One BIG Occult Secret You Didn’t Notice on “Game of Thrones”…

Hello and welcome to! As you know, Dovakhiim wrote some guest posts on the HBO show Game of Thrones and today I’m going to provide a short add-on to consider.

The occult “secret” I’d like to reveal is regarding the pagan religion found on the show. Not only is it commonplace for the “Illuminati” to continue their worship of pagan deities (which is from a loooong line of occult history as I explain in A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory), but it is quickly becoming the ‘norm’ for it to be depicted in works of art and entertainment.


For instance, you don’t notice Christianity as a main-staple of religion in most films and television shows, but the paganism or even atheism is the norm (or perhaps nonexistence of religion at all). Even more disturbing is the worship of “superheroes”, mutants, and aliens, but that is a topic I cover elsewhere on this website as we continue down Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus

Before I get into Crowley, let’s look at the symbolism of the pagan religion of Game of Thrones. Located in the Great Hall of the Red Keep is the Faith of the Seven star, which depicts the seven gods they worship (pagan):

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Seven Pointed Star


The seven deities they worship consist of three males, three females, and one being that is neither male or female and is often times depicted as ‘death’. You’ll notice that this list includes the worship of three women, which is the infamous “Triple Goddess” formula (Maid, Mother, Crone) which I explain in my symbolism breakdown of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut:

Triple-Goddess-statue WO


Another aspect to consider on that Faith of the Seven star is the OTHER symbol embedded within it. Most wouldn’t notice when you see it in its native form on the floor in this birds eye view shot…

Game of Thrones Seven Pointed Star OTO Floor


…but take another look at it when its on the window:

Game of Thrones OTO Seven Pointed Star


Do you see the inner symbol? That is the symbol of Aleister Crowley’s Silver Star magical order:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Crowley OTO Star of Babalon X Mark of Beast

You might recognize this symbol because it was also used in my analysis of the Illuminati Mark of the Beast and also with the 777 symbolism associated with the missing Malaysian flights.

You’ll notice that the inner star matches the one seen on GoT, and Crowley’s Silver Star has the letters “BABALON” inscribed within. This is because Crowley and the occult obsess over the evocation of this Whore of Babylon from the Apocalyptic visions of the Bible. The Whore of Babylon is a demonic goddess meant to bring about the Antichrist, which is why we saw Katy Perry acting as such on the Super Bowl:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry Super Bowl fire lion


Ironically (or maybe not so much), this red headed Whore of Babylon symbolism is also found on GoT with Melisandre:

Game of Thrones Melisandre


Father Seraphim Rose talked about this exact demonic trend in pop culture back in the 1970s when he referenced the influence of science fiction and how “they” market it as some kind of innovative, improved future version of society but in reality it is merely a retelling of past forms of pagan worship.


The Illuminati want to push us backwards into the worship of pagan deities and basically undo what years of Christianity have worked towards.

In a recent TIME article, it was revealed that the creator of Game of Thrones- George R.R. Martin, said that the Catholic religion and the Inquisition is what inspired him to write the portion of the story where the GoT “faithful” seek to condemn homosexuality:

The Sparrows are my version of the medieval Catholic Church, with its own fantasy twist.

They were playing their own version of the game of thrones, and they were in bed with the kings and the lords. But you also had periods of religious revival or reform—the greatest of them being the Protestant Reformation, which led to the splitting of the church—where there were two or three rival popes each denouncing the other as legitimate. That’s what you’re seeing here in Westeros.

What we’re looking at here is the demonization of Christianity. Although there is some factual history behind the horrors of the Inquisition, I find it interesting that many people don’t acknowledge the far-worse injustices conducted through Communism and Atheism. The Church’s Inquisition killed a couple thousand people, while killings due to Communist governments (and atheism inherent to them) number in the MILLIONS.

As much as I do enjoy Game of Thrones, I have to say that it is just one more channel of influence and deception being provided by our entertainment industrial complex.

