Occult Mind Control: The Hidden Mainstreaming of Satanism

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I read an article on Broadly.VICE.com about a witches Sabbat dark arts festival in which the journalist attended an occult drawing/performance class. This class was put on by a London art studio that doubles as a club and performance venue.


The experience conveyed by the author, Zing Tsjeng, jumped out at me as an overt example of precisely what we’ve been exploring for years on IlluminatiWatcher.com so I’ve decided to illustrate a few examples of what I’m talking about with some links provided that you can conduct further research.

Feel free to read through the entire Broadly.VICE.com article first (*note that it is NSFW- there are images of nudity on the website): A Bewitching Night Out at London’s Only Occult Life Drawing Class


Illuminati Symbolism

The most basic demonstration of what I see is the usage of “Illuminati” symbolism in the venue. Of course, when I say the “Illuminati” I’m referencing this alleged, secretive group of elitists that seek to reconstruct the world according to their will. This typically means that they are satanists because they seem to go hand in hand; based on everything we’ve seen so far.

In the article we read the following:

Witchy art of varying quality and degrees of seriousness litters the room; in one painting, a naked girl in red heels with a ram’s head for a face kneels on the ground, her fingers in the universal symbol for the A-OK sign.

The ram’s head is a symbol of the Baphomet; created by Freemason Eliphas Levi and continually worshipped on varying levels in today’s world:

The Baphomet

The Baphomet


The Baphomet image is planted in many forms of art which only the initiated have been able to identify, but with the advent of the internet and many theorists; we can ALL see:

Brooke Candy posing as Baphomet

Brooke Candy posing as Baphomet

Baphomet Merrell shoe ad

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner


Madonna's Secret REVOLution project

Madonna’s Secret REVOLution project


Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga


George Washington Memorial

George Washington Memorial

Taking a look at what was said one more time; you’ll notice another shocking similarity to what I’ve been pointing out:

 …her fingers in the universal symbol for the A-OK sign.

This is a sign that I’ve analyzed in full detail if you read the article Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture:
This Hindu mudra has been linked to theories of the “womb of the Illuminati” or feminizing principle that symbolizes the sun and female genitalia. We’ll come back to this later in the article with a more shocking revelation, but for now just keep it in mind…

Katy Perry and the Illuminati Symbolism of the Prismatic Tour

Katy Perry and the Illuminati Symbolism of the Prismatic Tour


Sia "Big Girls Cry" with Maddie Ziegler

Sia “Big Girls Cry” with Maddie Ziegler





Get ’em while they’re young


I’ve long been talking about how Disney and Nickelodeon use a formula that was perfected by fast food chains and high-sugar cereals that actually aim their marketing towards children (see A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS AND POP CULTURE).
When I read through the article I couldn’t help but notice another victim of the propaganda:

Atomic is the 48-year-old artist and oddly chipper, self-confessed dark arts believer behind the whole festival. “I tried to sell my soul when I was eight,” he cheerfully tells me before the class kicks off. “Didn’t work.” His brief dalliance with Lucifer has spawned into an obsession with witchcraft and black magic–although, if his get-up is any indicator, there’s also a generous dose of schlock-horror metal fanboy in there.


Here you can see how an eight year old got sucked into these dark arts and continues to practice witchcraft and black magick. I believe that the occultists have successfully mainstreamed these concepts through children’s entertainment like Harry Potter and Tree Fu Tom- where kids are instructed how to perform magic rituals.
Tom Fu Tree X magic spell


Similarly, this was the argument drawn upon Damien Echols et.al. in the West Memphis Three murders where eight year old boys were ritualistically murdered in an occult fashion. Damien Echols has long professed his interest in magick, witchcraft, and the occult; and that is what the prosecutors used to link him to the murders. Most of you already know that Echols and the others have since been let out of prison, thanks to the likes of Johnny Depp (read my analysis on Depp HERE), Eddie Vedder, Peter Jackson, Natalie Maines, etc.
This only supports the idea that there is a coordinated effort by the entertainment industry to push the “power” of occult practices. Echols maintains his innocence while simultaneously professing his adoration of the occult, dark arts, black magick, and Aleister Crowley- telling many that they have in fact “saved his life…”

