Non-Illuminati Symbolism in Yelawolf ft Eminem ‘Best Friend’ Music Video

This is the first time I’ve made a post about something that was non-Illuminati symbolism, but given the importance of it, I thought it best to share. 99% of the time I’m usually hatin’ on the rappers and musicians that push the occult and Illuminati symbolism (while exposing them- Eminem included), but I thought it best to share something that was more uplifting and non-Illuminati, and that is precisely what you’ll see in Yelawolf ft Eminem’s Best Friend music video.

Even though the lyrics do make reference to killing those that get in their way, the overall message of the song is in support of Christianity (in my opinion). Check it out and let me know what your take on it is in the comments below. Is this a turning point for the music industry? Are they tired of being labeled occultists and trying to clean up their act? It’s an interesting idea that I think we should support if we want to see a positive change in music and get it away from the negativity and the ‘low vibrational revenue formula.’


And for those of you who don’t think Yelawolf is on the proper side of this argument, take a listen to this older clip of him on the All Out Show:

Here’s the video:


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. NOOOOO, not Yelawolf!!! 🙁 Though he is signed by Universal, so not entirely surprising….

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    • Commented before reading, isn’t it? 🙂

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  2. I have mixed feelings about this, I’m happy that someone does the right thing, but on the other hand is sad that we are living in times when something absolutely normal is an event 🙂

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    • Exactly, squirrelfriend. Saying something semi-positive about Christianity or Christian icons is an event now.

      A few years ago when the people I thought were alarmists were saying that we would end up being in a situation where people couldn’t openly be Christians I really thought that was doody, same thing with War on Christmas. I don’t anymore.

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    • Do the right thing??? I don’t think so. Time to take the blinders off. This song is blasphemous to say the least. He is a great promoter of his conniving God, satan.

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      • I agree. It says in the end times man will challenge god as if he can defeat him. So to the father son and holy spirit I got a best friend. He’s saying his best friend is Satan. Don’t believe in the bible but born in the bible belt. No music’s not turning for the better. Sadly its all been worse from the beginning.

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    • Thanx, future Mrs Harrington 😉 can’t wait to read

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      • Haha, I am against all I believe in to use the Law of Attraction to bring Kit to me.

        @Illuminati Watcher, sorry I may have to start flashing the hand signs now.

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  3. Dumb du dumb dumb, duuuuuuuumb!!

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  4. Thank God i Rather see them die christians instead of living as an illuminati puppet

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    • Deep statement but if they were your family It’d be deeper

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    • They are NOT going to die Christians. There’s nothing Christian in this song. There’s nothing Christian about eimem.

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      • How is there nothing Christian in this song?? And have you seen the video that Eminem did with Anonymous, Korn and Ice Cube? You should check it out. It’s pretty awesome.

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  5. That is the lamest song I have ever heard.

    I guess if you’re gullible enough to buy christianity you would be gullible enough to by this illuminati bs.

    It’s all based on the satirical novel you know don’t you?

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    • First, I’m not certain the song is about Christianity, but I would hardly jump on board with someone who uses words like “gullible” to describe something that is evidence-based (at least where the Illuminati) is concerned.

      Isaac has stated repeated that this is just what he chooses to call it.

      However, another word would be “Cabel of elite businessmen like the CEOs of Monsanto, Rothschild Consulting, Bank of America, Soros Investments, or the Carlyle Group, all of whom have been documented by Pulitzer Prize winning journalists and are the main reason former NYT reporter Glenn Greenwald (if you’re so smart you would have actually heard of him) and Jeremy Scahill no longer live in the US.

      You might also get your head out of the rock and look at anything on Wikileaks from Sony to understand that these “entertainment” companies are in bed with industries like Department of Defense, the NSA, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

      Explain why Walt Disney received millions during war time and AFTER from the government if not to produce propaganda.

      Explain why singers from the Doors, the Mamas and the Papas, the Youngbloods, CSNY–all had contracts out of Laurel Canyon and were all the children of “flag level” admirals.