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-Isaac Weishaupt

UPDATE: There are more connections with Crowley to be had. For instance, there is a House of Crowley in the GoT universe:

The man named Varys looks very similar to Crowley as well:



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hey, I also brought this heptagram into ur attention, sent u the link

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    • ‘what years of Christianity have worked towards.’ I’ve read and enjoyed many articles on this site, this is the first time I’ve come across an apparently christian worldview. Isaac, please spend some time researching the christian religion. It might be better spent than just focusing on and speculating about the illuminati. Christianity has been a curse for humanity. Christ has not and will never save anyone.

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      • Your wrong He saved me and many others I pray your scales will fall from your company eyes to see Truth.

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    • While I was watching GOT and by the way I’ve held back until March 2019 ( not sure why, just didn’t fancy it)! The star of astaroff came to me, I’d never heard of it apart from it reminded me of the Disney movie bed knobs and broomsticks The star of Astorif I’d started to feel a lot uneasy about GOT and how down right depressing it actually was for children and all woman not high born were whores and little girls on long journeys with old men, morality completely dead……..there is basically no good message for ordinary folk. I Google’s th star of astarof and blow me down it’s on of the 3 trinity of evil Beelzebub Lucifer astarof, slightly different spell8ng from the The bed knobs and broomsticks Disney movie but however the imagery of the actual star is exactly like the star depicted in the bed knobs and broomsticks Disney movie very fucked up

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  2. while the author’s observations are on the right track, I’d like to make one correction (it’s a common mistake) – Catholicism is NOT Christianity. it’s a sect driven by the innate need to separate, weaken and subsequently undermine the authority of the true form of Christianity. It’s not a coincidence that the difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendar is 13 days!

    Subsequently, the Inquisition was orchestrated by inside people, so that centuries later they can say ‘look at you precious Christianity and all the evil it has caused’. All of the main inquisitors are jews seemingly converted to Christianity (Marranos) like Torquemada for example. Ironically, there is a muslim equivalent of a jew ‘converting’ to islam called Dönmeh. And the biggest atrocities (ritual murders and holocaust of thens of thousands of Christians on the Balkans under the Ottoman rule) was done by converted jews like Suleiman Pasha. Interestingly enough – converted jews were allowed to keep and continue upholding their religious practices. Courtesy never extended to the slaughtered Christians, forced to look towards Mecca as they were beheaded.

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    • Thank you, this is very interesting. I agree and think that the Catholic cult is one of the most evil ‘religions’ around, everything about the religion is designed to separate people from their true Divine nature. You have to go through a priest to communicate with God, you are made to feel intense shame and guilt (the central tenets of the religion), mostly through the totally natural and divine process of sexual intimacy and everything about sex is demonised (even though without sex, none of us would be here!). Nuns and priests of the schools and orphanages are responsible for so much evil, child abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse, and don’t get me started on the evil culture of peodophiliia (which is covertly encouraged, even by the idea that priests should remain celibate, which is tempting fate in itself). Idol worship is another, look how they worship their idols and statues. The cross (as I learned from this website actually) and the cruxifiction statues are evil, designed to imprint trauma, torture and death. I was never comfortable with the worship of Christ dying on the cross, it always seemed totally wrong to me.

      The Pope and Vatican are one of the central hives of the cabal and Illuminati, and they are masons just like many other evil figures..

      I could go on, but I believe that Catholicism (not Christianity) is totally evil and their brainwashing of shame and guilt is one of the key factors in why society has become so separated from Divine Love and Light.

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      • This is nonsense. You’re making invalid claims with nothing to support your ideas. Where in the teachings of Catholicism does it say that one must act through a priest to communicate to God? Where is sex depicted as evil? And what kind of evidence do you have to support this notion that you insinuate of pedophelia as an encouraged act throughout the church?

