Philosophy of IlluminatiWatcher based upon Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’

I’m going to break from the traditional post to try and convey a point about your humble narrator. I know some people are newer to this website, and possibly haven’t read through a lot of my posts where I explain my stance on all of this mix of conspiracy theories and pop culture, so I’m going to try and run a quick refresher.

Here’s the motivation for this post: I was recently commented on in my Predictive Programming of Forthcoming Rihanna Tragedy? post the following:


“I love Rihanna, truly I do. I love her music, her story, all that”.

Hmmmm. So you are telling people about Illuminati and it’s evils but you love one of their master puppets? OK. So you agree with all the nasty videos she puts out with her music videos that young girls want to copy? Let me guess you will be running around in a checkerboard outfit next. B/S!

The commenter quoted that first sentence directly from the post; those are my words. I gave smart-assy reply but that doesn’t quite address the issue (BTW thanks for the comment; I like every comment I get no matter whether they’re positive or negative- I tend to love the REALLY negative ones, those make me laugh, especially when they tell me to kill myself).  So anyhow, time for the explanation.

I’m a typical east coast born and bred dude and I grew up listening to all this type of hardcore and explicit music I post about, all of the nasty little violent films I post about, and blazzey bla. Beneath all of the conspiracy theory and conjecture I like all this stuff (well, except for the Justin Bieber garbage). I love rap music, even though as I get older I tend to complain about how it’s getting worse.

I also love conspiracy theories. That’s the primary motivation behind That’s why I tend to post a mixup from both worlds. It’s interesting to learn the theories and postulate new ones. All of the Illuminati signs are all over the entertainment industry and I like to point it out. That doesn’t mean I’m going to boycott all music from now on. I still love listening to everything from Lady Gaga to Metallica to Wu-Tang Clan to Juicy J (even though I see Gaga doing that damn ‘666’ hand gesture all of the time).

Rihanna is one of the dopest R&B/pop/rap singers around, I’ve got every one of her albums, and they never disappoint. She’s one of the biggest offenders of Illuminati type symbolism, but I don’t hold that against her. She also typifies what’s wrong with our culture in that she has a young fan base and started out fairly innocent and gradually got raunchier. I’m 100% ok with that on a personal level because I’m an adult (and a male…) and I don’t have any young daughters who are watching this stuff. I think if you have young children then you need to be aware that this stuff is going on so that you can figure out how you’re going to explain what’s going on. I’d like to think I can provide that service.

For instance, let’s take a look at a few shots from Rihanna’s latest video Pour It Up:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rihanna Pour It Up 1

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rihanna Pour It Up 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rihanna Pour It Up 3

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rihanna Pour It Up 4

Oh my goodness, what is she doing!? I don’t know but in the words of R. Kelly, “I don’t miiiiind!” That doesn’t make it right for an impressionable 12 year old girl to look at this stuff if she looks up to Rihanna. So that’s the debacle here; she’s appealing to a large adult market who sinfully enjoy this stuff (me), but then she’s filling young girls’ heads with bad ideas. This is where the parents gotta step in ‘cuz there’s no way to stop this.

And as a side note; it’s not that everything Rihanna puts out is trashy, her albums are full of beautiful ballad type songs, like Stay or A Million Miles Away and so on.

And as another side note; for those who think I’m stretching it too far with the symbolism I point out in music videos, just know that for every video I post about I watch about three that don’t have anything. Case in point is Rihanna’s Pour It Up video, which I couldn’t find anything.

Here’s that video if you’re interested:

And that stripper on the pole is Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams. Here’s her audition tape that was floating around (with well over 1M views so it ain’t just me watching it):

I understand that all of the crap I’m feeding into my brain could be manipulating me into a “Illuminati” agenda of sorts. I get it. It’s probably not the greatest stuff to be consuming either. But I think so long as you are aware of that you can mitigate the damage. I’m a Christian (however not all that great, obviously, but  I try), so I know I shouldn’t be exposing myself to this stuff, but old habits are hard to break. I’d like to think that I can keep it all from persuading me to be a rotten person, and that I can indulge a little bit without it completely breaking down my moral compass. I’m not the type of theorist that’s going to foaming at the mouth and yelling about the Illuminati through a bullhorn at a protest. That’s not to say I disagree with that level of activism, I just personally am not into that type of thing.

What say you all about that? Do I have to be 100% unplugged from the garbage in order to become enlightened?


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Who is that statue of in the video @ 1:40

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  2. “…what is she doing?”(IW). Lol. She is simulating sex with the chair or thrown. Certainly you can find symbolism there somewhere. And on the overall topic of this post, you have to admit the contradiction. It is no longer about theory. You either believe the occult illuminati symbolism everywhere(fact) is malicious, just for show, or you embrace it. Some people are understandably confused with what your stance is. You often portray it as malicious, so how can you then advocate watching or litening to it? That said, i accept that we are all weak and flawed. We should all live and write with more conviction.

