Oprah, Joel Osteen, “The Secret” Law of Attraction, & the New Age of Occultism

Hello and welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com! Today I was inspired to write an article about the pervasive New Age ideas and how they relate to the occult. To me it seems that the further you drill down into the New Age belief systems, the closer it binds to the occult beliefs which both support the big agenda of destroying Christianity and paving the way for the New World Order.

In this article we’ll learn about Oprah Winfrey’s role as the host of the New Age, Joel Osteen’s surprisingly “occultish” teachings, “The Secret” Doctrine, and the final way forward.


Like I’ve been saying for years; the New Age is nothing “new” at all– just a rehashing of the old pagan-magick belief system in a repackaged format…

**Note that there is a video at the end of this article that I created for the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel in which you can hear the exact video-audio clips I’m referencing in this article. I’d suggest reading through and then also watching the video.**

Oprah Osteen New Age The Secret Law of Attraction Occultism 500w

Oprah and the New Age movement

Oprah is one of the most famous and successful people on the entire planet, and for good reason. She has a knack for showing empathy to others while interviewing them and providing a “feel-good” experience for all who watch.

What might surprise you is that this article you are reading was inspired by a recent episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday (I show that I watch and find great joy in). Often times Oprah and her guests provide great insights into how to deal with the world- including outlooks on our fear based society and media agendas which is why I wouldn’t want to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” I hope by the end of this article you can understand why I have these seemingly adverse interests.

If you’re familiar with Oprah in the least than you already know that she is a major mouthpiece for the New Age movement. She routinely features guests that support this new religion and advocates the reading of their books and teachings.

Some of the darker and conspiratorial aspects of Oprah include allegations that she is closely connected to the Luciferians that run the entertainment industry. Her multimedia empire centers around her studio- HARPO Productions. The name chosen is an inverted mirror image of OPRAH which begs the question of the Luciferian practice of inverting and the Law of Reversal.

harpo oprah Wo

The Law of Reversal is important to Satanists in that they take all Christian practices and reverse them. Inverting the cross and conducting the reversal of the Catholic Mass (the Black Mass) is also conducted by Satanists; as is the practice of back masking on records to implant satanic messages into the masses.

Pentagram Inverted

Under the umbrella of HARPO Productions you’ll find Oprah’s television network– OWN. This stands for Oprah Winfrey’s Network but one can employ the Law of Reversal and find NWO– New World Order.

Valued at over three billion dollars; Oprah is one that wields great power. Her methods seem innocent enough, but like most of these people in entertainment I feel there is more that lies beneath the surface…


Joel Osteen’s New Age Christian

Joel Osteen is a televangelist preacher of the largest Protestant church in the United States in Houston, Texas. Millions follow him and I believe that is cause for concern in this new rebirth of charismatic type demonstrations of Christianity.


His messages reinforce positive thinking and he aims to avoid talk of condemnation and the typical “fire and brimstone” warnings that many before him have subscribed to. Known as “the smiling preacher” many find his teachings uplifting and I find it hard to not  like him. He’s known for pushing this new idea of having spirituality but not religion.

I think I like faith more than religion…” -Joel Osteen on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

It’s not my cup of tea and at first glance I didn’t think there was much to worry about; but I was wrong…

Osteen Oprah wo

Osteen appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and talked about his book and message called: The Power of I Am. Those of you that read my hip hop and music conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC already know where I’m going with this one, because the phrase “I Am” seems to denote occult indoctrination and I think that is what we’ve got here.

osteen power of IAM

I’ll revisit this later, but I’d like you to know that “I AM” is a veiled language used by occultists to signify belief in this idea that one can become an “ascended master” through self awareness. The phrase I AM means “Integrated Ascended Master” and that is precisely why we see it so often from the world of entertainment.

