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I gave a MUCH more detailed breakdown of this holiday on my podcast- Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture now available! The episode is called Halloween Podcast Special: Occult and Illuminati Symbolism of Samhain!


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Halloween is a holiday of mixed emotions for me. Being a life long fan of horror movies and dark arts I used to enjoy the “darkness” of this holiday. I’ve since had my eyes opened to the big agenda going on here and I wanted to explore this holiday a bit further. If you’ve ever wondered how a Christian holiday of All Saint’s Day could get perverted into the nonsense known as Halloween- you’ve come to the right place! To me it seems that it’s all just part of that satanification of the world where the satanists invert things that are good and holy and make it something pagan or downright evil…

This is a feature from my full year-round Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions post:

October 31st-November 1st: Halloween

Samhain, (aka All Hallows Eve, aka Halloween), is a three day fire festival in which sacrifices were given to fires for the sun god. Samhain is a festival for the dead, as Beltaine is a festival for the living. There are a slew of traditions that occur during this festival of Samhain from Oct 29-31st, with the culmination on Halloween night. Samhain is the Celtic lord of the dead and is considered a stag god. A stag god in the occult is always a reference to the ancient male god Nimrod. He was depicted with one horn, or multiple horns appearing as antlers like Moloch:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Horned God 2


To understand more about this holiday, we have to revisit the information about the occult and pagans. I already explained the basis for the occult attachments to the holiday at the preface to the post, but there needs to be more explanation into the Druid priesthood. The Celtic people came to the British Isles and had a priesthood known as the Druids during the Iron Ages. Wikipedia claims that there is little known about the Druids, while other theorists and people who have spent time with the Illuminati and/or occult claim to know the entire story. What is claimed is that the Druids held all authority in the tribes, and told the people when/who they should marry, when to go to war, etc. What is known and taken as fact is that they practiced human sacrifice (hence why we see so much sacrifice during these holidays).


The famous Stonehenge location is where the Druids would go to worship their stag god on the eight occult holidays per year (there are many Stonehenges across the globe; this one in particular is the well-known one). They would perform sacrifices at sites such as these, through barbaric rituals such as the ‘fountain of blood’ in which they’d hang a person with a rope tied tight around their neck and slit the throat to create a huge wave of blood. Druids would gather at Stonehenge on Samhain with gourds and pumpkins (originally called ‘Corpse Candles’ or now commonly known as Jack-O-Lanterns) and fill them with human fat, taken from previous sacrifices given to gods. They’d also bring cauldrons and light them on fire, warming them up for the sacrificial ceremony to be described later (spoiler alert: it’s for the tradition of bobbing for apples). The Druids would bang on the doors of local nobilities and yell “Trick or Treat” to see if the lord of the manor came to provide a ‘treat.’ A treat would be one of the servants or even household members given up for sacrificing that night. The reward for the ‘treat’ would be one of the pumpkins filled with human fat and they would light it so that everyone within the house was protected from the demons summoned on Samhain. If you didn’t give up an offering you’d get a six pointed star inside of a circle (a hexagram) painted with blood on the front door. This would be an attractive force for the demons and the people inside would be plagued with the demonic curse during Samhain.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Druid trick treat

Another theory is that the people would leave treats of food and candies outside for the demonic spirits as they traveled the material world on October 31st. The treats would keep the evil spirits at bay from plaguing the household.

The human sacrifices would be gathered up, and then lined up as the Druids would throw apples into the cauldrons and give the humans a chance to pull the apples out with their teeth (the cauldrons were boiling hot) for a chance for freedom. Some went for the chance and could be burned with permanent damage to their eyes, ears, throat, etc.; while others did not. Those who did not get the apple on the first try were beheaded immediately, while those who avoided the challenge would be sacrificed in a fiery death. They were taken to a “wicker man” with various wicker cages inside of it and placed inside of it (just like the film with Nicolas Cage). The wicker man would be lit on fire as a sacrifice to the gods, drawing us back yet again to the Nimrod and Semiramis connection. It should also be noted that the annual Burning Man celebration is a reenactment of this ceremony.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Burning Man

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Wicker Man

Another tradition is to dress up in costumes, called ‘guising.’ This came about because the veil between spiritual world and physical world is the thinnest on Samhain and the departed souls can come visit their loved ones. The lit flames in the sacrificial areas are a beacon for the spirits to find and enter into our world (that’s the point of the wicker man; to provide sacrifices and a guiding light for the spirit world). They believed this couldn’t filter out the evil spirits, so the Druid priests would wear scary clothing to keep the evil spirits away.

