Pharrell Williams and the “Satanic Inverted Cross” Face Tattoo

The producer/rapper Pharrell Williams had his tattoo sleeves covered up about ten years ago supposedly through a Wake Forest Institute skin development procedure. He said they were growing new skin for him and it apparently worked because his tattoos are no longer visible.

However; recently he was spotted going out to dinner in Hollywood and someone snapped his photo which shows red hair and what appears to be a tattoo on his forehead…



Issa Cross

As of this writing, it’s hard to tell if this is a tattoo and furthermore what it is a tattoo of.

I’ve read on other more “fanatical” websites that it’s an inverted cross and that he’s now a Satanist, but I’m not ready to make that leap.


Pharrell Williams & the Illuminati

I’ve been watching entertainment for years in an attempt to understand what the Illuminati is doing. One figure of concern has always been Pharrell.

He’s been seen holding the horns of Moloch symbol with Katy Perry during her Met Gala Scarlet Woman event…


Katy and Pharrell: Scarlet Woman and Moloch


…he’s been rapping about Hermes Trismegistus on Missy Elliott’s WTF video…


…giving the 666 hands during his Marilyn Monroe moon goddess video


…and of course multiple iterations of the All Seeing Eye can be found…





The Future Religion

It seems that Pharrell MAY have gone the way of other rappers who have started tattooing their face (e.g. Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, and 6IX9ine to name a few).

If it IS a tattoo, and if it IS a cross; the next question is if it’s inverted. From the image it doesn’t appear to be inverted but it’s hard to confirm that.



The reason we are concerned with the inverted cross is because that is the symbol of satanic doctrine. They believe in the inversion of crosses as a means of mocking Christianity. This is the same spirit of why 3AM is the “witching hour” (as an inversion of 3PM- the supposed time Jesus was killed on the Cross) or the Black Mass.

The destruction of Christianity is a necessary component to the agenda of satanists as well as those who follow the teachings of Aleister Crowley. In Crowley’s Thelema he believes that every man is to do their own will; NOT the will of God. He believed that Christianity was oppressive and true freedom will only come to us when we move past it (very similar to Anton LaVey’s Satanism).

In the future they will be pushing for the transhuman agenda which seeks to destroy mankind and replace it with a man-made version of ourselves with augmented technology (a few steps beyond Pharrell growing skin in a lab…).

They’ll also be looking to the future to be a place where they will have this New World Order implemented (perhaps explaining why Pharrell has a song that will only be available in 2117 buried underground somewhere…).

If you want to understand how all these pieces fit together (entertainment, the Illuminati, satanism, etc.); I’ve laid it out in my new book. It provides citations to the actual doctrine of the occult and reveals their agenda which is being proven through entertainment and celebrities.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. It is hard to tell; it looks as if the bottom part of the cross is SLIGHTLY longer than the top but from that picture, I wouldn’t swear to it! I think tattoos on faces and necks are horrible anyway and I always associate them with shambogues and ruffians, fellas that have been in and out of prison and “wannabe” hard-cases! Not the sort you’d want living next-door and all that! So why rich and famous people are trying to make themselves look “rough as f$%^” as they say where I grew up, I don’t know! They tell me that the person either IS rough or wants people to THINK they are and be frightened of them and either way,it points to a very flawed character in my experience! So, Satanist or not, I don’t think he’s a genuine hard-case and he’s old enough to have more sense,looks stupid with it and appears to have lost the run of himself, the feckin’ eejit!!

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  2. In his latest video for the song ‘Lemon’ with N.E.R.D it says the quote “The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off” Maybe a sign that some truth is about to be revealed?! It also has written NO_ONE EVER REALLY DIES…which appears to say death is an illusion and that there is life after life? It’s unusual to see such things in a music video and appears to have a purpose for being there,

    The song also features Rihanna whose connections to the Illuminati are well established, and which you have covered extensively in the past. Her role in what is to come seems to me to be very prominent (she is after all the princess of the illuminati)

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    • Upon further investigation NO_ONE EVER REALLY DIES is the name of N.E.R.D’s new album on which this single features,

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  3. Check it out and watch out for the details:

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  4. The fucked up kid

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  5. Doesn’t look inverted and almost looks like its ash Wednesday but looks a little too perfect. Definitely not inverted.

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