Pharrell evokes Rain Man demon at 2014 BET Award Show


At the 2014 BET Award Show, Pharrell Williams kicked it off with “Come Get It Bae” and brought Missy Elliott out as well (*note that the song actually features Miley Cyrus; not Missy). Besides P not wearing his usual Smokey the Bear cap, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Until the final ten seconds of the song…

That is when he seems to chant “Rain Man” repeatedly. I could very well be wrong in my interpretation of what we’re hearing, but until I’m proven otherwise I’m going with this theory.


The history of the “rain man” goes back to the 80s when the film under the same name was released. The film centered around an idiot savant who was able to retrieve data and mumbled numbers at an incredible rate. That’s the “mainstream” history of the term. The occult history is that it’s actually a demon that is being evoked by musicians such as Eminem (in Rain Man), Jay-Z, Bob Dylan, Rihanna (in Umbrella), and arguably even Missy Elliott  (in I Can’t Stand the Rain). The demon has also been featured on the show about Don Decker, a man who came under possession by the Rain Man.

I’ve compiled a couple of examples in this clip, including the Pharrell evokation:


Last year Pharrell proclaimed Jay-Z’s Rain Man is back on Hot 97 as well:

Chances are Pharrell Williams would never say anything bad about a Jay-Z project — and why would he, considering Hov has consistently remained rap’s king of the hill. Still, Skateboard P seems particularly excited about Jigga’s upcoming LP and the record that he has contributed to it.

“Rain Man is back, Rain Man is back,” Pharrell said on Monday when he spoke with Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez.

I’ve got more on Pharrell’s Illuminati symbolism elsewhere on this website too…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati 666 Hand


UPDATE 24JUL2014: Commenter Ohlo614 is claiming that he’s saying ‘waymant’ (a truncated form of ‘wait a minute’) and after watching the newly released music video for the song I’ve got to agree with it. It also sounds like he might be saying ‘women’ but Pharrell is in fact using the term ‘waymant’ on his Twitter page so I suppose that’s it. Too bad ‘cuz the Rainman theory was more fun. Thanks for the buzzkill Ohlo614.



Also, check out my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. idk if anybody else noticed when missy Elliott was performing she was throwing up the 666 sign an the horns also..

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    • I did see that; however the point in which she does is to show that she’s “passing the dutch”. And also, it was so grainy that I couldn’t decently reproduce it. Good catch though, thanks for sharing.

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  2. idk if anybody else noticed but your a fag

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    • With a name like Bob Marley I’d be careful who was calling who a f** just say no to the rasta pipe dude or hit it and mellow out

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    • “you’re” – I know English is tough but only fags make mistakes on a continuous basis after being corrected. 😉

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  3. This is laughable…first of all, before you start slewing accusations about someone you should do your research…he is actually saying “Wayment” which is a reference to one of his biggest fans and her twitter handle…he dedicated this song to her…she once posted a tweet and said “wayment” as in “wait a minute” and Pharrell thought that was the funniest thing. They have been friends for a long while so he wrote the song as an ode to her. You guys need to find better things to do, but it’s actually laughable…lol!! Rain Man…hell no…lol!!!

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    • I just wanted to add that even if he indeed said “wayment” this DOES NOT mean that he isn’t used as part of the satanic agenda. It’s funny to you because you don’t care to understand how these artists are utilized by the powers that be to indoctrinate people with all kinds of programming.

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  4. El passaba si lengua poг tоɗa mi vagina, dandome սn placer unico, yo vi asia su
    sexo y vi quen tenia un miembro espectacular!!!!

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      • Just said a bunch of muy estupido stuff about sex.

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      • Probably a good thing you don’t speak Spanish cuz it was something about giving her pleasure with your tongue in her she she special place if you know what I mean dude wasn’t exactly nice LOLYo Mama

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  5. Why is it that after downloading first 1 book about Scientology brainwashing to my Kindle, that after a couple of years, I now have more than 10 … My favorite so far is about the Grateful Dead and Freemasonry. Time would fail me if I analysed which institution is the most dangerous – you no doubt know the whole rogues gallery … Anyway, the IlluminatiWatcher symbolism guides will no doubt keep me pleasantly preoccupied for the future !

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  6. could be ra-in-man…. or Aquarius dumping water from his jar..

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  7. Yet he claims to be a Christian. Fact: If you want to get high up in any form of entertainment you have to $ell out! This dude isn’t any different but he has to answer to God not to us. May Pharrell see the light!

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  8. You may not necessarily be wrong. It’s not the spelling of the word, it’s the sounds or pronunciation that evoke the darkness. From the Bush era “Shock and Awe” = “Shekhinah” in the Kabbalistic/Freemasonic understanding. So just because it sounds like Pharrell is saying ‘waymant’ he could still be doing exactly as you surmise. Justa thought.

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