Damien Echols: The Stag God art with Red Dragons Satanic tattoos highlighted

Damien Echols: The Stag God art with Red Dragons Satanic tattoos highlighted

The Fashion Industry 

I always seem to find symbolism hidden in fashion model photo shoots, and this particular Sabbat Festival is no different. In fact, the journalists makes the juxtaposition herself:

Atomic keeps time on his iPhone, telling the women when to switch poses. If you took away the occasional devil horns, they could be modeling for a slightly racier Urban Outfitters spring catalogue.

Strangely enough (or maybe not so strangely…) I’ve written an article on Urban Outfitters which exposed their satanic agenda; including this shirt that has many of the symbols of satanism/witchcraft/paganism and even the Thelma symbol of the unicursal hexagram by Aleister Crowley:

Urban Outfitters Illuminati 16


In the fashion industry Kate Moss reigns supreme and in this guest spot written article by Dovakhiim you can see that she is also sporting the Baphomet symbol mentioned previously:

Kate Moss

Kate Moss


To put a bit more blatancy to it; we can also see Kate Moss in an even more sinister stance:

Kate Moss evil cross

Charles Manson: An Occult “Hero”

Many of you that follow me on social media and the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast know that I’ve been working on a comprehensive book about Charles Manson and his role in the Illuminati agenda for awhile now (and the rabbit hole keeps opening up wider as I research it).

This particular example is just one more illustration of how Manson is adored by the Illuminati. Some theorists like Adam Gorightly explained the theories of how Manson and “the Family” might’ve been contracted killers for the underground Satanic movement in Hollywood.

The VICE.com author mentions something that she fails to elaborate any further on:

Everyone in the room arranges themselves on chairs and takes out their sketchbooks, studiously ignoring the tableau set-up of a black canvas sheet with an illustration of an evil-looking goat skull and the words ‘Leave Something Witchy’. We could be at any life drawing class in the capital, albeit one featuring an altar decorated with human skulls and candles.

Did you catch that? Those of you familiar with the Manson case already see the reference; I’ll highlight it here and provide you the “safe for work” version of the image on the article (*notice the 666 hand over the All Seeing Eye on the art in the back; along with the stag god skull on the alter):

‘Leave Something Witchy’

Leave Something Witchy 666 Eye Witch Sabbat


This is what Manson told the “Family” right before they descended upon 10050 Cielo Drive and proceeded to savagely murder Sharon Tate and the others. My book will dig deeply into these murders and how they are connected with everything else you’ve been reading about on IlluminatiWatcher.com.

Susan "Sadie Mae" Atkins

Susan “Sadie Mae” Atkins with the ‘666’ All Seeing Eye symbol

Aleister Crowley. Of course…

Charles Manson didn’t get his “props” in the article, but our old friend and British occultist Aleister Crowley managed to get in on the action:

Later on in the night, Atomic takes me to a room decked out in day-glo graffiti featuring street art of English magician Aleister Crowley. “Satan represents equal rights, a balance in gender politics, a balance in racial politics,” Atomic tells me. “It’s kind of a bit communist, kind of a bit pagan, kind of a bit atheist. It’s basically people making up their own minds about what they’re gonna do with their lives and not following the rules.”

Crowley is a hero to these people, and his influence is demonstrated on a daily basis, but mostly goes by unnoticed. Those of you that are aware of this agenda are able to see through the deception and I’m here to help expose it through articles such as this.

