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As I was watching the tattoo reality show Ink Master, I couldn’t help but notice how many shirts that Dave Navarro (from bands Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers) wore that featured some form of cross/Christian mockery. I decided to take a quick trip down Google lane and found a slew of images showing us what Navarro is truly into…


First (and most importantly) he has tattoos of the sign of Thelema, which is the occult magick group Aleister Crowley founded. This would indicate that Dave Navarro is a follower, or a Thelemite. I go into far more detail behind the entertainment agenda and Aleister Crowley’s hand in the symbolism we find in the music and film industries in the Aleister Crowley & the Illuminati magick post if you’re new to the subject.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers even had an album called Blood Sugar Sex Magick which is one of the important rituals that Crowley and his followers perform (they’re  into orgies and sexual dark energy for various reasons). Granted, Navarro wasn’t quite in the band when it came out, but it begs the question of how similar their beliefs might be:

Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magick

Here’s a few images where you can see the Thelema symbol (referred to as the ‘unicursal hexagram’):


Now check out Navarro’s elbow with the same symbol:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Illuminati Tattoos 13 Dave Navarro

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Illuminati Tattoos 14 Dave Navarro



Ironically he is also featured in PETA and animal rights ads, which Aleister Crowley might find inappropriate for a Thelemite because the rituals Crowley spoke of included the sacrifice of animals (and young children; again, see that  link above):



Here’s Navarro doing the rock n’ roll bull horns which are a symbol of Ba’al, aka Moloch, the bull god that receives spiritual energy by form of child sacrifice (look up Bohemian Grove as well). His hands are in the fashion of Spider man in this shot:



I explore the horns and Moloch a bit more in my post about the Illuminati & occult symbolism of Maleficent:

Additional ideas behind the horns of Moloch would be the astrological basis of the various ages we’ve gone through. The Age of Taurus; the bull, is one in which the worship of Moloch is based and took place around 4000-2000 BC. This corresponds to what you can read in the Bible with Moses talking about the worship of the golden calf and the people sacrificing babies to the bull god Moloch in exchange for mercy and prosperity. The next astrological after that was the Age of Aries; the lamb, or ram from about 2000 BC to 1 AD. So we can see two consecutive ages where the symbol of two horns atop the head played an important part of culture and society. The Illuminati roots into the worship of these older polytheistic traditions and you can see it prevalent in tons of entertainment symbolism

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch


Here’s the All Seeing Eye symbolism you can find on the artwork for his single Rexall:



He’s also been into this suspension bondage, where you hang from hooks in the ceiling:


Also, on his wrist is what I’ve seen referred to as Fnord the Eye of Satan (Im being informed that ‘Fnord’ is used in the Illuminatus trilogy; the wiki for it says it’s a subliminal disinformation reference so you be the judge):



I found this information (and image below) from a PrisonPlanet forum post, showing multiple logos with the eye of satan on it:



Navarro recently got a tattoo visible on his neck that is actually the logo for the Church of Satan; appropriately named the Satanic Cross, aka the Leviathan Cross:


This symbol holds a deep esoteric alchemical meaning; mostly because it symbolizes fire, and masculinity. In hermetic and alchemical mystery schools they symbolized sulfur with this logo and attributed the male/solar/phallus god-powers with it since the male characteristic is that of fire and quick-temper (as opposed to the feminine powers that are more liquid in nature and noticeable in sexuality because women need more time to get “the water boiling” where as men are ready to go at the drop of a hat).

The smell of sulfur is also noted by those that are visited by ghosts and demons.

Here’s Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan website prominently featuring the Satanic Cross:

Here’s another shirt (that’s pretty clever actually…):

Navarro has been an advocate for Damien Echols; one of the men accused of murdering three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas back in 1993. Echols was accused of performing Satanic ritual sacrifices, only later to be acquitted and released from prison and avoiding the death penalty. There are a series of documentaries about the case and its appeals, and it portrays the town as a Bible Belt area where they did somewhat of a witch hunt and snatched up Echols and his friends due to their garish looks and interests. Regardless of what you think of the case, there was some serious fuckery involved with the whole deal (which is why I’m opposed to the death penalty).

We could go on all day about the WM3 case and Echols background in the occult, but for now just take a look at the influence Navarro and Echols have on each other (there’s actually another image online of Echols tattooing Navarro- but it isn’t authorized use without Kevin Wilson’s permission and I can’t get a hold of him):

And take a look at Echols’ tattoos; they look very similar in nature to Navarro’s:

Here’s a photo he posted from his Tumblr page of him and his lady friend at the Amityville House. I’m actually into urban exploration so I’m not sure that there’s anything “sinister” about this, but I thought I’d throw it in the mix anyways:

Wikipedia also has the claim that he married the makeup artist Tania Goddard (his first marriage) and they had a pagan ceremony.

This post has gained traction (which led me to go back and doctor up some of my errors) to the point that even Dave Navarro himself saw this on my Twitter feed:

Thanks to Watcher Skyrim; we can see an interesting interview from 2011 with Vanity Fair in which Dave Navarro says some interesting things about his tattoo that says “Surrender Dorothy”…

I assume there’s some kind of backstory there. Is that the title of an upcoming album or do you just dig witches or The Wizard of Oz?

There are a multitude of reasons, not all of them I can share with you. But I can tell you this. The word “surrender” speaks for itself. Certainly The Wizard of Oz is a pivotal film in my life. I think it’s a rite-of-passage film. It’s something that should be shown to children when they’re still at an age for it to terrify and horrify them. Because when I saw it for the first time, it was the scariest thing I’d ever seen. Anytime I talk to somebody in my age range about that film, they had a similar experience. It looked like this shiny, happy movie for kids, but at the end of the day, it’s no joke.

The Wizard of Oz always seems to come up with Illuminati conspiracies about mind control. The fact that he calls it a ‘rite of passage’ due to its horrific nature makes me wonder even more about its supposed trauma in the fracturing of the mind. In fact, I detailed its usage in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut film analysis:

The Wizard of Oz film featured the song Over the Rainbow sang by Judy Garland (note that the song Over the Rainbow was featured in other Illuminati-esque events such as Lady Gaga performing on Good Morning America and also the Sandy Hook shooting memorial which links to the record label of “Sandy Hook Records” that Judy Garland was on at one time; andall of that ties to the fact that Oz equals ’77’ in occult symbolism which is the publication of Aleister Crowley ‘Liber Oz’ or ‘Book 77′). These themes involving rainbows will be recurring in the film…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Eyes-Wide-Shut-Rainbow-Costumes-18 WO

William Ramsey sent me this image that shows Dave Navarro in a bathtub of blood (which I’ve explained as a portal gateway to and from Hell) with some As Above So Below symbolism in the mix:

Dave Navarro bathtub blood as above so below

On the 28JUL2015 episode Navarro wore a shirt that piqued my interests due to the All Seeing Eye in the center of the triangle (symbolism for manifestation and the All Seeing Eye):

Dave Navarro Triangle UNIF I Eye

You can see that he’s wearing a UNIF shirt which is a company that has several shirts that aren’t necessarily anti-Christian, but definitely questionable due to sacrilegious imagery. For example, here is another UNIF shirt that I saw him wearing previously:

UNIF Jesus Saves I Spend shirt

In season 6, episode 11 the show decided to give tattoo “virgins” their first tattoo (on their fingernails) in a church. While that’s enough to raise eyebrows; I noticed some peculiar imagery on Navarro’s jacket pins:

Dave Navarro Church Lightning Sulfur X

You’ll recognize symbols that I refer to often on this website: lightning (the sign of the fallen angel-Lucifer), the Mark of the Beast “X”, skull and bones (more death symbolism- a reminder that occultists use to always think of life and death), and the alchemical sulfur (the cross of Leviathan- mentioned earlier as the symbol in the Church of Satan).

