Occupy Bilderberg 2012

May 31st to June 3rd will be the dates for the next Bilderberg meeting where powerful elitist around the world will meet up in Chantilly, Virginia to plan out their agenda. There is a plan for an Occupy style protest this year.

Defendants claim that they are simply meeting to get together to discuss “ideas” and any influence is coincidental.

Occupy Bilderberg has a website, Facebook, and the such: http://occupybilderberg.org/


Here’s an excerpt from their website with details about the event:

 We are uniting activists for a PEACEFUL and organized protest as well as extensive media coverage of the Bilderberg meeting at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia from 7 AM on May 31st until 6 PM on June 3rd.

Don’t forget – if you cannot attend the protest you can still help defeat the globalists by spreading the word about the Bilderberg Group and their agenda either through social networking websites or by street activism. As well, there is a donation link on this page to fund activist supplies which include:

1,000 DVD’s exposing the Bilderberg Group
10,000 flyers & posters to be distributed throughout the surrounding area
and more…

Like Page: http://www.facebook.com/OccupyBilderberg2012
Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/353805951347304
(570+ Attending, 390 Maybe’s)

Also, it looks like Alex Jones and Mark Dice will be attending. I’ve seen videos of Alex Jones barking at these people through a megaphone as they arrive in their escorted limos and vehicles, it’s worth it just for that.

PressForTV is collecting funds to go cover the event here (at the time of this post they’re only $300 away from their goal): http://pressfortruth.tv/

Check out the video for more on the history of Bilderberg from the PressForTV group:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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