        Catholics are encouraged to pray to God daily, on their own time. The Bible (the New Testament) teaches Catholics that, “reflection to the Lord in private, in thine own room, with the door shut behind him” displays a more devout sense of worship than one who prays openly on street corners for the attention of others. Catholicism only requires that one repent of their sins by act of confession to a priest. This is because the act of actually getting out of your house to go to a place of the Lord and explicitly describing the ways you wronged God and others is stronger proof of your sincerity and your genuineness of apology than simply saying a prayer at night and confessing your sins to God that way. It also forces Catholics to repent in the Lord’s house. But when a Catholic chooses to confess is also on his own time. You may disagree with the rationale, or with the act itself, but to imply that it indoctrinated members by attempting to brainwash them is ridiculous. Every religion has beliefs and different acts of worship. For instance, many Jewish communities believe that members who donate the most money to the synagogue deserve a seat closer to the front of that synagogue during Temple. Furthermore, mass is held once a week, generally for an hour. This is the only other time Catholicism requests the presence. I don’t really know where to even start with the punishment and guilt concept, because I’ve been a Catholic my whole life and I’ve never seen or heard of any such conduct.

        Sex is not portrayed as evil in Catholocism, period. The Church frowns on sexual relations out of wedlock, but again, this is a belief. However, this is not to serve some larger purpose. It acts to protect the sanctity of marriage and sex.

        And I don’t feel like continuing to embarrass you, so I will not comment on your insinuation of the church’s promotion and encouragement of pedophelia. You pulled this one out of thin air. The nuns and priests are vetted throughout seminary school to determine the suitability to a potential position.

        Oh, and a side note, if I cults were running the religion, sex would not be frowned upon, ever.

        Do some research before you speak again.

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        • Founded by Constantine I (who wore a ring with the image of a pentagram, and who worshipped Mitra), the sun image behind all imagery, facing to the east at churches, Baal/obelisk/phallic shapes on top of churches, main place in and (currently) named after a pagan goddess of the underworld named Vatica, isis+Osiris+tammuz images, celebration of lent (crying for Tammuz), filthy-rich maligne ancient popes, not allowing anyone to read the scriptures in the past (you can do it now thanks to Martin Luther, among other things)… … … … … You seem well informed, but you should do research about the coins too… The real origins

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          • *cons

        • Thank you Chris and God bless you for this.People should also be aware that the percentage of paedophiles in the Catholic priesthood is no more than in the general population,including Protestant churches,and maybe even less.
          P.S. Mass is said every day in some churches- I suppose it depends on how many run the Parish Priest has to run.

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          • I highly doubt that

        • @Chris the Catholic. Entertaining brainwashed reply. So how do you feel about the idol worship in your precious church?? You really need all that gold and bling? And robes and staffs and so on?? Dont you think its a little evil?? True Christians can worship anywhere and dont need a fish hat pope to swing around gold and sh.t. Open your eyes, you worship LUCIFER!

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      • All religion is EVIL. Legion (hosts of demons)…Re-Legion=Re-Ligion. Legion–For we are many. There are 30,000 + denominations under Christianity.

        Whether Catholic or Protestant it is all of satan. Every last denomination, cult, and sect. I find it comical people try to defend their personal religious denomination or sect, and yet do not realize they are being fooled by the father of lies. Where do you think this division amongst people comes from?

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        • Exactly jews=islam=christians=satanists=freemasons : they just want to control your toughts.

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        • Hear hear!
          We all have our own mind
          The mob can keep their hive one!

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      • I absolutely agree with you. Catholicism is evil and there is nothing Christian about it!

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      • Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Period. Amen.

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    • Some people just have to blame the Jews for everything from the global mafia to the common cold. Thanx for the heads up Heinrich.

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      • If you do a little research, the Jews are literally behind everything. Interesting that you referred to the Mafia, which began from Freemasonry, which is based on Kabbalah.

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    • This is true; the Catholic “Church” is nothing more than pagan sun worshipers in a cloak of Chritianity. The whole purpose of them taking on the garb of Chritianity was to infiltrate Protestantism. They have succeeded.