We recently saw Taylor Swift making use of some of the same symbols in her video for Style (analyzed on IlluminatiWatcher.com as well), so what gives here? Is this a form of mockery of the Church?…

I also notice that he’s got some pins that reference one of my guilty pleasures- Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is yet another film with occult roots (more to come on that later), so I can’t judge too much. Just pointing out the obvious…

I’ll update as he gets more tattoos and more is revealed. I actually enjoy watching Ink Master so this post is pretty easy to update 🙂


UPDATE Nov 2016:

On the Inkmaster S8E12 “Road to the Finale” episode I noticed Mr. Navarro got a new tattoo worth mentioning:



It is a tattoo of three 6s (forming 666) on his left hand– suggesting he’s following the Left Hand Path of antinomianism with the mark of the beast. Again, this supports many of the theories we’ve learned about with the Luciferian agenda in the entertainment industry and Dave Navarro’s dark side…

UPDATE Aug 2016

Back in August 2016 I was given the opportunity to talk to Dave Navarro himself on his show: DARK MATTER. You can check it out HERE– I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how the show went!Thanks for reading!

-Isaac W.



isaac-weishaupt-profile-2Website publisher of IlluminatiWatcher.com, author, and independent researcher; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

Isaac has been a featured guest on Dave Navarro’s “Dark Matter Radio,” Richard C. Hoagland’s “Other Side of Midnight”, SIRIUS/XM’s The All Out Show, The HigherSide Chats, Freeman Fly’s “The Free Zone”, Mark Devlin’s “Good Vibrations”, and many more radio shows and podcasts. His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Fnord is from the Illuminatus trilogy, means something hidden so blatantly in plain sight that people become unable to see it. And re unicursal hexagram if you draw that shape over the top section on the kabbalstic tree of life the central floral type design falls directly over Da’ath, the negative Sephirot that is the gateway to the dark, dead side of the tree, the Qliphoth. It represents the descent into the Underworld by Innana and is central to Crowley’s system of black magic.

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    • I want one of those illuminati by nature shirts. If for no other reason, to freak out paranoid weirdos like the creator of this site! Boo! The antichrist is coming to get ya! Hahaha!

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    • “Crowley’s system of Black Magic.”

      Thelema is not a Black system. Unless we are speaking of “Hsuan.”
      Try again.

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      • Lilith’s pathetic copy cat cult shit??

        Yeah, black as can be. Middling, too.

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      • Either you haven’t read all of Crowley’s works or you’re lying

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      • religion making more victims than war would imply that it is an excellent tool for control….

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    • Hello XYZ!

      Do not read this site If you do not like it. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO TEACH US.
      Do you really think that the people who read this site do not know the difference between organised religion & and the true plan of God?
      May The Lord touch your heart and open your eyes. IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • You Christians are so funny. What difference does it make what Dave Navarro believes? How does it affect you? It doesn’t. It’s none of your business. We have freedom of religion in this country. That means all religions. Why don’t you just worry about your life and leave everyone else alone. And by the way, I don’t give a crap about your Bible quotes because the Bible is full of contradictions and stolen stories. Get a life.

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        • XYZ and turtle-

          1 Corinthians 2:14

          But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

          1 Corinthians 1:18

          For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

          This is All that needs to be said of your so called wisdom, XYZ and Turtle

          Daniel, I’m with you and we are with the Truth-Jesus!

          There is no other name under heaven by which we are saved!

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        • What dave believes effects millions you idiot!!!! Because hes in the music business. Pay attention before you write dumb comments. Everyone disagreeing needs to READ READ READ !!! Do your research,this article is 100 per cent accurate!! Ugh i hate dumb tv watchers who dont read making comments,STFU!!!

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          • A little hostile are we Mark? Oh and questioning my intelligence. I might be offended if I valued your opinion of me. Again what Dave believes is his business. If it effects millions, then that is their problem. Not yours. Worry about your own life. You know people who worry about what others do are cowards. You judge others but you don’t have the courage to fix the person in the mirror. You see, I have this thing called a brain. Regardless, of what you may think, I use it to decide for myself what is true and right. I can’t fix the world and I’m not even going to try. All I can do is be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

          • Excuse me Mark. I was speaking to Mike. You see Mike, that is how much you really mean to me. Your name isn’t worth remembering.

          • Affects not effects, you moron…. Read, read, read my ass

        • It is religious vilification dipstick. It is an offence in some countries and being an international show, he might want to watch himself on legal grounds. If he is making a mockery of Christianity, then why? Why does he need to do that? Why doesn’t he also make a mockery of Islam, or other religions? I dare him to mock Allah.

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          • Dipstick? lol. Who said he is mocking anybody period? Maybe he likes the tattoos because they look cool. When I think something looks cool, I don’t sit there and analyze if I think it mocks someone or not. I don’t think he is making fun of Christians, Jews, or Islam. What are you going to do if he did? Making threats is against the law. Maybe I should just mention that to the N.S.A. Dip shit.

          • Fuck Allah!! Now what?

          • MOHAMHEAD was a pedophile with a 6 year old wife he porked at 9..he was allahs bitch.. Fuck the both of them.. Now what bitch boi??

      • Yes Sir. Good to know not all sleep. The dark times show time to wake is fast running out.

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      • Lol wow
        Lets see if you like this
        Hail satan
        Prince of the earth
        What you feel now is what you do to otheirs

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    • You’d have a leg to stand on if you weren’t a part of the illuminati, which is and has been controlling us as long as the U.S. became independent.

      I think the masons were another order. They were meant to balance each other out and that is why the constitution was drafted – they forsaw possibilities of corruption.

      Corruption won long ago. Now it’s just arbitrary laws. Arbitrary power is an oxymoron…so lawlessness will evolve from this. And people don’t actually revolt until things are dire. A lot of these illuminati watcher groups are shills.

      Because some people gaze into the abyss and get stuck. Some people trust that there are hood guys fighting back, which can lead to compliance.

