Philip Coppens from Ancient Aliens responds to Debunked video


Philip Coppens posted a lengthy reply to several (if not all) of Chris White’s Ancient Aliens Debunked film’s accusations. I think this sums up similar feelings I had to Chris White’s film:

White instead opts for or – to use the type of wording he prefers to use on the documentary in making accusations – “leads us to believe” that in 2007…

I believe that White’s documentary doesn’t see that most of the show is discussing the theories and how it only presents certain items as fact. I wrote my own Ancient Aliens Debunked response if you want to read more. Here is the link for Coppens response, which is quite good:

Here is a video uploaded to Coast to Coast of Coppen’s explaining The Lost Civilization Enigma:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • Hi Chris, thanks for the link, I’ll check that one out this week. Kudos on the video- even if I’m not 100% sold 😉

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  1. I read your response chris. Its great. Im a huge fan. But the sad thing is that you will never convince AA that they are wrong because they have already chosen which truth they prefer. Much like religion. Even if an et ship lands on earth tomorrow and the captain publicly states that no et has ever been here, AA will find a way.

    It is good though that coppens repeatedly insults you (stupid, stupidity, etc) because this indicates that he finds your arguments valid and threatening. Keep up the good work.

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