Earth Wind and Fire I AM

Alicia Keys I Am

Nas I Am Egyptian

Yo Gotti I Am

Chrissette Michelle I AM

Leona Lewis I Am

Will I AM


Beyonce IAM Sasha Fierce Tour Baphomet

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Illuminati I AM commercial WO

The thing that concerns me most about Osteen is that he is reported to be worth over $40 million and lives in a $10+ million house. His teachings echo this same sentiment in that it reinforces the importance of this material world with little thought into actually worshipping God or preparing for an after life in Heaven, which overlooks the key tenet of Christianity in that we are to acknowledge that the material world will pass and riches can easily distract us from where our focus should be.

For instance, Osteen’s program is run on a TV network called Daystar that came under NPR’s scrutiny for only donating 5% of their donation money to actual charitable causes:

According to court records, Daystar’s primary revenue comes from selling airtime to other religious programmers. Its secondary income is donations. The documents show that between 2005 and 2011, Daystar took in $208 million in tax-deductible contributions from viewers through on-air pitches.

…”My concern is the disconnect between what Daystar asks that the money be used for and how they actually use it,” says Daniel Borochoff, president of CharityWatch.org, a nonprofit charity evaluator based in Chicago.

…”Daystar needs to tell people that only about 5 percent of their contributions are going toward hospitals, churches, needy individuals,” he says.

In its letter, Daystar explains the discrepancy by saying the majority of viewer contributions actually pays for the costs of foreign satellite transmissions, which the network considers its “international mission work.”

Osteen’s lessons (particularly his “I AM” doctrine) revolve around self awareness and obtaining material wealth and beauty, which couldn’t be further from what Christ taught us. I personally don’t care if Osteen is a millionaire or not, but I do worry about the power he has over his followers- including a perversion of the Nicene Creed that he has his people recite during his presentation.

This is my Bible.
I am what it says I am.
I can do what it says I can do.
Today, I will be taught the Word of God. I boldly confess:
My mind is alert, My heart is receptive.
I will never be the same.
I am about to receive
The incorruptible, indestructible, Ever-living seed of the Word of God.
I will never be the same .
Never, never, never.
I will never be the same.
In Jesus name. Amen.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with what he is reciting; it is interesting that a man of God has decided that the original beliefs and Holy Tradition established by the disciples of Jesus Christ are somehow insufficient. What’s even more interesting is that millions of followers don’t try to follow the original teachings because they think that it’s better to follow a guy who lives in a 10 million dollar home versus the actual disciples that fought and died to spread the word of the Christian faith.

osteen home wo

So what is that draws so many to listen to Osteen? I don’t think his followers are stupid or evil by any means. I would guess that they are decent people trying to do right and make sense of this chaotic world we live in. I would also guess that they are seduced by the teachings of Osteen that suggest we should use Laws of Attraction to obtain material wealth or beauty. Not that I am above pursuing these things myself; I just choose not to mix my earthly passions with those of the spiritual realm.

Joel Osteen doesn’t focus much on sinning, but rather how to gain prosperity. What’s funny about this is that he subscribes to the trappings of the earthly world, which Jesus Christ specifically warned us about!

“Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” They were even more astonished and said to Him, “Then who can be saved?”… Looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God. -Mark 10:25-27

Osteen talks as if God will give you pleasure on this Earth but true Christians know that the reward for a life of humility, fasting, prayers, etc. are to be closer to God in Heaven after this world passes. This world is one in which Satan has mastery.

This is the crux of my argument and warning about Osteen and other New Agers (including gurus of eastern faiths). If you think you can serve two masters at the same time you may be surprised to find out that you share more inline with the occultists than you know. At least the occultists and atheists are open about their beliefs…

‘The Secret’ Doctrine: The Alchemical Principles

One of the most popular self-help New Age projects of all time is The Secret. This was a compilation of New Age ideas which are really just occult principles masked in a different package. Once you dig down into the meat of their arguments you’ll find familiar teachings of alchemy and the pursuit of self deification.