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    • Really, no. People love to say this and forget that central planning killed 10 million Ukrainians, another 10 million Soviet/Russians, 2 million Cambodians, and about 50 million Chinese.

      It makes for a lovely story but most historians show 150,000 for the entire Inquisition Period at most, some bring the numbers to half that, but even so…

      Socialism has killed more people because governments can’t plan economies for shit.

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    • Your attitude is exactly playing into the principle of Satanism, that’s why the site tries to keep an objective view and not to attack the artists, I get your anger but that’s how this Satanism works, continuess anger.
      You’ll have to be bigger then that and stand on a moral high ground to help stop this satanic abuse. A lot of these artists are being blackmailed and treatened themselves if they don’t cooperate. And yes there also many satanists that propbably get a kick out of it. But in the industry they are just a few artists, the change in the world has to come from us and then it will spread and it can change. Anger is why their system hasn’t failed for over thousands of years (which I can understand, felt it myself, can still feel it, but it doesn’t help).

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    • “more wars and AIDS combined”…

      Dude, you should crack a book open sometime. Most wars have been for land, for spoils, and had no “religious conclusion”. Of those actually killed in the name of religion, most credible historians cite no more than 36,000 people killed in the inquisition and witch trials.

      The twentieth century was the most violent period in all of history with close to 100 MILLION people dying from the unintended consequences of communism and the totalitarian rule of the movement’s leaders. Hitler was a theosophist (hence the swastika and occult imagery), but even that didn’t drive his mass murder. He was a nationalist and felt that Jews were globalists and secret Bolsheviks.

      It’s very easy, especially today, to blame Christianity for things because Christians come off like anti-sex stick in the mud and the media is also quick to take the individual hypocrisy of Christian leaders (something we all are sometimes) and turn that into national news to avoid talking about drone campaigns, spying, and the reduction of our civil liberties.

      The fact is that the lifestyle touted by the occultists and secularists kill. Do as thou wilt, causes promiscuity to the point where 1 in 4 high school students currently have an STD, where we have rampant drug use that fuels the prison industrial complex, and the deification of wealth and power which HAS fueled every major conflict since the dawn of time.

      Wake up and think more deeply.

      Both Jesus and the Buddha spoke of balance and the middle path. That is the only way to survive now.

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    • Yet another example of how carefully programmed your mind is. Fnord..oh the irony.

      Christianity has NOTHING to do with organized religion and yet people act as if it is one in the same. Organized religion is created by humans, which makes it fallible. I’m pretty sure you would get irate if some crazy Satanist committed a heinous act (because they were crazy NOT bc they were a Satanist) and then the media blamed the entire Satanist community. And yet your comment basically dismisses a group of millions of people that you don’t personally know simply because you have been programmed to think organized religion and Christianity is truly the same thing.

      The way people try to use causation = correlation principles these days is mind numbing to a true independent thinker.

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    • actually,communist leaders,such as Stalin,Mao,Hitler,Lenin etc have killed more total people in all history than any other cause. They were all atheists..

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    • Naive much….AIDS was invented by man and you’re blaming Christianity? Try the US Gov’t!

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  3. Amen!

    If it were true that,”… the powers, and rulers of this dark world” are using religion as a form of control – they’re doing an awful job, because NOBODY’S LISTENING TO THEM! And, they’re aren’t many of us believers left… Satan’s in control of all the Sheeple who think that they’re having an awakening – when in reality they’re all just selling out, and falling asleep eternally!

    Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


    To the owner of this site, and everyone who reads & posts here – God Bless you all & go with Christ like C.S. Lewis did at Oxford with J.R.R. Tolkien after debating mythology, and having an epiphany with the prophetic hints of Jesus Christ…

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    • The “Satanic Cross” is a misnomer. Anton LaVey indeed used it, but as far as anyone can determine, he was the only person involved in Satanism that used the symbol for brimstone in such a way. It is the alchemical symbol for sulfur…which, unfortunately, automatically (and incorrectly, thanks to LaVey) links it to Satanists. Also, as a final point, it has nothing to do with “phallus god-powers”. That would be a regular Christian cross. The alchemical symbols are thoroughly explained in detail by practicing alchemists on dozens of various websites and hundreds of new-age books readily available in any major chain bookstores.

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    • Very well said and God bless you too Mark and all here, even those who reject Him, because they are lost and walk in darkness. We all have the chance to accept Him and be redeemed up until the moment of our deaths.

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    • This whole post just proves the point that we on this earth are in a spiritual battle between the ruler of the air and God the creator of everything ! We all have free will given to us however any one who feels that Jesus Christ is NOT our king beware, do research read a bible …. oh YES Satan is also very real it’s just a matter of where you decide you want to spend eternity!!!!

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  4. There is no such thing as the illuminati. You’re wasting your life with your nutball theories.

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    • And you are wasting your time by being here.How much do THEY pay you to post your inane comments?

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      • RE: Joe American

        June 10, 2014

        “And you are wasting your time by being here.How much do THEY pay you to post your inane comments?”

        Funny, I’ve been accused of the same thing. Seems anyone who disagrees with the whole “Illuminati” shit then obviously they are “paid” to do so. How paranoid are you anyway?

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    • The fact that the world’s wealth is consolidated into the hands of 1% of the population doesn’t trigger anything in your head? How do you think this came to be? By accident?

      NO. These people talk, collaborate, and if you look at their logos, jewelry, and lifestyle it is pretty darn easy to see that this isn’t just random coincidence that they act and behave this way.

      In fact, at this point they’re not even hiding. They put out white papers, talk in front of the UN openly, and flaunt this crap.

      It is YOU who should grow up. Illuminati is just a word, don’t trip on it.

      It is what is behind that word which should scare the pants off of you.

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      • Twist any numbers that you want.

        We Americans should remember that when it comes to the global income distribution, we are the 1% (and damn proud of it, i will say). Domestic inequality may be on the rise, but so too is international inequality, with similar inherent power imbalances that benefit the wealthiest.

        If you don’t think so, please read something else besides religious texts.

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        • Christians are supposed to witness,not attack More people are turned away from Christ by Christians who berrate,and get in heated debates.Pray for people and show the unconditional love and patience. When you shout Bible verses to someone who may view things differently if they were talked to not at.
          I am a Christian woman, and see so many people lose the battle to anger. We are supposed to be Christ like in all of our actions.Please stop treating other people in the world with hate dripping from the same mouth used to praise our Lord and savior. Love others as I have loved you. Christ said.Lets all stop the way that we witness to people. I love you all. Satanist or Christian… Think about it. Goodnight everyone.

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    • They certainly wouldn’t call themselves that but you need look no further than the Bilderberg’s and the special privileges given to them by every country in this world to know that there is an elite cabal ruling us all.

      Look up Vanguard Group and educate yourself before it is too late.

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  5. Judas. I can’t believe who many people I grew up became a part of the Illuminati. Perhaps I grew up in an illuminati town.