      It takes a non-gullible person to question these things and not bleat and baa like a bunch of self-contented, childlike sheep.

      And as for “Christianity”, to quote South Park creator Trey Parker:

      Out of all the ridiculous religion stories — which are greatly, wonderfully ridiculous — the silliest one I’ve ever heard is, ‘Yeah, there’s this big, giant universe and it’s expanding and it’s all going to collapse on itself and we’re all just here, just because… That to me, is the most ridiculous explanation ever.

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      • Because :)))) that’s a strong reason

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      • This comment is such a beautiful capsule of irrefutable facts that add up.

        Well said, & nice quote at the end. Watching South Park, I laugh, but moreso my mind blows at how much those dudes making it are in on.

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    • I didn’t hear any Jesus reference I’ve believed for years & more since coming across this site that Eminem isn’t even who’s been appearing I definitely believe the videos depict that The record sounds like he’s German or something Wether he writes for the lookalike then the distributor waters it down or if that is the real Eminem They definitely aren’t Christians just for flashing crucifixes & Yelawolf obviously is being used as a pawn to a pawn to a pawn to breakthrough to will listen He could very well be talking about what deprogramming but I know he’s speaking on the inevitable that he gave in to

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      • I suggest u should go back to school or at least take some pills

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        • I finally listened to it and have a couple of comments.

          I have long thought that Eminem and Kanye made some deal that they are now uncomfortable with, which is why Eminem refuses to live in Hollywood and lives over there past Lakeshore in seclusion which is also why he and Kim are on and off and you can see them hugged up at basic ass Coney island Dogs (not in Coney Island) or outside Josefs.

          I almost think there is possession at work because Em’s music is just weird, it goes back and forth from Rainman to this sort of “break free” thing, but he also does A LOT for metro Detroit that he doesn’t publish, just good things for people there.

          That video was very deep and it was also that Em that used to hang out at the HHS that we would allegedly get fake IDs to go see, if you could like do that and stuff. I mean, ya know pre 911 ahem.

          Anyway, something’s up in that.

          They were in Q of A which is a serious church back home (I used to go there and it shocked me they were in there because you have to talk to the diocese and prove it is NOT sacrilegious to be inside filming).

          It feels like they were striving for something in the same way that Kanye is with that weird ap to get his mom into Heaven.

          Why does Kanye think his mom isn’t there?

          Why does Em say that thing about the Higher power and look up at the dome and call himself a sinner?

          Strange stuff….

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          • Note how at least
            Notorious B.I.G.,
            have all been notoriously involved with “Kim”.
            Wonder what’s the significance.




          • Kanye definitely has admitted he comprises to satisfy his employers but that doesn’t explain the subliminals Eminem’s handlers put in all his videos

          • seems like you have some slight insider knowledge considering it sounds like you lived in that area and know it well. curious about yer comment that Em and Kim are still on and off. is it true people see them around hugging on each other at the present time? that would seem strange considering Em is insistent that he’s single and not looking for a relationship. If they r in a relationship that would be strange and i wonder what’s up with that.

          • They’ve been on and off for years but he doesn’t talk about it anymore. He even became friends again with his mom and not a big deal is made out of that. Minutes after he did his mom runs her mouth telling everyone in Detroit (and then it made press) that he and Kim are back together and friendlier than ever. Immediately his PR rep says its not true.

            He’s just a private person back home. There is something legit-a-weird about Michigan and about that whole area.

            Sorry, Eminem…if you remember after their second marriage, when he left her she kept telling everyone she had no clue what happened he just woke up one day and acted like someone else entirely and left.

            I think he was possessed and I think drugs help whatever the being is stay in the body. A lot of people who become possessed pray a lot thinking that will keep “it” out but finally end up getting exorcisms. I know people think this show is weak but…watch Ghost Adventures, all of them have been exorcised at some point.

