Philip Coppens’ Ancient Aliens “Zoo Hypothesis”

Philip Coppens posted on his website about a Nursery Hypothesis and details information on the Zoo Hypothesis. The Zoo Hypothesis postulates that an alien civilization would allow us on Earth to evolve on our own without intervention until a specific event happens (e.g. effective space travel, landing on the Moon, etc.). The aliens would allow us to find our way with minimal intervention.


The Nursery Hypothesis is one in which the humans on Earth aren’t given help unless we ask for it.

He also details the tale of Oannes:

The best example, however, is the story of Oannes, which was seen by Carl Sagan as one of the best evidence that we had been contacted by a non-human intelligence. He commented: “I support the contention that a major cultural change did take place with the advent of the Oannes”, and elsewhere noted: “These beings were interested in instructing mankind. Each knew the mission and accomplishments of his predecessors. When a great inundation threatens the survival of this knowledge, steps are taken to insure its preservation.”

What was remarkable about Oannes was that he not only taught people how to create temples, compile laws and explained geometry, but that he came out of the Persian Gulf, rising at daytime and returning to his watery abode at night. He had the body of a fish, but underneath the figure of a man – he was, by all accounts, non-human.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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