The Secret asks its followers to use various occult practices to bring desires into fruition. This includes the Law of Attraction, visualization, and the belief that one can ascend to the level of god through self-awareness.

the secret poster

The origins of these occult practices come from Thesosophy and the New Thought movement; both of which lend to the teachings of Helena Blavatsky- a woman who has been claimed to be a fraud yet has found devotion through followers such as Adolf Hitler.

blavatsky WO

So it seems that The Secret is inspired by Blavataksy’s Secret Doctrine; which we can see the subtle shout-out in the title…

If you watch The Secret you’ll catch small glimpses of the true spirit behind their message. For instance, I noticed that there were flashing alchemical symbols during the introduction sequence which gave away the actual source of their beliefs– alchemy.

During the opening sequence we see the secrets being read from a book that turns out to be Tenzin Gyurme’s 8-Alchemy: The Alchemy of the Soul in which we hear about the Emerald Tablets, Egyptian mystery schools, the magician known as Thoth, the oppression of the Church, and of course; alchemy.

The Secret Thoth Magick Alchemy

“The Secret” screenshot of Gyurme’s Alchemy of the Soul


Gyurme's Alchemy The Secret text Thoth

Text from Gyurme’s Alchemy of the Soul


The Secret Alchemical symbols

“The Secret” alchemical symbols screenshot


Gyurme's Alchemy of the Soul The Secret

Gyurme’s Alchemy of the Soul text and alchemical symbols


We can carefully see the Emerald Tablets in the beginning as well; which should raise some eyebrows since these are thought to the philosopher’s stone of alchemy and the secret to life, written by the ultimate magician Hermes Trismegistus (aka Thoth).

In fact, our friend Aleister Crowley has been fond of the Emerald Tablets, having written about them in Confessions using language that isn’t far from what The Secret and Joel Osteen espouse:

That is to say, in order to perform his miracle, [the Magician] must call forth his own God in the Microcosm. That is united with the God of the Macrocosm by its likeness to it; and the Macrocosmic force then operates in the Universe without as the Magician has made it operate within himself; the miracle happens. 

And as the macrocosm is the greater, it follows that what one does by magick is to attune oneself with the Infinite.

The Secret Emerald Tablet


‘The Secret’ Doctrine: An Old Age Religion

In The Secret they also tell us that the Babylonians knew “The Secret” which is ironic since these are the same people that worshipped pagan deities and sacrificed children to the horned god of Moloch that we see symbolized so often in entertainment with the Mano Cornuto hands. Not to mention Moses specifically banned the practice of burning children to Moloch; so it seems that again, we’re looking at a revival of an old, pagan belief system with the New Age religion.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch2


We hear a reference to the Aladdin-genie story which is actually a retelling of the Jinn demons from the Middle East. They profess to say The Secret works just like this; where the practitioner simply asks the universe for what they want and the powers that be make it happen. The truth behind the story is that the genie (or Jinn) are fallen angels that may be good or bad. The issue at hand is that we are probably not well suited to discern between the good ones and the bad ones, which makes this nothing better than a black magick Faustian bargain where we sell our souls for material wealth.


‘The Secret’ Doctrine: The Law of Attraction

The backbone to The Secret is the belief in the Law of Attraction which makes bold claims that one can receive good or bad energy, depending on their own thoughts. What’s funny is that it claims that the law works like magnetism and “like attracts like”; but the truth is that magnetism doesn’t work that way. Opposites attract; not the same. so there goes that theory.


It’s surprising that they have quantum physicists supporting this type of belief when the law of magnetism is fairly basic science. As a caveat I’m going to say that they may be referring to some kind of quantum entanglement theories; but that’s definitely not what they say on the show. They specifically reference it to magnetism.

Again, this is what we hear from Joel Osteen with his I AM talk– practically word for word.

‘The Secret’ Doctrine: Visualization and Divination

Another one of the key tenets to The Secret is to visualize what you seek. They recommend using vision boards in which you can place the images of what you desire. Aleister Crowley was a firm believer in this idea because he also believed that change in the real world can first be initiated in the mind when he defined magick as…

“…the art or science of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will.”

