‘Pentagram’ design firm creates corporate Illuminati designs

‘Pentagram’ is the actual name of the design firm that creates designs for several projects, including corporate logos. On their actual website you can see that they’ve got a whole slew of logo designs for universities, private companies, corporation, Saturday Night Live, etc.

Here’s some of the logos that follow the Illuminati agenda:


World Chess organization features a Saturn symbol of the 3-dimensional cube (or the Star of David if you take that different angle of connecting the six sides). The inner cubes form ½ of a pyramid also:


International energy company, ‘National Grid’ gets a black Saturn cube too:



Global airline network ‘Star Alliance’ has pyramids:


Art Directors Club Annual 90th awards gets more cubes:



Telematik Solution telecommunications has the cube too:



Security alarm company Telguard gets an all seeing eye (which I suppose is appropriate for its purpose of being an alarm system, but this is a conspiracy website so why would be rational?)




There’s a TON more logos on their website, I haven’t gone through them all. Surprisingly there aren’t more pyramids and eyes, but a shit load of cubes. The fact that the company name is “Pentagram” is telling of possible intentions. Wikipedia says that they’ve helped Nike (they’ve got the Saturn symbolism of the swoosh), Citibank, and more. They’ve also bit highlighted recently because they redesigned New York’s street signs. Louis C.K. even addresses this issue on his show (about the parking; not the Illuminati):

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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