    Anyway, this man is Judas.

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  8. If you want to join an occult to make quick money or for spiritual powers,just call baba on this tell him what you want and wait and see your life tun around for good

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  9. Seriously? You’re getting WAAYYYYY too much into your foil hat theories. There’s a limit to everything. Just because Navarro or myself or Millions of other people on this planet, have a tattoo, wear a something that you don’t approve of, or just do our own thing and like something, doesn’t actually mean that there’s some *insert drums here* LUCIFERIAN! going on here.

    I mean come on. Get real. Even IF – and this is a big if, since for example, the Church of Satan, doesn’t EVER publish who’s on their roster – Navarro was part of CoS or anything else for that matter.. It would still be HIS PRIVATE MATTER! not some fucking foil hat theory. Seriously, man – or a woman – get some fucking brains. You just show with this stupid over the top posts, that a) You’re from that bible belt area most likely, and are lacking of in entertainment – I suggest looking into some cellars and bedrooms and you might see something to really theorize about.. – b) have a damn over active imagination – in which case, I suggest you become a writer or something where that’s Much better expressed than in the internet, pondering on people’s private lives. or c) You’re just a fucking moron. Take your pick. Peace out.

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    • People should probably reread their own posts for logic and sound argument. No one said it wasn’t Dave’s choice or that his choice should be removed. We’re saying that the dude is rocking some seriously questionable tats and hanging with people who may not be in jail for murder but quite possibly murdered the f-ck out of some kids.

      Now, granted Dave from his Ink Master’s appearance seems to be some idiot savant where he can play guitar but doesn’t understand concepts or reason so we can probably cut the guy some slack on his choices.

      However, when you read Crowley’s writings and then compare behavior, compare things like the multiple sexual harassment suits aimed at those bozos, look at the sexual ambiguity, and then examine what behavior they lead people towards it all starts to fit.

      There is nothing wrong with sex. Everyone loves sex. What is wrong is that those “anything goes” “religions” allow for vanity, pride, and excess–basically all the vices that do overtime become progressive, addicting and usually end up with people in rehab, jail, or starting wars depending on their career choices.

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      • Your comments show a remarkable amount of common sense and reason…thank heavens a few people can see what’s right in front of them.

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      • I have read that Crowley was actually an MI5 agent, and the occult stuff was just misdirection. What do you think?

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        • I’ve read that too- but I also saw some reputable stuff that said that was not true. Seems weird that Crowley would be Intel; but weirder things have happened. In America we did similar psyops stuff so who knows.

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    • Well I’m not from the Bible Belt and I’m not even American and I am certainly not a fundamentalist Protestant so that shoots that theory down in smoke!
      Secondly,if people such as yourself, Navarro or anyone else wear clothes and have tattoos full of symbols but don’t believe in them, that indicates you are just following a trend, trying to shock or trying to appear ” cool”; this indicates a degree of immaturity and ,depending on how old ye are, is a bit sad and pathetic.Anyone who believes this stuff is a toxic and to be avoided! I don’t know you so I don’t know your motives but I can’t think of one single positive reason for decking yourself out like this and I was a punk with pink hair and a pierced nose in my youth, so I am not on about coloured hair,leather jackets, a few piercings and band t-shirts! I’m on about serious occult symbols and messages and images blasphemous to Christianity ( notice it’s always only against Christianity, never against Islam- why’s that then,eh?? Scared shitless,that’s why!!) So unless you can enlighten us as to any positive, character-enhancing reasons for the whole thing…..???
      You’ll probably bridle and state you don’t have to justify yourself to us.Yet,you expect US to justify,apologise or even full-on deny OUR beliefs and opinions! Hypocrisy,much??? Well,we are entitled to our opinions, our beliefs and to investigate and discuss these issues if we want and neither you nor anyone else has the right to try and shut us up! If you don’t like it , don’t read and don’t whinge,simple as that! Oh yes and grow up! Telling people with different beliefs to you that they are ” fucking morons” is juvenile and pathetic! You need to look in a mirror and have a serious word with yourself,bai!!

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  10. You are very ignorant if you believe all you read..write more of your experiences, then you your might have impact on life and you just might be remembered when you are gone.

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  11. 1. The kids from “West Memphis 3” were framed big time.
    2. He married Carmen Electra in an “Eyes Wide Shut” type of ceremony.
    3. Dont put Henry Makow on a pedestal, hes a total moron and a self hating Jew. I bet u didnt know that he literally bought his last wife (3rd if I remember well) a 18 year old Filipina girl. No sane person would give credit to a retard who blames all evil on Earth on gay ppl, women and feminists and one who thinks women shouldnt wear jeans…. Go figure.
    4. Last but not least, not all occult is bad. And dont forget about religion, THE REAL PRISON OF THE HUMAN MIND, whether u like it or not.

    Post a Reply
    • No pedestal for Makow intended xyzc. And yes- it appears the WM3 were victims of some kind of strange fuckery. William Ramsey wrote a book about this case that I’m scheduled to read here any week now… It’s an interesting case as most of the celebs who came out in support are known for Satanic imagery and Illuminati symbolism.

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      • Several Hollywood celebs came out in defense of those three murderers. Johnny Depp was one of them.

        I don’t know why you would seem to want to defend them, but I would suggest you get Mr Ramsey’s book and read it for the real truth on these vermin.

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        • I watched those WM3 docs and felt for them, but the fact that all of the occultists came out in defense makes it suspicious. I also want to be careful and not label occultists as being ‘evil’ so to speak. Just because people follow that left hand path doesn’t make them bad, it just depends on how nefarious they take their activities. Some of these occultists seriously want the death of all Christians but others are merely following their own beliefs, which I’m fine with. It’s a tangled web of strangeness…

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      • No strange fuckery. Read the case files on Callahan. When I just watched the serious I was like, those poor dudes. Now, after reading all the files and listening to Misskelly’s confession and hearing his voice I flipped.

        Echols is definitely not “innocent”. However, I don’t think in today’s world he should have been put on death row.

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    • They were not framed. I’ve read everything on that site (Callahan) over the last two years and I can’t believe I was dumb enough to watch some slanted movies and believe that they were innocent.

      Read Echols 100s of pages of psych evals and trip to the psych ward for damaged teens and this isn’t just a kid that liked to wear black and read Stephen King, he was seriously delusional and this was the eval of several doctors prior to these murders.

      But whatevs, not the place to argue that case.

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  12. I’m not sure if it was mentioned, but the tattoo he’s got on his throat is not just the “satanic cross” but it is in fact the symbol for sulphur, a symbol for Satan himself.