The Secret Aleister Crowley evocation

“The Secret’s” Dr. Joe Vitale- who looks awful familiar?…


Aleister Crowley triangle hat

Aleister Crowley


So it seems that occultists and ceremonial magicians employ the use of visualization as part of the mental buildup of energy that they can use to project their desires into the universe; and this is explained on TheMystica.com’s article on Visualization:

This last distinction is crucial in the process of visualization. The mental picture must be of an event or thing that has already occurred or materialized. The purpose of this is to eliminate all doubt in the person’s mind that the desired thing will come true because the person sees that it already has.

Further in on that article they describe precisely what The Secret is talking about:

If the person or Witch is alone, he or she can use the same technique. For example he may desire money or love. The person will imagine himself with the money he desires or needs, or he may imagine himself with the person he wants to love. The image of the money or person grows more and more vivid till it becomes real to the viewer. When the viewer feels he can no longer hold the power within him he might release it by shouting MONEY or LOVE. The person often repeats his shout as his power is released.

In The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft (*yes, I’m the “idiot”) there is a section on how to prepare for a practitioner for a ritual. In it they guide through the process of meditation and visualization, citing the initial discomforts of these practices:

The more you work at focusing your mind in meditation or visualization, the easier it will become. If you practice every day for just a little while, you will get better and better. And it’s nice to take 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to relate to your deity. 

…Your visualizations will grow sharper and clearer.


‘The Secret’ Doctrine: The Final Age

Many of you know that I find themes of apocalyptic futures in most of my research and analysis (*sorry to be so grim). So it seems that The Secret shows its sleight of hand in the same manner when it is explaining that the world is based on energy and so is mankind. They say one man can power an entire city block if we could harness his energy, which ironically shows us the nihilistic future world of The Matrix.


In The Secret we see the progression of the occultists near the end when they start to dabble with the idea that one can become God. They’re not speaking of theosis where one can be united with God through prayer and fasting; but rather finding God inside of themselves and becoming god themselves. This is the end game for the occultists because they seek to usher in the New Age where man becomes super-man and abandons the idea of an external God altogether.

At the end of this segment we see a quote from a man named Robert Collier, who was a New Thought occultist who wrote a book called The Secret of the Ages in which we see the same arguments over and over about visualization, the Law of Attraction, and the power of the mind:

In the realm of mind, the realm in which is all practical power, you can possess what you want at once. You have but to claim it, to visualize it, to bring it into actuality—and it is yours for the taking. For the Genie-of-your-Mind can give you power over circumstances. Health, happiness and prosperity. And all you need to put it to work is an earnest, intense desire.

Robert Collier

‘The Secret’ Doctrine: Joel Osteen and the REAL Secret

So it is that that “The Secret” is just a repackaged form of Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine” and Collier’s “The Secret of the Ages.” None of these things are secretive; they are just deceitful.

The Secret is fine and all, however, the problem is that it has nothing to do with Christianity which is why I believe Joel Osteen is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is pushing occult and New Age worship of material wealth in the name of Christ which is pretty blasphemous and awful. Perhaps he doesn’t even realize it, but I hope he can wake up to this spell he is under and get right before he leads anymore followers off the cliff.

Until then, it appears that the “Joel Osteen Ministries” are prepared to accept people’s real estate, monetary donations, and even have attorneys “standing by” to “help” you fill out your will…

Joel Osteen preparing your will

Joel Osteen Ministries will help you fill out your will- does your church do this?…


Joel Osteen Gifts of real estate

Seriously– I’m not making this up! Read it on Joel Osteen’s website for yourself


Joel Osteen How to charitable gift your property

“Transfer property” to Joel Osteen Ministries in exchange for gifts?…


Crowley’s “True Will”

In my analysis called THE DESERT ENGIMA I explained the concept of the Personal Legend which has six degrees of separation from Crowley’s “True Will.” Not to mention that The Secret shows us the Emerald Tablets being buried by the Pyramids of Giza which is where Santiago is attempting to find his Personal Legend in The Alchemist.

Free download of The Desert Enigma HERE

Free download of The Desert Enigma HERE


Where this plays into the Osteen-Secret-New Age conspiracy is that this new period is one in which people are able to pursue their own interests through practices such as the Law of Attraction. You’ll hear talk of pursuing your true calling or having “the universe” guide you, but to me there is a high probability of one going the wrong direction since this is a material world in which there are abundant trappings. Combined with the ideas of evolution and “survival of the fittest” I fear this could be used to promote a world of people not showing empathy for one another.