  6. Rap-doll Eminem swearing in church

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  7. l hope emie wants to leave illuminati and become a x_tian man like D M X ,n 2pc

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    • When you realize there is a devil, you wake up to the fact that there is also a God. I think Em’s there, but I also think that all the tragedy in he and Dre’s life pretty much tells you wassup.

      He’s probably towing the line and allowing the possession to keep his kids and Kim safe.

      She was so confused years ago because the person she knew was very different. She would say things like, he would come up different and someone she didn’t know. She would say words like possession to describe it, but maybe Kim was right.

      I actually had chills with this song because every once in a while you see the old Em and this is one of them. He really is one of the best rappers in history when he’s on top and he killed this bitch, while talking about God.

      Someone’s not going to be happy.

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  8. I hope those bound and in darkness, find their way into the light. Such creative minds can be great tools for our side of the fight.

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  9. Look, I know it’s fun to fantasize about things like “he’s fighting them from the inside!” but in all honesty, I just have to say 2 words to illustrate what happens when they don’t have total control of one of their puppets: Michael Jackson.

    I wanted to like this song when I heard of it awhile back, but it’s terribly subpar musically, & Yela doesn’t rap at all. Just that lame singing shit. (Singing isn’t lame. This is.)
    The things being said are never explicit about Christianity, or better, Jesus, but they do reference large power on their side killing those who mock & oppose them…

    God doesn’t smite those who mock & oppose Yelawolf & Eminem, I’m sorry.

    And this is what, the 16th Eminem clonedroid we’re on at this point?

    Come on..

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    • Actually, Father, SON, and Holy Spirit does reference “Jesus” since he’s that “Son”. Yelawolf does come from the Bible Belt and that shit rubs off. It is literally all around you down here and he also grew up around black people in the South which I don’t care who they are the women in their family go to church (and most of the men do, too). I have done searches on this song, and in the comments black dudes (and black women) are holding this song up, talking Church, talking GOD, so I’m not sure if this is meant to be satanic how well they did at delivering that message since it went the opposite direction. All sorts of “Em and Yela are taking us to CHURCH” comments or “God be PRAISED” comments.

      So if Satan sent that message he oopsed.

      Because all it did was remind a bunch of people that some of their favorite entertainers don’t talk about God anymore and they were asking why.

      Now, I was skeptical of this, too. I gave up on Em a long time ago when he started with Rihanna and the signs he makes, but I also think he’s pressed under the influence and has something inside him that he wants out.

      The raps are different, too. I read an interview where he was talking about Rainman and some of the others and he kept saying “That wasn’t me” and the interviewer goes, “Oh, yeh, drugs will do that to you” and let it slide.

      He might just be honest right now and trying to admit what he can’t admit openly. Like the part in the song where he says he’s afraid of failure.

      I think he IS telling us something and its the same thing Kanye’s starting to do. It’s like they’re afraid for their souls and their family’s souls–why?

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  10. Its not a non-illuminati music video by Yelawolf. Eminem shows 666 in the music video at 02:44 when Eminem says The patience of mine is thinner.

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  11. I know you wanted this to be a non-illuminati post but I’m going to have to agree with Atul, when they say they spotted Eminem’s hand symbolism of 666 in the video. Now I’m not sure if this alludes to Illuminati symbolism but I thought Eminem’s lyrics were filled with Satanism.

    I am still unclear about Yealwolf’s message but Eminem’s is clear. If you look closely at his lyrics you can see his development from starting off in the music industry as asking God for guidance but then being lured into satan worshipping and (possibly the illuminati) with the hope that it would make him a better rapper and stronger person.

    In the first part of his rap he’s asking God to arm him- or help him with his anger issues and make him ‘peaceful like Ghandi’ . (Eminem has been known not to handle criticism very well, but he’s also his own worst critic)

    “God, please could you arm me with the armor
    To calm me when there’s drama like Gandhi
    Could have gone the other way many times
    Could have turned Dalai with the lama
    But I squashed my beefs and things seem to be looking decent recently,
    But don’t jinx it
    It’s like Clint Eastwood looking for peace”

    Then he goes on to say that he doesn’t want to become a saint or anything but he does have a moral conscious and is trying to be remorseful.