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    • Andrew

      it is also the symbol for mercury, as well as it has to do with his zodiac sign gemini

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    • A commit like this about his mother is a really low blow and down right rude. They where murdered by a ex-boyfriend was unable to let go. Before you go attacking him you might want to rad his book. You will understand him a lot better. The symbol on his neck is also the symbol of masculinity. In light of the fact that he has been accused of being gay, it may be his way putting that ugly rumor to bed. Or maybe he just thought it looked cool. It sounds like someone it just pissed that Dave is famous and rich and they not. I am sick of seeing celebrities beaten up in the press because they want to live they lives the way the see fit.

      WHO WOULD IT HUNT IF HE DID WORSHIP SATEN? He is not forcing anyone to see his point of view, just live his life and have fun doing it.

      Aslynn M

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      • English is your friend and if it’s not, use Google Translate.

        Who would it hurt? For real? How about every kid that listens to the music which glorifies promiscuity, drug use, and self-harming behavior?

        This is a dude kicked out of the Playboy mansion for using his blood to decorate the walls, almost kills utility people while on a heroin binge, and went to rehab multiple times.

        Like he has a right to worship Satan or Lucifer or whatever they want to call it now, but to pretend that its all fun and games and love and light is stupid.

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        • Yes, I will be the first to admit my grammar is not that great.

          But at least I have the balls to post my name and not sign in as a guest.

          If you asked a hundred people under the age of 20 I doubt half of them would know who Jane’s Addiction is.

          Yes he was kicked out of the Playboy mansion for doing something stupid. but he has personally been invited back by Hefner himself.

          As for the utility workers if you were even half as famous a celebrity and he is now and was then you would also be paranoid when someone you don’t know in the middle of the night comes walking up to your front door.

          He knows what he did was stupid. Hell he almost killed himself a few times.

          But I bet you there’s a million other people that are not celebrities that are not in the public eye that have fone just exactly the same thing he did.

          If you have something to say to me my Twitter us @ashlynnmattews , and Daves us @Davenavarro. I’m sure he’d love to give you peace of hus mind. And your welcome twitter me anytime.


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          • thank you hun I actually get that in my feet as well as I do follow Dave.

            the main reason I went off in the first place had really nothing to do with whether or not he is a Satanist. it had more to do with the rude and uncalled for comment about his mother that’s just one thing I can’t deal with that was rude and uncalled for a 15 year old child is not going to partake in some sort of conspiracy involving his mother and a woman he called his aunt so

            I don’t have any particular religious beliefs myself I have studied Wicca but here regardless of my choices I will always champion somebody else’s choice to do what they want

          • I agree with most of what you have saying Ashlynn- I don’t honestly mind what people choose to believe in, so long as they’re not harming others. It seems to me that in America here most people claim Christianity; yet many of the celebs/entertainers are focused in on something entirely different. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but I do believe that raises a lot of questions. Particularly; “Are the Illuminati steering us into a certain direction?”…

          • It has nothing to do with “balls” and everything to do with “don’t feel like it”. That’s the beauty of choice, Ashlynn.

            Dave has been in and out of rehab, has been involved in sexual harassment suits, almost shot some people, and whether or not he was invited back when he was at the Playboy mansion he had a choice between behaving respectfully and…littering the walls with his BLOOD.

            Now, only someone so far off into outerspace of fandom cannot see how maybe these choices are not full of positivity and light.

            So you got this dude who quite possibly scared the shit out of several women with this weirdness, shooting up H like it’s going out of style, splattering his blood (which could be tainted as a heroin addict) on walls while wearing occult tshirts, tatting himself up with black magic shit and we’re supposed to forget all that because he’s hot, plays guitar and posed for PETA?


            How about I pray he doesn’t kill himself on drugs and we call it a day?

          • You make some good points also- how could someone partake in such ‘dark’ activities and then turn it off elsewhere?…

          • I’ve considered what I wanted to say on Dave Navarro and it probably goes for others as well. Many evil people throughout history have had friends. They’ve been likable, engaging, and charismatic. In every story of the Buddha or Jesus where the devil (yes, Buddhism has one, too) arrived he was always charismatic and chatty. Evil is a choice that souls make. Good people are limited in that they are not supposed to ever make evil choices, but evil people are not so limited. They can be good and funny and affable when they choose to be.

            Now, Navarro may very well be a great guy to his friends, but he has held the hand of Satan (cocaine). There is a reason another name for blow is “the devil”. He has touched that other side. There is a reason for his suicide attempts, his self-harming behavior, his lack of boundaries and it’s not “Christianity” now is it?

            It’s not “Christianity” or “Buddhism” which is driving him to try and take his own life, not a particularly Christian culture (we’re just not even tho people claim that) which is forcing him to scar and self harm.

            His actions are like two people, one that is dark (sexual harassment, shooting blood on walls, drug ABUSE, suicide) and one that is lighter, the artist, the engaging person in interviews. That is usually the way of those who have knowingly or inadvertently embraced the realm of dark spirits. He may not even be conscious of the fact that he’s “sharing” his skin suit with something. It may seem natural to him and part of his artistic sensibility.

            I say if you actually care for him, instead of defending him, pray for him.

          • just an FYI again I happen to be Wiccan.
            and my daughter was a born again Christian, but yet after her boyfriend beat her so badly she had to have a steel plate put in her collarbone. she tried overdosed on the exact same combination of drugs the Dave Navarro used to doso before you go saying the Christians are also good at high and mighty you might want to think about the sheer number of priests that have been punished for abusing little boys and all the other Christian that have done things ten times worse than what Dave has done and I keep seeing it repeated over and over again about the sexual harassment charges. sexual harassment charges were against Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck no wherever and any publication was it ever said that the charges were filed against Navarro. I am not some stupid kid, who worships a celebrity musician I am the mother of three I have been married for a very long time and I also have tattoos of my own and plans for many more I wear a symbol around my neck that is a symbol of the pagen in Trinity the mother and the Crone. so before you go telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about you might want to think again I am well versed in the kind of lifestyle does he is led, cocaine and heroin makes you do some really stupid things and yes he has done some really stupid 6 but he has turned his life around and has been clean for over 4 years I’m sorry having the female role model in your life ripped away from you at 15 years old and see where you’re going to be and how you’re going to handle it. and all the while to decades of drug abuse managed to become one of the greatest guitarist alive. and yes I will be the first to admit he is an arrogant son of a bitch.If you watc him on his show Dark Matter, on TradioV you will see. but it still doesn’t make him and member of the Illuminati or a Satanist

    • @Ashlynn

      What individual people say they believe in has very little to do with the doctrine. By your logic because Bill Clinton is involved in this Epstein pedophile scandal and they’re both Democrats all Democrats are pedophiles.

      Compare the philosophy of the Gospels with that of Crowley and his “infernal path” and how women are represented for a more accurate view.

      I believe that a lot of people who claim Christianity are in fact not and influenced by Satan.

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      • I’d like to point out that while childhood and trauma certainly informs us, it doesn’t excuse us or Charles Manson wouldn’t be in prison right now. I don’t know if people are referring to the antics of the RHCP tours or Ink Master, but I don’t see misogyny in practice (playboy mansion, groupies, etc) as a great value to put forth or one that a wiccan with belief in balance between Lord and Lady ought to endorse, either.

