Olympic Games and Illuminati Symbolism

David Icke posted an article that was rather enlightening to me. He posted information regarding the symbolism behind the Olympic games and its occult-Nazi symbolism. Like most of Icke’s work, I initially thought it to be hyperbole, but upon investigation it’s all true! Here’s what he’s saying:

The Olympic games have a ritual where they transport the Olympic flame from Olympia, Greece to the venue in which the games are being held. Runners physically carry this flame across whatever the distance may be. They’ll go as far as lighting a lantern and transporting it via airplane to the venue if it’s over a body of water. Icke says that this flame ritual was started by Nazi Germany in the 1936 Berlin Games. This turns out to be true. Nazi Germany carved the Olympic rings into a monument in Delphi, Greece to also commemorate more occult practices. Dubbed “Carl Diem’s Stone” from the name of the Nazi who designed it, it is still there and still commemorated. Delphi was the place in Ancient Greece that the Oracle would get visions from the Gods in pagan times.


The 1936 Olympic Games were controversial because Hitler deceived all of the visitors to the games by putting on a utopian image of Germany. He rounded up an imprisoned all of the gypsies and attempted to keep all Jews and Blacks from participating in the games. After pressure from other countries, he allowed them to play, and also removed all anti-Semitic and anti-Black signs throughout the city.


Hitler and the Nazis were believers in the occult and incorporated many symbols because these are important to occult believers. The reversed the Hindu swastika 180 degrees (almost a reflection, like you see commonly in music videos and masonic imagery). The original Hindu swastika’s four arms represented thing like peace and harmony, so a reversal would obviously be the opposite. Hitler also believed that he could find the Ark of the Covenant and also an entrance into the hollow Earth in Antarctica (see http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=955). Hitler’s SS troops would be buried with a “peace” symbol on their tombstone. This “peace” symbol was actually an upside-down cross, meant to mock Christianity and was originally called the Toten Rune.

There’s tons more Nazi occult symbolism, but the key point is that we are still celebrating symbolism set up by Hitler and his occult beliefs.


Nazi occult symbolism video:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hello friend,
    Considering your past work on the occult Olympics, I thought that you might be interested in getting ahead of the up and coming ones. These are particularly relevant to the Prometheus figure as Sochi claims to be the place where he was bound to a rock—the have a statue of him there, etc.
    I have posted some info already, if you are so inclined, feel free to check it out:

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