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    • The devil is stronger when christians are missing something or doing things against the flow. If christians keep on going after wrong legislations that accuse criminals of importing drugs, it is enough to make the catholic devil stronger. Drugs enter any nation where the government is arrogant, does not follow religious guidelines and raise taxes in the name of false honesty.
      Those who fight taxes today are fighting only taxes that comes against themselves when they choose to make wars, they don’t fight taxes that are inflated three times by Judah, like gas, gasoline, electric bills etcetera. There are personal interests to exploit leaders into the energy field in order to conquer the business of other countries. Therefore if the government cause drugs to enter the nation it is totally wrong to punish the criminals as hard as they do. Read my dream and you should find the truth.

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  3. This also ties in to the Matrix movies. If I recall correctly, Morpheus when training Neo in the matrix for the first time, while walking the streets, had told Neo to be cautious of the “woman in red”

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    • Like the
      Matrix and even in got the woman in red is portrayed as bad and evil so what’s the harm? It’s not like they’re showing her in a good light like she’s a heroine or something. If she resurrects Jon snow that would be a different story altogether!

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      • Well, guess you got your answer, thats exactly what happened. You called it.

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      • Please stop referring the whore of Babylon as an individual… You keep doing this over and over again… The whore of Babylon is a defiled religion!!! This is a widely known and understood fact… You have a lot of good information… But constantly using incorrect analogy loses your credibility!! Again.. the whore of Babylon… Is NOT a person!! It is a fallen or defiled religion!!

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    • Ah, the woman in the red dress! Of course!

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    • The color red, it my understanding, is the color of ‘sacrifice’ and ‘initiation’ in occult circles. Vigilant Citizen goes over these concepts in several of his articles.

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      • Red is also for lust and sex
        Its used extensively in individual programming and triggering

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  4. it’d be very interesting to me to see how you’d react to these things if you ever catch on that Christianity is one of the biggest conspiracies in history. you’re purposefully blinding yourself, or at least skewing your vision, when you come at these things with such beliefs. i find if you come at them from a neutral POV you’re much more likely to get at the truth…

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    • Agree Nathan! Christianity is really another pagan belief too, its not the be all and just because things are written in the Bible, doesn’t make them true!

      I love this website, but I have to respectfully disagree that Christianity is good and everything else is bad. For all I know, it could be the other way round. How do you know?

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    • Agnosticism is the only thing that makes sense to me. I think God(s) would wish for us to make full use of our God-given reasoning powers. It’s worth noting, however, that the Illuminati Satanists go out of their way to mock Christianity only – not other religions. I’ve also heard the claim that Illuminati dropouts all convert to Christianity when doing so. Of course, this only speaks of their beliefs and not necessarily of what’s true.

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  5. Issac …. the whore of Babylon is not a woman … you definitely need to be corrected there … Jesus is called the groom, and the church is his bride, Jesus is the head of the church, and the bride aka the church serves Christ … the whole here in revelation is a church that is defiled and corrupt … the church is always referred in the female forman and the whore in revelation, is the church that is vile and defiled, and that church, woe unto it, for great will be the destruction of that church ….

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    • Stupid auto correct … the whore here in revelation ….. first correction …..

      Church is referred in the female form

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      • One of the brainwashing of Christianity has been to falsely portray Jesus’s twin flame Mary Magdalene as a prostitute. Divine feminine and Divine masculine.

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        • Well, you hate catholiscism, you are athee and you “create” a god woman. Sounds a lot like feminism propaganda lies. Are you feminist ? 😉

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          • I’m not Atheist. I’m just not religious.

            And I am “feminist” in the way that the Masculine AND the Feminine are equally important and valuable in society. They are not the ‘same’ (they both have their strengths and challenges), but they are equal in the sense that both men AND women are human beings with the same rights and opportunities.

    • Good one, Bill!