        Thelema is a hyper-masculine occult tradition with bisexuality as practice solely to raise man above woman. While that is a symbol of sulfur, it is also a symbol for the same Church of Satan whose founder cursed and believes that he was responsible for the death of Jayne Mansfield and husband. These are the same people wrapped up in the Process Church and death of the LaBianca’s and Tate by the Family.

        What seems “cool” and “harmless” is not. They endorse and by wearing satanic tees and tats a belief system that would turn women into nothing more than sex kittens and sexual playthings for men.

        Is the role “sex kitten” truly more empowering than “mother”–to a Wiccan? You believe this?

        One has creative and life bringing power, the other is just a hole that men play with.

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  13. I’m a huge fan of Ink Masters. I have no tattoos (mainly because I’m terrified of needles), but love watching the artistry coming from the contestants! It’s fun to watch and I love the judges and all their personalities mixed with their own styles.
    My question is this…. I am a Christian and it’s not my place to judge…. However, I became intrigued by the tattoo on Dave’s neck and look it up and voila I’m on this post. Without judgmental comments(honestly I’ll watch him and the show regardless), does him wearing the tattoo mean he’s a Satanist? Or is it symbolical of his gender(male) and what that represents to him? Has he publicly made a claim/comment for what it represents to him personally? Curious mind wants to know. Like I said… I’ll still watch the show as long as it runs and peaks my interests.

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    • I’m right there with you XP- I love Ink Master (and I’ve got a lot of tattoos- probably more than I should!). The question of whether or not he is a Satanist is open for speculation. I’d *GUESS* he is. He wears shirts that say negative things about Christians and hangs out with Damien Echols of the WM3. Even if he is a Satanist he seems like a nice guy. That wouldn’t make him a bad person- just misinformed. 🙂

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      • I love Ink Master. Being a satanist doesn’t mean you don’t know good ink.

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    • XP I have done a lot of research on Dave and his tattoos. No I do not think he is a Satanist, I assume the tee’s are his way to rebel. Even are his age we still rebel. I know he has studied a lot of religions, and does not follow anyone in particular one. (By his own statement)

      As far as being a nice guy, he is like all people he can be nice at times but catch him on a bad day and he can be an asshole. He also a very private person. He is also very outspoken, if a thought goes though his brain, it most likely will come out his month. So do not ever ask him something you might not like the answer to.

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      • Because you know him, right?

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        • No I do not know him personally. But between the all the shit I have read on the on net I can say that I know enough to make that statement

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          • **eyeroll**

          • Mr or Ms Guest.

            Unless you are Dave Navarro himself, which I’m sure he would have the courage to sign in with a real name.

            You can take your rolling of your eyes and stuff it where the Sun don’t shine.

            Take the time to try to research what you’re commenting on.

            @AshlynnM on twitter

      • @Ashlynn

        My advice to you is to NOT use your real name on the Internet. You seem young and somewhat clueless as to the dangers of doing so. The amount of information that people can data mine on you from your twitter and social media is extreme.

        You don’t know Dave Navarro anymore than any person on this board. Just because I am a fan of Kit Harrington doesn’t make me an expert on his character (although I would love to be).

        Don’t become so wrapped up in these strangers that you lose common sense that can protect you.

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        • for your information I’m 49 years old I am well aware of the dangers of the Internet as you can trust me even if you could figure out my real name or where I live I am Not Afraid anybody on this website and no I don’t know him personally but there is enough information on the internet about him to be able to get a good understanding of him.

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          • Right there you put your name, age, etc. If some (I’ll say this because you seem to fear them) “Christian” wanted to hunt you down and burn you as a witch it would not be hard just from what you told people.

            You say you have three kids…more info that shouldn’t be on the net. Maybe you don’t care, but they might. You’re just not being very smart or sensible about the world you live in and the inordinate amount of cruelty people are willing to inflict on others who do not succumb to their views.

            By all means continue to make your own choices, but don’t taunt others who don’t want to have a million stalkers knocking at their doors.

  14. Dave Navarro wasn’t even in the red hot chili peppers during blood sugar sex magik. He was with them for one album.. One hot minute. You need to do your research better dumbass

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      • “…..so I’m not sure that there’s anything “sinister” about this, but I thought I’d throw it in the mix anyways:”

        Let’s throw any odd thing together whilts we are at it. We KNOW it must be evil. We just haven found the Weapons of Mass Distractions yet.

        Lots of youtube and Google hits collage. Interesting. Just no academic principle or value. Basically another dramatic gossip page. I wonder what you get from that? How much do you make? The feeling of power, grandeur. ALL those Illumine talking to you here here. You must be very important each one of you Crusaders.

        Pity like many say you skipped solid argument like the Satan hand symbol also signifies the pagan God of NATURE Pan. Witchcraft is a religion honouring nature, not abusing it. So they are even againts littering in forest, prefer bio-dehradable stuff… But kill babies. Makes perfect sense.

        No they don’t beleive you have to follow everything you’re taught without looking past the distance of your nose. We INDIVIDUALISTS of various paths, or none, beleive in knowledge and free will. Christ also taught that.

        Some Satanists don’t even beleive in an actual Satan. Saying this is Satan greatest tool is valid. As is valid as him being the necessary evil of Jewdaism, the challenger, temper of Islam. But what do I know. I studied must make me an Illuminati, right? Thanks for the compliment, it mean I went so deep I must be very powerful.

        So powerful iam actually talking to you here! Yes, we are watching each one of you!

        Some People who feel they are permanently watches, sees evil everywhere…. Take medication for it. Or therapy at least. But to each it’s imaginary demons.

        And yes Christianity is THE ONLY RELIGION. Jews think Satan is not the same as our Satan? We knew it!

        Some Africans beleive in a trister, a teacher? Of course. They are Blacks. What do you expect?

        Persians beleive in A version of The Morning Star. Lucifer? Thank God for Ethnic Cleaning. Let’s help!

        Let’s burn Witches, Satanist and every non Christians.

        Hail the Holocaust.

        Hail The Inquisition!

        Let’s bring back the Golden Age of the (dark) Medieval Age….

        Christ preached peace…. Offer the other check… I’m sure he meant that ONLY to us Christians….

        Let’s slander, gossip, campaign aggressively againts other beleifs and religions…. American Christians have travel to UK just to “Peacefully Demonstrate” their Passive Aggressive behavious… Too scared to come and talk to a witch. Pity their faith was not strong enough to sustain them that far… But as long as we speak with anger and promote aggression…….

        Hail Satan…


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  15. There is no illuminati conspiracy, its all nonsense. There is no evidence what so ever, of a secret cabal of occult followers , who control the world.

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  16. I cannot think of anything more satanic than Christianity. Look at all the evil and hate, on the part of “God” in their “good book.” the bible is full of murder and violence, and espouses the same. Is it not Christians who believe in Satan?