The worst example of this is Adolf Hitler’s Triumph of the Will (aka Nietzsche’s Will to Power) in which he propped up eugenics programs and the extermination of millions of “inferior races” in order to pave way for the German super-man:

It is our will that this state and this Reich shall endure through the coming millennia. –Adolf Hitler

In Crowley’s essay called Duty he defines True Will as the following:

“the true purpose of the totality of one’s Being”

He also talks about finding this True Will through self-awareness and internal searching:

“…its discovery is Initiation (the travelling inwards).” 

Again, this begs for misinterpretation and self-seeking virtues. Ironically I just read an article in the a February 2016 issue of Rolling Stone called The Ballad of Mike Love about the Beach Boys’ icon in which he talks about this exact thing:

Then again, in 1968, Love said, “One of the greatest things [about Transcendental Meditation] that interested me was that [the Maharishi] said, ‘You don’t have to give up your Rolls-Royce and forsake all your pursuits of material pleasures to develop inner-spiritual qualities.’ That sounded real good to me.”


In Conclusion

Here’s what we’re left with: Joel Osteen has some decent self help messages; but why mix it with Christianity? What is he actually teaching from the theology of Christianity? Would Jesus support all of these pursuits of material wealth?…

Why does The Secret mask its doctrine of alchemical occult practices without being clear of their origin?…

What do they have to hide?…

Helena Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine talks about Lucifer being the Holy Ghost and this is why the Theosophical Society was the origin of occult beliefs that gave way to Joel Osteen and others. In fact, her teachings were quite similar to what we hear from Joel Osteen and The Secret as is evident from this essay on Blavatskytheosophy.com:

So we see that in the teachings of Theosophy – which are at times deliberately symbolical, allegorical, and esoteric – the Lightbringer or Bringer of Dawn (Lucifer in Latin) is our Mind Principle, our individual self-consciousness and spark of intelligence, which was awakened in mankind around the middle period of the Third Root Race, also known as the Lemurian Epoch. Our mind can either be our adversary (which is what the word “satan” literally means) or it can be the lightbearer (the Lucifer) of spiritual Truth to us, the knowledge of which brings about our liberation from ignorance, including spiritual self-ignorance.

As you can see, Blavatsky’s Law of Attraction and enlightenment through self awareness is all MAN-centered- with no mention of Christ. Of course this is to be expected from her; but it is not to be expected from Joel Osteen- the pastor of America’s largest “church.”

However– there is some truth to the idea that words and thoughts have power. I explained some of these ideas in my first two books when I mentioned the truth behind cymatics and I believe this is saying there is a connection between the physical world and the spiritual/supernatural world.

These closeted occultists are teaching us to find God within; not from the Church, which opens up one to the wrong influences. The New Age beliefs are trying to claim that you can find God AND wealth from the same source. To me it seems that one should not be mixing their financial and earthly pursuits in the same place they seek to find salvation and prepare for the after life.

Concerns should be addressed here as we seek a world in which self-help practices correct legitimate problems such as self-esteem and low self worth; however we need to be concerned with taking it too far and becoming narcissists.

An article about the master-propagandist and mind controller Edward Bernays sums up my warnings on WakingTimes.com where they provide some quotes from Bernays’ 1928 Propaganda:

“The voice of the people expresses the mind of the people, and that mind is made up for it by the group leaders in whom it believes and by those persons who understand the manipulation of public opinion. Fortunately, the sincere and gifted politician is able, by the instrument of propaganda, to mould and form the will of the people.” (Bernays, 1928, p. 109)

It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” (Bernays, 1928, p.37 & p.38)

Overall, I believe that the New Age movement is one that reinforces the material world which is okay on some levels because it’s where we need to live and function (unless you’re a monk and you can fully unplug). Some people are treating anxiety and PTSD with meditation, yoga, and other New Age ideas which are proven methods that alleviate some of these symptoms, so it’s a misnomer to label the New Age movement as “evil.” In fact, I’ve found great inspiration from several New Age so-called occultists (including Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show). In fact, some have claimed that the power of prayer supports these ideas that the mind has great power to influence the material world.