      Legion= Re-Legion/Re-Ligion…the church is rife with demonic activity and that is why Revelations talks about Judgment beginning with the church. Legion (Religion) “for we are many.” There are 30,000+ denominations under Christianity.

      I had a vision years ago about that great whore, the church. And she is indeed the whore of Babylon…in my vision she was depicted like a prostitute, a buxom, lascivious blonde (a la’ Madonna) (notice the correlation between my mention of church being the whore and the name “Madonna).” And she had fangs and she preyed upon an ordinary man who was not aware of her true nature.

      Lucifer has long infiltrated the church. That is why the churches are bound by satanic masonry…they do witchcraft on the corner stone to bind it forever to the dark forces (demons). This is why when I personally step inside a church, I get “white noise” in my spirit. It is as if someone blocks my signal and I cannot hear what The Most High is saying. So I stay the heck out of churches.

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    • Christ also said, “Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees!!” You are of your father the devil. Who are Scribes and Pharisees? Clergy and church folk. Christ did not turn over the tables in the synagogue of the moneychangers simply because they were greedy. It was symbolic of what needs to happen with the church…the Great Upheaval/Great Overturning/Judgment.

      I hate how people get riled up over Mary Magdalene…usually those are pagan Gaia worshipers who believe in Mother Earth and Mother Tree and all that crap. Fact is, like you said, the great whore is the CHURCH. She has been sold to the highest bidder. Heather, wake up.

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    • Thank you! This is exactly what the whore of Babylon is…

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    • True, but in certain instances it can also be used as a reference to Achamoth

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  6. You can not be ”Isaac Weishaupt” … Your name can not be Weishaupt.

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  7. I am so tired of people slandering and demonising Catholicism- the sins committed by clergy and nuns ARE considered sins in our denomination of Christianity and now the Church is really going out of her way to protect children. There is a lot wrong in the Church, but because clergy were DISOBEYING Christ and our Church NOT because it is what Catholicism teaches! We are the largest Christian Church on Earth,most of my people are Catholic and we are in no way a cult or a sect. Europe was Catholic Christian for a long time before Protestantism existed. The Church has been infiltrated by Masons, when Catholics are FORBIDDEN to be Masons, and Luciferians who know the best way to destroy Faith in Christ is to destroy His own Church on Earth- Our Lady told the 3 children of Fatima that Satan had infiltrated her Son’s Church in 1917, so it shouldn’t be a surprise! That said, I am also tired of Christians fighting- Jesus must be heartbroken over it and we should all seek to do His Holy Will which is to LOVE! So, thank you so much Illuminati Watcher for stating that GoT and all the rest are an attempt at demonising Christianity when they are focusing on all the sins committed by Catholics but ignoring all the good done by Catholic men and women, religious and laity, all over the world. Thank you for not unjustly condemning us as ” not Christian” or “pagan”! It means a great deal to me and warms my heart, God bless you! I would also like to point out, GoT is filmed above in the North of Ireland; most people know that there was a lot of abuse perpetrated by evil Catholic religious,clergy and nuns in this country using Our Lord as an excuse! It was a grevious sin,they forgot that Jesus said it was better that someone should have a millstone put around their neck and thrown into the sea than harm one of the little ones who believe in Him,and that whatever we do to the least of His subjects, we do to Him- seeing as they were Catholic children and women who were abused, that fits the category of believing in Jesus, because we ARE Christian. However, whilst the Church is purging herself of this vile evil, nefarious agencies in this country AND from without,like the UN, are using it to try to destroy the Catholic Christian Faith of the Irish people- they are pushing abortion on us for instance, then there was the appalling propaganda for the Gay marriage referendum and the bullying of NO voters(I think the vote was rigged!) and they are trying to take Christianity out of our schools and hospitals and pushing Islam like there’s no tomorrow.Luckily , the Irish people aren’t falling that easily, we are NOT as stupid as they think we are! I suspect it is significant they are filming this pagan,anti- Christianity programme here? Maybe it’s part of a push to kill the Christian Faith of the Irish people? What do you reckon, Illuminati Watcher? What do others think?