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    • Well I can see what she’s doing, I was being facetious. I’m sorry you don’t like my view, I’m more into being open and honest about things than sensationalizing like some of the other theorists. The reason people like Alex Jones and David Icke pretend to not be in touch with all of this stuff is cuz they are from an older generation so naturally they would never listen to this stuff.

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  3. Lol, i called thrown a throne.

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  4. So you gotta work on yourself and not watchi it. And I think you shoudn’t post it around cause you can be tempting others, when they click to watch it and might sin after that. Please, also think about others being able to sin. And don’t read horoscopes nor believe in them, cause it’s a sin as well as far as I know after asking a preist.

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  5. Mr. Watcher please leave the haters well alone. You seem to be a person of my generation so I understand this is the culture you were raised in. “Be as wise as serpents” eh? You expose a lot of hip-hop indecency and kudos to you. Do it big. Keep on pushing. The community needs you.

    PS I like your artistic style sir. Remind me of my pen art!

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    • “Wise like serpents”- I like that thanks! And yea it’s probably a generational gap thing. That artwork was given to me from the TimeSamplers comic book folks, I’m not that good of an artist! Lol

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  6. Can someone please comment on that non-existent currency she is holding, we can clearly see it is not a dollar, it has some sort of figure in the middle holding something but i can not tell what it is, only clear thing i see it has the number one on the corners as if it was a dollar bill, at another part you could arguably state there is still the pyramid.

    Another interesting fact is that at minute 1:39 to 1:40 the image of a statue shows up of what some web pages claim is Venus-Aphrodite due to the water in the background, which i also believe is because of the new age we are entering Aquarius.

    So without going into conspiracies, we definitely see the subliminal language.

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  7. So u just dislike illuminati but u don’t hate ’em
    you are a watcher, that’s all about u
    u know everything but you don’t wanna leave things behind yourself
    you ain’t better than the others but you good luck bro

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  8. I have learned a ton from your site and others like it. I understand that you are helPing wake people up and that is great. Kuddos! I read this and was a little concerned for you, out of love, not judgment. I didn’t have a comment at the time because I didn’t want to come off judgemental, especially towards someone who has helped open my own eyes to the light. I was reading scripture and when I read this I thought of you, and this post. Ill leave it with you to mediate on in love and light. I thank you for the work you do and I pray that the Lord draw you even more near to Him.
    I am glad you watch the videos and explain the symbolism to help others see the truth. We are commanded to know the Devils tricks and ways. What you do is great. My concern is that you claim to enjoy watching it for entertainment as well, not just for disection of Satans tricks. Of course I have my own sin I need to worry about so I’m not at all trying to judge you my brother. Just to encourage you to reject this filth as suitible for your personal entrainment choice. In love I say it, only because you did ask at the end of the post. Be blessed! Thanks for all your effort to expose satan.

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  9. What annoys me the most, is the way in which these clips brainwash girls but also guys. I think this really changes the way they perceive women and sex. Women are so much more than ass shaking and pole dancing (that girl was really good btw!) and these sorta of images make guys forget how to really connect with a woman physically (which is not good for us, cos most women don’t just enjoy ‘physical’ sex, we need a bit more of a connection to enjoy ourselves fully). And it also annoys me that music has become about that, what about just enjoying music for music and forget all this bull**** propaganda and brainwashing that surrounds it. So yeah, if you really want to be ‘enlightened’ how about listen to the song and not looking at the clip. (lets not forget also that music creates waves which can promote certain behaviors within us (some music is relaxing some is more ! aggressive) so choose carefully

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    • Silver- you make a good point, and this does in fact effect relationships. It does so in a similar manner of how romantic-comedies make women think men will ever be like they are on film, when the fact of the matter is that most men simply aren’t that way. Both forms of art are lies that cater to what the opposite sex wants.

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  10. TV Should be eliminated if you want to eliminate illuminate

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  11. I just Know directors of this kind of videos want to fill poeple minds with sex in order to make people specialy youngs to not think about God & human rights So it helps them to control mind as easy as possible. and i think have reached to their goal.

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  12. I think there is a fault in the parent if they allow their children to be controlled by these celebs… I’ve been crazy over Rihanna since I was 12 years old (I’m 19 now)… that was the year she came out and I turned out fine.. I go to church I’m a good person… Coz I was raised right.. you cant expect someone like Rihanna or Miley (who is 21 years old)to raise your child and be a good role model for your child… that’s your job as a parent… and you’ve failed terribly if your children are out doing drugs or sleeping around and dressing skanky… Blame yourselves… Musicians aren’t supposed to be role models to your children, you cant expect them to be someone they’re not… they just want to make music

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  13. The Thrown she is looking like the free mason logo if you get the picture….ps I’m backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!##

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  14. You do some good looking on this site man but you illustrate the cognitive dissonance beautifully by quoting predatorial pedophilic R. Kelly to brush this corruption aside. Of course he don’t miiiiind. Remember when he sang all those sexy duets with Aaliyah when she was 14 on the album “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” then turns out he secretly Married her at age 16? A video of him pissing all over an underage youth could be used as a metaphor for the entire industry & it’s effects on the public. They’re pissing all over you. But you don’t miiiiiiind!
    Take care man.

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