    That said, Dave Navarro strikes me as someone too unaware and witless to understand what he is doing. He is just an exploiter who loves any attention he can get. He doesn’t get energy and power from Satan, but rather from Christians who love to hate him.

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    • Yeh, yeh, the Gospels are full of hate. I think you’re talking about Judaism, homeslice.

      Show me where in the four Gospels that Jesus said anything other than to love and forgive people and I’ll sign on with props to you.

      Since you can’t, I claim bogus bullshit.

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    • That makes so much sense. It’s the Chrishuns fault. Derp.

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    • The old testament is certainly a strange bit of work and “God” is certainly a lot scarier than “Jesus”. I think the way Jesus seems to separate himself and state that it is “Moses” who gave the laws and not “God” he was creating a new religion, something many (not all) Christians don’t seem to get.

      Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.

      That was the religion of Jesus.

      I think the Old Testament is a history of people who had contact with other beings and attempted to explain them.

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  17. I frequent your site and feel the need to comment now. You seem to keep posting already published articles, like the Dave Navaro (sp?) one. Its happened a few times but I wasnt sure but now I am; are you reposting articles you’ve already posted? When i come here looking for new articles I dont want to see ones I previously read on the homepage marked as recently uploaded. That dave one has todays date and I specifically remember seeing it a few months back. Also you need to give Monarch Mind control more credit, its real and its fucking blatant you just need to be aware. I’m thinking of starting my own website based on the Monarch program and the celebrities who are Monarch assessts but I digress. Keep decoding the symbolism, its there and your good at it, but become aware of the symbols for monarch mind control. Read up on it more if you need too, theres this really awesome blog called psuedooccultmedia, check them out for a more detailed symbolic examination of Monarch Mind Control in the media. I like your site

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  18. I frequent your site and feel the need to comment now. You seem to keep posting already published articles, like the Dave Navaro (sp?) one. Its happened a few times but I wasnt sure but now I am; are you reposting articles you’ve already posted? When i come here looking for new articles I dont want to see ones I previously read on the homepage marked as recently uploaded. That dave one has todays date and I specifically remember seeing it a few months back. Also you need to give Monarch Mind control more credit, its real and its fucking blatant you just need to be aware. I’m thinking of starting my own website based on the Monarch program and the celebrities who are Monarch assessts but I digress. Keep decoding the symbolism, its there and your good at it, but become aware of the symbols for monarch mind control. Read up on it more if you need too, theres this really awesome blog called psuedooccultmedia, check them out for a more detailed symbolic examination of Monarch Mind Control in the media. I like your site and its appreciated but correct me if I’m wrong – stop reposting articles from like a month ago…

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  19. I still don’t understand how someone can be so biased in their observation of religion but yet also sound so thoroughly researched, good thing sheeple are easily convinced and can’t do their own thinking… as long as the person on the podium sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, who cares if it’s not 100% accurate.

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    • Most people feel that research is reading a few website that cater to their own brand of thinking. No one has time for books anymore or careful study.

      That is the clay that IlluminatiWatcher is working with right now. He has to get in and get out.

      We are controlled by social media, television, and all other “soundbyte” style devices to the point where no one has conversations anymore. They tweet, shout, or chat.

      This is how we are controlled and that type of easy, quick, and mindless communication has a far deadlier hold than any religion.

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  21. it is so wonderful how some people do not reason at all, what you like can means so much. take for instant Mr or Mrs or Miss or even Master A might like to live a life style of going about murdering people, advertise that doing what is bad is cool, raping, torture, advice people not to obey the law of the land, to mention a few of what some people may like. so logically according to what some people here are saying such person(s) should just be left to live their life since it is what the love. To be frank if u stop to take a look at the universe u will certainly agree with me that it is so wonderful. have u ever asked yourself how comes all these? since u know ur PC did not design itself. then u will see that there had to be someone very intelligent who did these. and it has to be someone very high in moral value to create so much Harmony in nature. then u will know that anything that oppose these harmony is a COMPLETE EVILL no matter what u may say

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  22. it is so wonderful how some people do not reason at all, what you like can means so much. take for instant Mr or Mrs or Miss or even Master A might like to live a life style of going about murdering people, advertise that doing what is bad is cool, raping, torture, advice people not to obey the law of the land, to mention a few of what some people may like. so logically according to what some people here are saying such person(s) should just be left to live their life since it is what the love. To be frank if u stop to take a look at the universe u will certainly agree with me that it is so wonderful. have u ever asked yourself how comes all these? since u know ur Computer did not design itself. then u will see that there had to be someone very intelligent who did these. and it has to be someone very high in moral value to create so much Harmony in nature. then u will know that anything that oppose these harmony is a COMPLETE EVILL no matter what u may say

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  23. @ Ashlynn we should be our brother’s keeper. unless you are just like him that may be the true reason u went out on all four to defend him so much. with all those mentioned traits none is something good to emulate u should advise him not encourage. because by their fruit u shall know them. (evil people) come to Africa where I come from u will feel and see the satanic power in display, they don’t even hide it here, ur friend if he is have all their criteria and ur opposer’s are right. u are damaging the world moral standards which are diminishing at alarming rate this days! satan is a trickster he will manipulate u to believes u are the smartest whereas u are the fool if u listen to him or likes his ways no matter how harmless it seems.

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  24. Thank you got posting this info. I not “in to” Dave N. I do watch Ink Master and was curious about his UNIF shirts and tattoos. I recognized the Satanic cross and started wondering, so yeah, thanks.

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  25. それはだかどうか|他のみんな の問題をあなたのブログ。 かのような状態になりますこれは、としても表示されますの一部書かれたテキストあなたの内に投稿がオフに実行されている画面。 他の誰かがことができますしてくださいフィードバックを提供、これは彼らに何が起こっているなら、私に知らせて同様に?私はこれが起こる持っていたので、インターネットブラウザ これは可能性が前に以前、私と問題問題であること。 ありがとうございます

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  26. Frequently work with persistent conditions such as
    allergies, intestinal and bowel problems, hormonal
    discrepancies and also the obese.

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  27. It’s pretty funny how u totally forgot to mention the huge upright cross on his right forearm lol

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  28. Hey NAVARO you sick dog. You will live off the crap of this earth and bow like everyone to the righteous Almighty. Jehovah have mercy on your pathetically short sighted decisions.

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  29. COME ON PEOPLE PLEASE, you are not talking about Satanism. THAT IS DEVIL WORSHIP!!!
    If you’d actually like to know the true belief of Satanists most is condensed on the website you provided, the church of satan and their frequently asked questions

    Also, the Satanic Bible is available in free PDF form. Just search “the Satanic bible by Anton LaVey PDF” and click on the first link.