I could write an entire book on Crowley’s influence on pop culture, but for brevity I’ll provide some illustrations that will suffice:

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley “The Beast 666”


Doors Crowley

The Doors “13” album


Jay-Z wearing Crowley's Thelema motto "Do what thou wilt"

Jay-Z wearing Crowley’s Thelema motto “Do what thou wilt”


Crowley Ozzie

Ozzy Osbourne “Mr Crowley”


Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas


Adam Lambert (*Adam "Lam"-bert; as in Crowley's "Lam" entity)

Adam Lambert (*Adam “Lam”-bert; as in Crowley’s “Lam” entity)


Crowley contacted an entity from the "Other Side" named Lam- the first 'grey' alien

Crowley contacted an entity from the “Other Side” named Lam- the first ‘grey’ alien


Batman Dark Knight Rises' Nathan Crowley- related to Aleister

Batman Dark Knight Rises’ Nathan Crowley- related to Aleister



Watering down of Christianity to the point of accepting Satanism

Father Seraphim Rose warned us of this exact slippery slope clear back in the 1970s with Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future. 

Orthodoxy and Religion of the Future Father Rose

In this book Fr Rose explains how the mainstream “evangelical” movement within Christianity will eventually destroy the original scope and message of Jesus Christ. In what seems to be a calculated effort, Satanism has indeed taken hold of American culture through the steps of first opening up ones self to New Age ideals and exploring the supernatural- just like how Father Rose predicted in the 70s.

Consider this concept as you read the next segment from the article:

After the class, one life drawing student outs herself as the unthinkable: A Christian. “To be honest, this is the first Satanic class I’ve done,” a 27-year-old dancer called Nadine says. “Which is a little bit overwhelming, when I walked in I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I’m not gonna tell my pastor, it’s going to be my little secret. He’ll be alright, though–he’s quite worldly.”

As Father Rose points out in his book, the ways of the modern world are strange in that we compassionately open our arms to let conflicting opinions and thoughts have a voice; but meanwhile we’re allowing it to destroy true Christianity.

False Christian religions are popping up all over the place with their own beliefs and takes on the Bible (which are often times very misguided). Father Rose warned that not adhering to Holy Tradition and the ways of the original Orthodox Christian faith would only exacerbate the issues of Satanism creeping into our lives, only in a covert manner with the New Age disguise.

Another modern day example that is a bit more overt is the instillment of the statue of Satanism as Baphomet in Detroit:

Baphomet Detroit Statue

This Baphomet image which I’ve already lightly discussed above is meant to represent duality of man, reconciliation of different aspects, and celebrating differences. The Temple of Satan seeks to put this statue by various government buildings like the one in Oklahoma that has the Ten Commandments statue (which they claim violates a “separation of church and state”).

It’s only a matter of time before the satanists win over apologetic freedom fighters who seek to let “free will reign” to the point of caving in to evil and perversion. The New Age movement has done a great job of planting the ideas of Satanism, such that people don’t see the harm in worshipping Satan.

Case in point: read what is said here-

Atomic himself admits that he does cast spells “a bit”, but doesn’t “buy that whole Catholic black Mass thing.” Instead, he’s all about the “American modern take on Satanism, which is a humanistic philosophy that says only God is man and we are masters of our own destiny.”

Like any good cult or oc-cult; they hide the true intention behind their beliefs (“occult” in Latin means “hidden”). The Church of Scientology doesn’t tell their members about their core beliefs in aliens harvesting souls into volcanos until the member reaches a certain level; which is allegedly what Freemasons also do through their stages of initiation. We can see the same kind of thing happening here:

“Jason’s thing is Satanism and the occult–it’s really my partner’s schtick. I love it because it’s really glamorized atheism. It’s atheism with a good PR. Satanism is all about believing in yourself and being responsible for your own decisions.”

What the person fails to see is that atheism, New Age, and Satanism all could lead to a place of evil and darkness. Many who practice magick and ways of the occult go mad; and for good reason. These ensnarements are cleverly masked by the Devil and meant to capture your soul.

Don’t be fooled- there IS a battle for your soul.


Final Thoughts

To me it seems that this merely demonstrates the manipulation and confusion that has been caused by our culture’s desire to be all-inclusive. I’m not saying that I’m a hardcore conservative seeking to shove Christianity down everyone’s throats, but I am saying that we need to be careful with how much we want to allow certain beliefs into our daily lives.

In the words of Carl Sagan: keep an open mind but don’t let your brains fall out.