    “Though maybe not finna enta’ the priesthood,
    But at least should make an attempt to show some remorse
    And to be some sorta repenter
    For the people I’ve been a menace ta’ ”

    He goes on to says instead of snapping at people he takes his revenge out on the mic. When he snaps, and loses control of his rage he can harness it into the ability to rap. But he raps some pretty offensive things and says that he’s not going to apologize to God (or anyone else) because he says he is a sinner and is content in living a life of sin. Then the line comes in ” I got a best friend”- but he’s not talking about The Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. :

    “Enta’ the mind of a thick skinned, but a short temper
    This patience of mine is thinner. {{{666 symbolism in the video}}}
    Than twine is when I get attacked
    So I might say something back that might offend you
    So if you don’t like when I rap
    Of what I have to say on the mic then you
    Might wanna act just like quarterbacks
    And take a fuckin’ hike when I snap cause I’m a sinner
    (I got a best friend, best friend)

    The next few lines Eminem talks about his weaknesses: he’s prideful, he’s insecure, he’s afraid of failure. He says he only listens to his gut, meaning he doesn’t think things out or give time to process his emotions. He’s motivated by fear and instinct and is his own worst enemy. Since it seems to him that God hasn’t deliver Eminem from his fears, weaknesses and faults, Eminem says God “can’t tell him nothing” and “He’s not his best friend”.

    “Plus balls and intestines
    And they never been yes men
    They gon’ tell me when I’m fuckin’ up
    The minute I’m ever giving it less than
    I’m about to vomit and I can feel it coming
    Cause failure’s something I can barely stomach
    And I only listen to my guts
    So unless you’re my fuckin’ belly button
    Don’t tell me nothin’
    You ain’t my (best friend, best friend)”

    The next part, the first line is “who you think I’m talking about?” Eminem’s asking the listener a rhetorical question – it is of course, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit- the “best friend” that has been mentioned throughout the entire song. Then he introduces his NEW best friend – Satan. Now that Eminem’s got a “higher power” ( Satan) when he “blacks out” ( or goes into his fits of rapping rage) the sheeple (mindless consumers) are powerless, and crowd around, and even pay to see Eminem perform. Black sheep or goats are commonly used to mock the symbolism behind Jesus, the white, perfect sacrificial lamb.

    ” Who you think I’m talking ’bout?
    Lifts me up when I’m down and out
    Still look to him without a doubt
    Still got a (best friend, best friend)
    Shout it out like there’s never been a louder mouth
    Should have never been allowed a mouth
    Now that I got a higher power
    Now when I black out power outage
    They powerless, but they crowd around
    They tend to flock like shepherds the black sheep
    But I’ll be the worst thing that these motherfuckers ever herd”

    Thats not all of his verse but I think I made my point. Maybe I’m looking too much into it, but when I saw him touch both thumbs to both index fingers to make the sign of 666 I knew something was not right.

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  12. I like this song. It is about his struggles as a sinner and finding God. I believe its also a threat to anyone who tries to take away his freedom of religion. If you listen you can hear that. If you spit on my grave..I’ll send you up to my best friend…Its nice to hear..Its not satanic…but its a threat don’t tread on my Christianity. He admits not knowing much about the bible…but he is making a big statement on his relationship with God.. Yes the language is bad but at least he is passionate which so many people are missing right now…I say we are just watching his inner struggles through this video…Pray for those who are struggling

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    • Don’t be fooled.

      Does he confess that Jesus is Lord. 1 John 4:3 says,

      “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.”

      No open confession, not a real Christian.