The problem is that the material world is the place where Lucifer resides as king. Christ is the balancing force which is why we are told to leave our worldly worries like baggage at the door when we check into the church on Sunday. If we go to church and hear messages that reinforce the Law of Attraction and obsession over our youthfulness or bank accounts; then all that is really doing is redirecting us back into Satan’s realm of the material world.

I’m saying that Osteen’s I AM concept along with his talk of “visualization” will give way to the idea that we can become God someday, which is occult 101. I’ve demonstrated the connections between these thoughts and it’s easy to see that the I AM concept is nothing more than a repackaging of the Integrated Ascended Masters idea in which people can ascend into being god- not in the organized religion sense, but in this new occult way of finding God from within ourselves. This opens one up to dangers of self-fulfilling prophecies and false contentment.

If you listen to these disguised occultists you’ll hear them talk about this impersonal god that is a “field of consciousness” or an “ocean of energy” but that is not true. This is a revisit to the pagan belief in a god of nature and The Force of Star Wars.

You can hear it in the video by GoldenAgeTeachings on YouTube when they speak of how these ascended masters have given us the tools to find god from within in this new Age of Aquarius. The problem is that many are trying to find Christ through methods that only distract one from the true path. Many claim to have some special gnosis of Christianity but the truth is that Jesus and His disciples established the Church  2000+ years ago and the way of salvation is the same as it always was. These occultists are attempting to hijack the truth and subvert it while setting many on the wrong path towards their god– Lucifer.

Finally, here is the video I promised you which I created on the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel. It has a lot more images, video-audio clips, and even MORE material so check it out.

Be sure to subscribe while you’re there so you can catch the latest findings in this vast conspiracy of deception.


If you want even more material- check out the IlluminatiWatcher book store where you can dive into practically anything related to occult symbolism hidden within pop culture!


Thanks for reading!




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I am been researching and studying Law of Attraction (particularly Abraham Hicks) for some time, so it is an area I believe I know a fair bit about.

    I have to disagree with some of the tenants here. Real LOA is about harnessing Love (Divine Love, Source Energy), and remembering our own Unconditional Love and Appreciation for ourselves and for others. When used correctly, LOA actually helps people become more loving, kind, appreciative towards each other, not less.

    And I do believe that we are all sparks of the Divine. Remembering our wholeness, divinity and source of Love is a wonderful thing to do for the world.

    Anyone who thinks the Secret is about greed and materialising (and even narcissm- not likely- its a severe personality disorder which has nothing to do with positive thinking- its about moving *away* from our true self/love/empathy, which is the opposite of what LOA teaches); really doesn’t get it.

    I have been through lots of spiritual searching and had my world view shaken up in severe ways… I question everything now. And I have come to the conclusion that there is a force of goodness/love (“God” if you like); as well as a force of less than love (“evil”). Not all New Age and Occult is about evil. Anything that helps us to be more loving, positive, appreciative and kind to others, and rediscover our true nature- our divinity has to be a good thing.

    I turned away from traditional religion and the Bible because it just didn’t resonate as spiritual truth for me.

    Each to their own. Blessings.

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    • I can’t agree more. I’m a huge fan of this blog but in this article I don’t see real facts. Ok Oprah looks like part of the agenda, however The secret it’s been used by any religion. The difference is the names of the gods. This is my opinion.

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  2. You think people should just do nothing if they’re not happy? Suffer in silence for their whole life or choose to try and find a way to be happy through personal development- but really they are participating in satanic rituals? They’re your options? That, sounds like pure evil to me. You’re a tyrant causing more harm than good.

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  3. Dear Captain Batshit, what do New Age, Pop Music, and your fat bearded virgin butt have in common…NOTHING!

