mate.

If similar mechanisms are discovered in the human brain we could eventually have therapies that would allow individuals to turn their pair bonding up or down to a desired level. Some might increase it to block out a wandering eye, while other will turn it down to enable a polyamorous lifestyle…

Many feminists are suspicious of assisted reproduction on the grounds that it is an effort to assert patriarchal technological control over women…

Postgender - androgyny and hermaphroditism - 8

In the 1980s influential socialist-feminist Alison Jaggar” noted that via high tech:

…one woman could inseminate another, so that men and nonparturitive women could lactate and so that fertilized ova could be transplanted into women’s or even into men’s bodies. (Jaggar, 1983: 132)[4]…

Progress in nuclear transfer from somatic cells into fertilized embryos, and in using somatic cells as faux sperm and eggs to create embryos (Aldhous, 2008) suggest that soon gay and lesbian couples will be able to combine germplasm to make biological children, that individuals will be able to clone themselves, and that three or more parents will be able to contribute germ plasm to create a child.[5]…Once we have perfected tissue cloning and genetic engineering – within the next two decades – we will be able to craft new, fully functional breasts and sexual organs for transsexuals…

…tissue engineering and somatic gene therapies promise much less painful and more complete sex re-assignment (BBC, 2007)…Tissue engineering and nanoneural interfaces suggest that it would be possible to have…some entirely new sexual organ.[6]…

The virtualization of sex, which began with the first cave wall paintings, has been rapid, from widespread access to and use of porn, phone sex, video-interactive sex, sex in virtual worlds, to the eventual perfection of teledildonics, the use of body suits and tactile equipment controlled from afar…One frequent feature of the online world is the crossgender presentation of self, biological men pretending to be women and vice versa (Ludlow, 1996)…In the online world Second Life…participants have a different biological sex than the avatar that they are manipulating.[7]

Such a case is that of Ray Kurzweil virtual reality alter ego Ramona (see video here).


When we have our brains laced with nano-neural networks (perhaps in 40 years) we will eventually be able to experience completely virtual body sensation, so we can have sex with partners in virtual reality, or with combinations of virtual reality and material reality (Kurzweil, 2005).[8]

…researchers in Australia took female mouse embryos with XX chromosomes, and switched on the Sox3 brain gene, resulting in mice with male physiology and behavior (U of Adelaide, 2007).[9]…

Intra-uterine brain gendering, in turn, appears to have some influence on gender identity, gendered behaviors and abilities, and sexual preference…redress the gendering of the brain…

Eventually we will be able to directly stimulate the parts of the brain that desire specific partners or kinds of experiences. We will be able to wire ourselves to only desire sex with the opposite sex, only with our spouse, to only desire specific sex acts, and to desire it according to an agreed upon frequency…

…a few feminists in the 1970s, such as Shulamith Firestone (1970), had suggested that reproductive technologies could liberate women from biology…[10]

Lastly, as we will consider within the next segment on feminism, reference is made to:

…new sub-discipline of “cyborgology” (Gray, 1995) or “cyberfeminism” (Plant, 1998; Sollfrank, 2007) and “technofeminism” (Wajcman, 2004).[11]



Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Part 3 of Ken Ammi’s ongoing analysis: Postgenderism as Transhumanist Technology.

What do you think so far? I support some of the ideas presented here- in fact I mentioned similar thoughts in my FARCast with Robert Phoenix where I mentioned that my theory is that we’ll be duped into the digital matrix-avatar world through the means of sex. Virtual reality sex will be the tool they use to get us (primarily men) into their matrix.

Do you agree or disagree that there is a transhuman movement being orchestrated under the guise of the androgynous-postgenderism liberation?… Comment below and let us know what YOU think.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Of course and they waited until they could look like this was all about supporting marginalized people first because “they care so much”.

    I feel bad that GLBTQ people haven’t noticed how much money is made off of their struggle and pain, but then conservatives haven’t exactly embraced them which makes them fly into the arms of progressives aww well.

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    • True, but not all of us in the LGBT community are that ignorant of this agenda. 😉

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  2. I don’t know what’s more terrifying – the fact that “teledildonics” is an actual term or the fact that people are encouraging children to transition?

    At the very least, like with breast augmentation, shouldn’t parents have a child wait until they’re of an adult mind to make the changes (if they still want to)?

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    • Because there are so many transgender people that it is required that they be fully represented all over television.

      Asians are probably pissed off right now that the only time they make it on film is to play a dictator or attached to wires.

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  1. True Freethinker - Transhumanist Technology in the Postgender movement Homosexuality was merely an open door for the transgender movement and the transgender movement…

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