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Food is one the biggest and most provable conspiracy theories we face today. Compared to all the other theories that exist, food is one that we have silver bullets lying all around us. I will be highlighting this topic more in future posts.

Palm Oil is being used by the food industry to replace the evil Trans fat. Unfortunately, the food industry uses scrupulous means by which to obtain the palm oil. This includes destroying many animals’ habitats, including elephants.

Learn more about palm oil:

Here’s a documentary of images (no dialogue) from deforestation’ effects:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. deforestation is not the only reason for avoiding palm oil. Here in Colombia happened a huge land robbery executed during years 2000 – 2010, before the paramilitary forces leaved their guns. On many cases, the farmers (original owners of those lands) have returned to their properties just to find them covered by hundreds of palms. In some areas of the Colombian caribbean coast, are not-crazy rumors of hundreds of bodies (paramilitaries’ victims) buried on places actually having oil palms. Into the Colombian collective psyche, palm oil business means paramilitaries = blood and death.

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    • Palm oil is also bad for blocking human arteries. People stopped using it completely in the 1990s for this reason, but it seems like the food giants are hoping that we’ve all forgotten about that.

      I think they are banking on the health food industry’s claim that unrefined red palm oil is actually good for you… but this is a RAW food product, and NOT the oxidized, refined palm kernel oil that huge food factories use.

      The food industry palm kernel oil is bad and has known it since about the late 1980s. But it doesn’t really care how sick we get from eating it. [See also: transfats, high fructose corn syrup, red food dye and all the other things they have used that have been known to be dangerous at the time].

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