    I know that the TV is trying to control your masturbation habits, but to blame it on stinky hippies and black people shows your true colors. If your simply doing this for mercenary reasons that would make you toilet scum and kill yourself now, do it now. But if you believe that the Illuminati is making you impotent and your “proof” is completely inaccurate and a fail so epic that you broke the threshold of stupid, do something constructive with your life, write porn, use the google, spanking your monkey to long dead occustists and blowing Vlad Putin just makes you a useful idiot for REAL monsters, not the micro one in your pants.

    Major Tom Hagen

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  4. So, could I “gift” Osteen Ministries an abandoned outhouse and he’ll pay my income for life?

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  5. Have u seen this fuckery? Notice the eyes on her dress too

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  6. Hey Isaac,

    I love what you’re doing and I follow you on Facebook. I’ve been reading your posts for a couple of years, and you speak the truth. What you’re doing is so important and I fully support all of your efforts. This was a great post, keep them coming; we need more of this in the world. People will only see what they are willing to see or ment to see, though. Ignore the hate, and write what’s put on your heart. Stay blessed, my friend.

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    • Thanks God. Oh what? You are not God? So how can you possibly know the fate of anyone’s soul? And based on what? That they believe that children should only be brought into the world by people who have the financial, social, emotional and practical resources to support them? And/or people who believe that their body and life- its their choice?

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  7. I’ve actually seen some of Joel’s sermons, and find it to be no different than much of main stream Christianity. I specify mainstream as I’ve come to understand America’s version of Christianity is not what the Bible calls for. Joel’s messages are meant to make one feel good about their life and put the emphasis on self will. No call for repentance or a changed life as a result of God’s calling (Luke 3:7-14, for example).

    Jesus speaks of a Narrow door, and only a few people will enter. Many will be outside protesting, claiming a relationship with Christ. Jesus’ response would be frightening to most, saying ” ‘I don’t know you or where you come from. Away from me, all you evildoers!’. (Luke 13:22-27).

    Having millions of followers, being preached a prosperity gospel of sorts… A devil in sheep’s clothing if you ask me. The whole concept of “I AM” in biblical terms is reserved for God alone. Not surprising that followers of the enemy would try to take what’s God’s and corrupt it for their own purpose.

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  8. For a while i practised d law of attraction and i believed it.it sucks to know it was all lies nd deceit

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  9. I ask, what spirit are you of?
    You can’t serve two masters, you will love the one and hate the other….
    I am a Christian in that I follow Christ…
    It is my belief that anything that is not of the most high is of Satan. Period!

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  10. I can appreciate your effort to help others; however, what you have written is far off from the intentions of Joel and Oprah. It is not your fault in that you do not understand fully what they teach and as a result you misunderstand the meaning of what is being taught in the New Thought Religions. Satanism, the Illuminati, etc. are not even a part of these teachings. Totally the opposite. There has been a lot of Slander and Jealousy from their success. Just because a spiritual teacher has found some financial success does not make them evil. Joel brings in money from his books which are separate from his ministry and his own money. He can spend it the way he wants. Do you want others to tell you how to spend your money? Double standard. He is a teacher and he teaches spiritual truth to help others find happiness through virtuous living. And he is doing a better job than practically any TV minister has ever done!
    I wanted to be a nun as a young child – I studied a lot! Later I became a Center for Spiritual Living Minister. Believe me – People who are in New Thought strive to help the world to Awaken Humanity to their Spiritual magnificence. How – through personal responsibility making choices that are for the highest good of all concerned, choices that are helpful and not harmful to the best of their ability. Compassion and unconditional love, teaching others to live the Christ Consciousness – not religious, but spiritual.
    Religion was created to control the masses. Spirituality is a way of life that embodies the teaching of Christ more so than from the New Testament not an eye for an eye. Christ said as I do you can do also. Let go Let God then you will manifest grace to experience a happy life. Fear is what makes people want to slander others who are doing Christs work. Let go of trying to attack others who are making an effort to do good for a society and walk your talk… treating others the way you want to be treated. Love your neighbor as yourself. Many Blessings!

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