    This whole page, clearly has no grasp on true satanism. Satanists are probably the happiest people in the world. Because in being a satanist, your purest goal is to pursue things for self advancement.
    Also contrary to all the foolishness I have read on this page;
    Satanism created by LaVey is an atheistic philosophy. There is no God, and if you would like to refer to anything as a God, it would be yourself. If you’d like to refer to the demonic religion you’re trying to refer to correctly it’s called Devil Worship and has nothing to do with LaVey.

    Satanism is all about intellectual omnipotence, pragmatism, and utilizing one’s potential.

    LaVey used Satan as the name of his belief because in Hebrew it means “adversary” or “accuser”. This comes from the position of satanism not believing in God OR the Devil. To question and to be innately keen to logical reason. To be adversary, or the opposite of all other religions. In Satanism, Satan is a symbol NOT a deity. Satan, in Christian belief, embodies all of their sins. Satan represents emotional, physical, and mental gratification. Since Satanists believe in living for yourself it’s easy to see why “Satan” and Satanic symbolism is used.

    The symbol of the Leviathan cross is also not the symbol of the Church of Satan, although they do use it. Their actual patented symbol is The Sigil of Baphomet, that can also be represented with the rock n’ roll hand signal (like that of Ba’al). Even though this sigil may look menacing, like everything else associated with Satanism, it is meant as a representational force. This force drives away anyone who lacks the intellectual prowess to realize the Devil (and God) do not exist. For example:
    Saying something like “Hail Satan!” shouldn’t bother a true Satanist because they are 100% firm in atheistic belief.
    (And if you’d like to know how all of these Satanic things come into play, it’s by realizing the adversary person/the accuser, Satan, is yourself. A Satanist saying “Hail Satan!” is saying “Hail thyself!”. Tattooing the sigil or even just hanging it in your house is a symbol of pride for one’s self)

    Satanists also would NEVER EVER harm a child, one of the number one ‘Rules’.

    And through all this yes I believe organizations exist, like the Illuminati that involve the 1%. Satanists openly admit they use each other and non-Satanists towards their own goal. It’s even encouraged. Since Satanism is all about self, it would make sense the rich Satanists would network with other rick Satanists to their mutual gratification.

    I’m not even saying this to try and change your mind. Nor do I care if Dave does or does not believe in and/or worship the Devil. I am simply trying to change wording and the association I have seen that people are bringing LaVey into. The wording is Devil Worship and LaVey had nothing to do with it.

    (Some like to call Devil Worship, Theistic Satanism but that is an oxymoron and incorrect)

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    • I actually agree with you. I’ve learned a lot about the occult, Satanism, etc. since I wrote this article and read Lords of the Left Hand Path.

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    • “Satanism is all about intellectual omnipotence, pragmatism, and utilizing one’s potential.”

      “it’s by realizing the adversary person/the accuser, Satan, is yourself.”

      Mutters the voice of another arrogant, prideful and completely ignorant fool spouting off at the mouth and clueless regarding the nature of their own existence.

      “We are spiritual beings in a temporary physical experience, at the end of which those who wanted to see, saw, and those who wanted to hear, heard.

      Pride will rob you of everything important, not only in this life . . . . . . but in eternity as well.

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  30. Possibly you overthought this?
    I think you’ll find he is just trying to look cool.

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  31. I think its funny all these bible thumpers talk about jesus this jesus that. But have they ever stopped to think about what the ritual of communion really is???? Its nothing more then a symbolism for canniblism. “EAT of this BREAD, for IT IS MY BODY. DRINK of this WINE, FOR IT IS MY BLOOD. Thru which you shall be “saved”. Sounds more canniblistic and satanic then anything else ive ever read. Let alone 90% of the stories in the bible were taken for religions that predate the bible. If you can open a bible and read what it says, then you should open other religous books and read more about what other religions have to say before you start “throwing stones”. All your words show is your hypocrates with no mind and thoughts of your own.

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    • “Sounds more canniblistic and satanic then anything else ive ever read. ”

      mutters the voice of ignorance simply regurgitating mindless drivel from others, who himself is entirely devoid of ANY spiritual experience, understanding or knowledge.

      For if you were your words would never appear here as even now they mock you from beyond the vale.

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  32. WOW! I honestly felt my brain cells crying as I read this. Seriously one of the worst blogs I’ve ever came across. Do people actually take any of this seriously? YIKES if they do. You guys realize Dave Navarro has said many times he is just simply fascinated by the occult and anything mystical. Talk about reading too much into something and having no life.

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  33. I noticed in a few episodes that Navarro was wearing a cross necklace, cool right. Well they do theta critics over a table that is a black mirror and the cross is upside down. And today he was wearing a t-shirt “lead me into temptation” which is a play on a bible verse. You can say it’s the name of a song he likes, and the leviathan cross tattoo is a alchemy symbol. But when you see it all together you know he and the network have a ominous more hidden meaning. So I guess if you have kids don’t let them influence them at a young age. If you have teenagers who like the art of tattoo then I would recommend teaching them about symbolism and the hidden meanings so they have no control over their subconscious minds.

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  34. In this article you showed a picture of Dave Navarro in a bathtub full of blood. I just read an LAWeekly article “Dave Navarro made me cry” in which she posts a picture in Navarro house, of a little girl in a tub of blood, just like the one you posted of him. Could this picture of the little girl be the inspiration for the pic of Dave in the tub? Great insights all the same.

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  35. I am Pagan, and I’m proud!
    I am Pagan, gonna shout it loud!
    I am Pagan, want the world to know, that I follow the Goddess ’cause she rocks my soul!…
    …Well you take your path
    And I’ll take mine
    A little tolerance
    And we’ll both be fine
    Keep an open mind
    It’ll set you free
    And Goddess bless,
    so mote it be!”
    – From the song “I am Pagan” by the band Spiral Rhythm

    There is so much misinformation and fear mongering on this site. Occult doesn’t = Satanic. Also, Satanism is not what many people think. Research, people!! It’s quite easy to do.

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  36. Not surprised, saw some of this stuff before and it’s pretty obvious dude’s a Satanist. Good luck, Dave Navarro, you’ll need it later.

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  37. I listened to Isaac on Navarro’s podcast, and he certainly didn’t sound like he was on the “leading edge” of anything. A lot of stammering, an inability to state clear facts and a complete lack of confidence were what I heard. You’re selling obtuse “facts” to confused people Isaac. Where did you do your research? On other sites like this?

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  38. The simple mind of a human is easily manipulated through pride and arrogance, which are instruments of “entities” who know their order and more importantly, the order of flesh laden humans.

    Only mindless arrogant fools dismiss the primary state of human existence, which in this world, is in fact ruled by a cunning “entity” who has blinded the masses to his existence to the extent that they now mock The One who created him . . . . . . . . . . . .

    How ironic!

    Pity the fool who’s arrogance and pride convince him of lies he’s not even aware of.

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  39. I find it extremely difficult to believe the author of this article actually believes what he writes. This must be fake. And if not, WOW, ignorant.

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