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    • i wholeheartedly agree but we must remember Jesus Christ is still Lord and knows exactly what the future holds and hell is not a good thing i will continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of these lost folks but i dear Satan has deceived the many and even some of the elect NOW time is short repent and believe

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    • It’s not that all catholics are evil or corrupt; it’s the system. The SYSTEM of Catholism is corrupt. Always has been. What makes their corruption different from other churches is their place in history, prophecy, and the fact that they are not only a religious power, but a political one as well.

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    • Catholic/Orthodox church isnt christian its the old religion.
      The mother and son. Isis and horus. No father. Just the virgin mary or queen of heaven. The son becomes the father. Horus becomes isis.
      In true christianity you have the father and the mother(barbelo) together. Unchanging.

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  8. Hillary will be the whore of Babylon.

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    • Your right! Its that insane smile

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  9. Nice article. I kept wondering why on GoT the “King in the North” sigil is the wolf (a representation of satan). Then, I realized, the King in the North = the King of Tyre of Ezekiel 28:11-19. Notice the white walkers come from the North, from beyond the wall. The King in the North, John Snow is representative of the rise of lucifer…the King of Tyre. This website gives good background on it.

    So them chanting, “The King in the North” has a very demonic/satanic root to it. I see a lot of deep symbology in that show.

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  10. Here are Scriptures pointing to the GoT kings across the Narrow Sea which Daenerys seeks to conquer and overthrow. People think that show is just entertainment. I find esoteric and occult meanings in almost every little thing in that show. It was carefully woven and written, just like the Illuminati Freemason show, “Sleepy Hollow.”

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    • It’s easy to know that Martin is a Mason because he doesn’t hide it. Here’s some indication:

      He’s giving an interview/presentation in the Freemason’s Hall in London. That’s why he knows all these masonic symbolisms. He’s a Mason.

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  11. ya got to feel sorry for these unsaved lost souls there going to hell in a hand basket only jesus christ can save and change your life everyone everywhere lives for ever NOW and there are only 2 choices its heaven or hell wake up

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    • If God/Divine created us, it just doesn’t make sense that he/she would then punish us for ALL eternity simply because they did not believe the “right” thing. No God I know would do that, and that is one of the biggest reasons why I never embraced Christianity. I wanted to believe, but my inner being said, NO that is not right.

      And if I am wrong and God is terribly cruel and enjoys sending his creations/children to suffer for all eternity, then, well I am going to suffer anyway, so may as well enjoy myself and send love as much as possible now.

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  12. i like your knowledge, they are revealing, do you receive symbolic pictures for explanations? i do have some of them and how can i send them across to you.

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  13. This site is a work. Good Isaac works on the periphery of mainstream media. Illuminatiwatcher. Wow-Drake wears owl necklaces. They’ll be no looking deeper here.

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  14. Crowley is nothing more than a fuckboy

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  15. It wouldnt surprise me if george rr martin didnt write any of these books.
    He was an average sci fi writer before the mid 90s then suddenly turns into the Neo-Tolkien. There is huge gaps between some of the books almost like someone else is writing them and that someone else is waiting for certain world events to take place so to incorporate them into the story. You could even speculate that grr martin has a ‘I have no idea what these books are about’ look slapped on his face if you were feeling particulary paranoid.

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    • “average sci fi author” lol? He won several Hugo and Nebula awards, a Bram Stoker, and a World Fantasy Award during the 70’s and 80’s. But I guess that’s average. He then went on to work in Hollywood but was annoyed by their limitations which is when he left to work on his magnum opus: A Song of Ice and Fire

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  16. P.S
    And Dany Targaryen(sorry if the name is spelt wrong i dont care enough to check) could be considered to be the illuminatis very own Queen Dickhead.
    The Unburnt mother of dragons
    Ruler of the seven spheres, ahem sorry, kingdoms.

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