Another origin for trick or treating would come from the church belief that on All Souls Day members should pray for souls that are stuck in purgatory, a transitional state. If the soul could get enough prayers it would be bumped up into Heaven. The Halloween time frame is when children would go door to door collecting soul cakes and prayers for souls to get out of purgatory.

People used to employ the Devil to help them predict their future. This was done through several seemingly odd activities, including examination of eaten apples to determine if the shape of the remains were similar to a letter. That letter would in-turn be symbolic of the name of the mate the person could have. Other divinations included telling how many children one would have, where one would live, etc. Attempts to read the future are occult in nature, and Halloween is no exception. In fact, it’s the most popular time of year for divination. The bats, cats, owls and other animals known for Halloween were believed to be incarnations of the Devil as part of the divination process. The witch could use these animals (Satan) to help her predict the future.


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Halloween

Halloween is the night the stag god (male) takes power over the world, and remains in power through the lead up to the female spring goddess taking over again (Semiramis) on March 21st. On May 1st she is in full glory as the Earth Mother at Beltaine, while she leaves as an old lady at Halloween to start the cycle over again.

The Illuminati leverage this holiday for various rituals; including the unveiling of Daniel Radcliffe as the Devil in Horns:

Daniel Radcliffe is the star of a film called Horns where he plays Ignatius Perrish (‘Ig’); a man who wakes up with a supernatural ability to influence others to reveal their secrets to him. He also finds two horns atop his head; making very obvious references to Satan:

Horns Movie Poster



I gave a MUCH more detailed breakdown of this holiday on my podcast- Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture now available! The episode is called Halloween Podcast Special: Occult and Illuminati Symbolism of Samhain!


Listen to “Halloween Podcast Special: Occult and Illuminati Symbolism of Samhain!” on Spreaker.


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  1. I would looooooove for you to start citing sources. Information on this site often contradicts my research. And nothing at all was even mentioned about roots in pagan harvest festivals…

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  2. Everything in this article is made up. Notice no sources are cited. I have read many works from antiquity ad if any of this were true, a monk would have wrote it down. Go back to worshiping your narcissistic version of God now so you can feel better about your pathetic existence in hopes that he will not send you to helligo land.

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    • Oh it’s for sure shaky info, I’m just compiling the various ideas/theories out there. Most of it has a decent reference for truth though. Check out all of those ancient Druid practices. Why do you think Halloween is associated with evil and witchery there, Bozo.

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      • It is simple. As the church came to power they had to defame the old ways. Making them evil. There is if you do any actual research very little evidence coming to light now through archaeological digs. The Sacrifices offered were of the animal sort and usually after the herds had been culled. And the fact you reference a Wiki as any source hurts your argument right there. I would gladly point you in directions of many authors who write for the Pagan community today. Samhan the refrance to the god of death well is easy it is in Supernatural which writes with a Christian slant anyway that anything different from humans is bad. and Witches get their powers from demons. All propaganda put out by the church to keep the masses ignorant. What your studying isn’t occult it is a travesty I am sorry.

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        • Bella, please learn proper grammar before trying to make a point, you just look like an imbecile.

          Grammar: The difference between knowing “your” shit and “you’re” shit.

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  3. Samhain was perverted into Halloween by Christians. Just as Yule was perverted into Christmas. These were pagan holidays that have very little or nothing in common with perverse Christian holidays that replaced them. It was a concerted effort by the Roman Catholic Church to co opt Pagan holidays. The joke that is Halloween was originally a pagan celebration of harvest. It was a a time of rejoice before winter. Not at all a celebration of dark and evil forces. And Yule was never a holiday to celebrate the birth of some silly sky god. And Yule was a holiday that celebrated the Death of the Holly King and the birth of the Oak King which were considered dual aspects of the Horned God. It is a celebration of the hope for Spring and the end of Winter. It was simple. But the Christians as usual messed it all up.

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