Thanks for reading and be sure to sign up for that free email newsletter or check out my START HERE page where you can find a good jumping off point to conduct your own research.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Although the saying “keep an open mind but don’t let your brains fall out” sounds, on first consideration, like a sensible saying, it’s actually an assurance that your brain will naturally put up a fight against all new and out-of-the-box ideas, especially if those ideas are really left-field or they go contrary to your previous conditioning.

    Buddhists teach that we should expect to “empty our cups”, that is if we honestly hope to learn and understand something new. If we don’t, then nothing new gets in.

    Essentially, if we resist dislodging old preconceived notions from our brain (aka letting your brains fall out) then we’re really not keeping an open mind, we’re only fooling ourselves into believing that we have.

    Thanks, Isaac.. great post!

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    • i think you are in the right direction.
      all these names are concepts, and should be considerd as so.
      in buddhist tradition there rules of conduct to get to the level of non violence, or damaging.

      i think to be responsible for your own life, is a must to become human, instead of a robotic-borg-stupid or some demon.

      openminded, is an empty vessel with no consideration of duality
      tanx, ptr

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  2. In Bill Schnoebelen’s book “Wicca: Satan’s Little Lie” he tells how the best of intentions in Wicca (otherwise known as “white witchcraft” is just a tiny slip away from the bigger, uglier truth of Satanism. And from Harry Potter, it’s even closer.

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  3. This symbolism is so overt it is ridiculous. Which makes me wonder. Is “the system” attacking traditional religion in such an over the top way in order to scare people back to traditional religion? What if traditional religion is also a part of the control system? Is the answer found outside of both the occult and the traditional religious systems?

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    • Now you’re starting to get it. Hold onto that intuition, and see where it leads for you.

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  4. Conservatives don’t shove anything down anybody’s throats. Saying stupid crap like that is exactly what they want. That concept – that lie comes directly from them.

    You’re just as brainwashed as the rest of them.

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    • Marie, I’d recommend studying philosophy before you embark on such crude and witless comments. Try Socrates, he is an excellent subject. “To find yourself, think for yourself.”

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  5. It seems there is two very differing perceptions of Satanism. Most of the examples given here are rather immature people who have projected a philosophy of ‘being individual / freedom / choice’ etc onto ‘satanism’… but when I read the main texts by failures like Crowley and so on all I see is rampant egotism and a desire to enslave and deceive. I don’t see where modern adherents to Satanism are finding this ‘benign, independent’ ideology within Satanism. There also seems to be a lot of confusion in which ‘occult’ is combined with ‘satanism’ which is not strictly accurate. The true ‘occult’ is a search for ‘hidden knowledge’ and not necessarily black magic, dark arts or devil worship. Just a lot of silly people playing at being fashionable and not doing any deep research so don’t worry about them too much.

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  6. Im trying not to die laughing reading this, I performed at this festival and need to make you aware of a few things, firstly are you not aware that the Illuminati dont exist…they ceased to exist a decade ago.Plus The Illluminati’s agenda was always against Goverment corruption not for it…plus you really need to do your research on Satanism, The Occult etc and stop seeing from a Judeo Christian standpoint.

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    • Illuminati might/might not exist but that doesn’t mean that certain people aren’t controlling most of the world. Look what’s going on in Europe, Middle-East illegal immigrants, African illegal immigrants and that invasion will not be stopped, why? Because these certain people have an agenda to make white people colored so they’ll be more easily controlled(not being racist here). Read the protocols of zion, or some other source(can’t remember what else was on my mind). By certain people i mean Jews. Israel war crimes, their huge support from USA. Israel paying 3500$ for immigrants at there(3500$ exactly the amount to get to Sweden). And here’s one picture https://i.imgur.com/zdtL8qB.jpg

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      • I admit the world is vastly over populated – read Spengler’s “The Decline of Western Civilisation” it signifies what is happening today.But there are just as many stupid white people as well as other races overbreeding, I believe in quality over quantity.Anyway The Occult is in direct opposition with other religions such as Islam and or Judeo Christian interpretations of good and evil.If you ask me Jesus was the first black magician a little like the latter day Rasputin and thats why he was nailed to the cross.Thousands are homeless because people abroad are buying up flats and selling them for vastly overrated prices.The amount of buildings that unoccupied whilst the homeless rot is a sign that commerce rules – not an extinct club of men attempting to illuminate themselves.