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  13. can you talk about phenomenal music video too?
    It definitly had to do sth with illuminati

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  14. he is obviously talking about the devil
    im a sinner … I got a best ….
    let the trumpets blow with you appearance
    god does not appear in the last days …
    but christ and antichrist do

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  15. Idk about yellawolf but it’s clear that every time eminem is saying something about if you don’t like what I’m rapping and he says “you ain’t my(best friend, best friend)” he is pointing up and looking up as if he is talking to God. Clearly and blatantly letting you know where his allegiance lies. Don’t be fooled people because he’s in a church, or i should say in a building where the church comes,some of the same people who are in the church every Wednesday and Sunday are not on the narrow path. This song is garbage a slap in the face to God really and the music is garbage to boot. Sorry guys this might not be full of illuminati symbolism but it is full of disrespect to God and blasphemy.

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    • I couldn’t agree more. The blatant disrespect for GOD and the level is blasphemy is worse than any illuminati symbolism.

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  16. You know, when you choose to follow the Lord you have a heart change. The bible tells us that Satan comes as an Angel of Light sometimes. I think this video depicts that scripture perfectly. There have been many songs written that uses scripture verse. “To every thing, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn”. Remember that one? There are moral and spiritual lines you don’t cross. And this guy crossed them. Read the book to figure it out. This is predictive programming at its best. There is an anti Christ coming don’t forget. And most people are going to believe he’s the savior. His name is Saran. This video is just preparing the dumbed down masses for him. Don’t be fooled.

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  17. Die With Eminem!And Other Satanic Rappers…
    Die With Illuminati
    I Listened This Music Several Times But I Didn’t Find Any Thing Satanic .
    Now When I Read the Comments Specially “Am rock’s” I Realized That Em Is Still In Illuminati.
    He Is Disrespecting To God And As Other Said He makes 666 Symbolism ….

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  18. I don’t believe he’s talking about sending his enemy up to God by killing him. As a Christian, you lift that person’s name to God.

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  19. I don’t believe he and Kim are back together she has been seen with another man. the man is the father of her son they have been together for awhile. He is seen often with her other children. The women tried to kill herself again. what does that say about her she has 3 baby daddies her sister died of an OD. Her mother is an alcoholic gambler. I cant image that Em beaning sober for over 8 years will put himself in that position. If he does then he’s a fool and a loser.

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  20. As an actual Christian I disagree with the idea that this song is in support of Christianity for the following reasons:

    1. The use of the wolf: In Christianity the wolf is a representation of a false prophet whose only function is the lead people astray. Mathew 7:15 says,

    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

    2. The cross and the church: It is not uncommon in contemporary times for singers to use symbols associated with Christianity as a way of mocking GOD and Christians. Furthermore, accepting something as the truth as nothing to do with your personal convictions regarding that thing. James 2: 19 says,

    “You believe that there is one God; you do well: the demons also believe, and tremble.”

    3. Ambiguity: A Christian can never be ambiguous about his or her beliefs. All though history true Christians have made their open declaration of faith regardless of the consequences. You either are or you are not, there can be no middle ground. Revelations 3:16 says:

    “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”

    Ambiguity or uncertainty of your Salvation is the same as not being a Christian.

    4. Apostasy: 1 John 4:3 says,

    “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.”

    Ephesians 2:2 says,

    “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience…”

    Basically, not making and open confession of your faith means that you are not a Christian. You are just another willing worker of evil/the devil/the illuminati/whatever you want to call it. He is just the puppet of a greater evil. This is just a ploy to lead people astray and to confuse them about real Christianity.

    5. Murder: Man is made in the image of GOD (Genesis 1:26-27). Even though that image has been tainted by sin (Genesis 5:3), the image of GOD was the original design. Murder (which is intentional killing, and yes, the BIBLE makes that distinction) is a sin because it is an assault on the image of GOD that man was originally made in. Therefore, to talk about murder so openly shows a further attack on GOD and incites violence.

    I used the BIBLE to show Eminem’s anti-christian attitude because as a Christian, I know that the BIBLE is the only objective standard against which I measure everything and test every spirit to see if it is from GOD (1 John 4:1).

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