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      • You say that you’re not racist, but you are; it’s just subconscious. Get the help you need.

        Seriously…coloured? Making white people more easily controlledmby mixing races? It’s always been easy to control people. It’s about power not race. You make me ashamed to be white.

        Let me tell you that your true enemy, no matter what you chose to believe, are white people, just like us. We’re the ones that created all of this evil. We should be trying to put a stop to it.

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    • Oh puh-lease, if you were performing at this festival than you know no one in the elites. Now, if you were Chuck Schumer’s staffer or someone who works at the Farm you might be a credible person to talk about what happened a decade ago, but you’re just a porch occultist.

      Considering that government power is thicker than ever, the dichotomy between rich and poor greater than ever, occult religions rising, and Christianity on the down trend, I don’t see how you can posit that a) the occult was against government and rich elites or that b) Christianity is tied up in it. For that to be true, Christianity would be on the rise with those institutions and the occult back on the downtrend.

      It just don’t fit.

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      • For your information I dont recall ever claiming too, unlike you however I do know what the Illuminati stood for and it was against Goverment corruption because you dont know this one fact ( which is easy to find we have this thing called books and the internet) then I think you’d better do your research and get back to me.Btw the people you consider to be in the elite ( Im assuming you mean musicians that do Occult signs) you’d be surprised how many I do know.The President is a mere cogwheel in a vast network – Goldman Sachs etc have far more power.The fact you dont even consider christianity and the bible to not be Occult is kinda funny, a God that sacrifices his own son that says ” eat my flesh and drink my blood” ..it sounds pretty occult to me- but whatever subscribe to conspiracy monthly and be a gullible rube.

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  7. P.s Damien Echols and friends were let out of prison because of Lack of evidence – again you need to do your research.

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  8. Speaking of the pose of the girl in the kneeling position with the Ram’s head you need to watch the first season of TRUE DETECTIVE. It is all there including the agenda of not prosecuting the guilty parties but finding a scape goat to take the blame. An obvious insane man who was used in the killings but the true killers and Satan worshippers were revealed in the VHS TAPE in the show. No follow up or prosecution of any of the Cult . Find the Patsy , kill him and close the case. The typical cover up of all Satanic investigations.

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  9. It’s a tiresome fashion thing in London at the moment, most of the people sporting the “cool” symbols don’t have a thought in their heads but get off on the idea that they’re shocking people somehow. Trust me, I know some of the people involved, and they would run a mile from a real Satanist. Or a real idea.

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  10. I have met the people running the Satanism art class on several occasions and from what I gather that they are purely in it for the occult image and looking cool .To my mind neither the “great” Jason Atomic or his sidekick Manko seem to have a deep knowledge of western esoterism or a mystical practice of their own . They both seem only to know about the occult on a basic amateur level and have little intellect or practice . Therefore only a idiot would credit these too witchy poseurs or hipsters as being any true form of the Illuminati or higher intelligence . Therefore the world will remain safe and give it a year max and these people will be getting on the end of something else or whatever these fakers think is cool at the time .

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    • Hello Angela, it must really bug you that everyone can recognise you behind the fake names. Maybe you should find a new hobby other than trolling.

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  11. Pentagram in full sight:

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  12. “God is just a man, and we are masters of our own destiny.”

    I had a near-death experience during a car accident when younger and I had the absolute pleasure of being taught that my prior agnostic/atheist leaning was wrong.

    1. There is a God and he is our master. He is the alpha and the omega, and any belief process outside of that it childishly erroneous and disrespectful. He created even the evil ones.

    2. There is an intercessor on our behalf.

    3. Everything is predestined, and there are no mistakes, no matter how trivial or profound. When you are able to see and comprehend on a universal level it does make complete sense, its just that our physical bodies limit what we are able to perceive and comprehend.

    4. Reincarnation is real. I’m not sure how it works or how many people come back, or if its standard protocol, but it’s real.

    Carry on . . .

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  13. And when there came to them a Messenger from Allah (Muhammad) confirming what was with them, a party of those who were given the Scripture threw away the Book of Allah behind their backs as if they did not know!

    Ibn Katheer explains that this refers to a faction amongst the Jews who threw the Torah behind their backs when they learned that the glad tidings of the Prophethood Muhammad (alayhis salaam) are found within it, and that they abandoned it as if they did not know that this (knowledge) was in it. Instead they resorted to magic (witchcraft, sorcery), and Ibn Katheer makes mention of Labeed bin al-A’sam, the Jew who practiced witchcraft upon the Prophet (alayhis salaam), with the use of a comb thrown into a well. At-Tabaree explains likewise that this verse is in rebuke of the Jews who were in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (alayhis salaam) and rejected his prophethood despite knowing he was a messenger, and in rebuke of them not acting upon this knowledge which is in their hands (in the Torah), and their following of their ancestors who followed what the devils rehearsed to them in the kingship of Sulayman (of magic). Note here that in this verse Allaah is referring to the Jews contemporary to the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and it is an indication that they continued upon that magic that the devils rehearsed to the people in the time of Sulaymaan in the 10th century BC. In this verse Allaah, is clearing Sulayman from that false accusation and recounting the historical facts and realities. In the 6th century BC. Nebuchadnezzar, the Chaldean king of Babylon (Babil), conquered Judah (the Jews, Bani Israil) and put them into exile. When these Jews came to Babylon, in addition to the magic they had learned from the devils, they also learned of the magic at Babil part of which came to the people through the angels Harut and Marut. Babil was a center of occult science, and it was the place of the Chaldeans who were star and planet worshipers. Whilst in captivity in Babil (Babylon) Jewish priests, after looking into and studying the “mystery religion” of those Babylonians developed their own sophisticated form of occultism.

    The occult knowledge and codified magic practiced by the Jews historically and today is known as the Qabbalah (also spelt Kabbalah and referred to as “Jewish Mysticism” or “Jewish Esoteric Knowledge”). It is essentially (and in reality) a coded system of magic, of invoking the Jinn (and angels, as they believe), through words, numbers, symbols, geometry and so on. Also, the word Qabbalah, is from the hebrew root Q-B-L, (“to receive”), and it is similar to the Arabic root of qaaf, baa, laam (“to receive”). It means to receive “mystical knowledge”, or “secret teaching”, and it is expressed diagramatically through what is called the “Tree of Life”. It would be a real good idea to read this article here to make some important connections. The Qabbalah was transmitted orally and secretly through the centuries and was written down in the the Christian era. What was written is not the entire Qabbalah but just the rudiments of it. The essence, core and reality of the Qabbalah is only ever passed on through oral tradition and with conditions. It continued to be transmitted through the ages (picking up elements from other beliefs) right to this day and has been and still is behind the esoteric doctrines of most secret orders and sects. Iblees and his offspring the Jinn, have continued to deceive people into believing that there is “immortality” through “secret esoteric knowledge”, and that the practitioners of these esoteric mystery religions of Babylon and Egypt (magic and devil worship) can become “angels” and “live forever”. These people consider themselves “illuminated” and the rest of mankind as gullible, incapable, unfit, inferior people who must be hemmed in and ruled over.https://www.dajjaal.com/liar/articles/feicu-prophet-solomon-the-devils-shayaateen-magic-the-angels-harut-and-marut-and-baabil-babylon.cfm

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  14. I’m not an atheist, but I do have ones that are and I know of none of them that would waste their time with satanism! They don’t believe in satan anymore so than God! You can’t have good without evil or vise versa. Likewise, if you don’t believe in God, you don’t believe in satan either! I’m not buying any of this about atheists putting their energies into going to satanic events! Makes no sense whatsoever!

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