A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Occult and Illuminati Analysis

Hello and welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com- your home for conspiracy theories hidden in pop culture. Today we’re going to take a look at one of my all-time favorite films: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

While I was still a child in 1984; I vaguely recall watching this film when it came out on VHS tape a few years later. Kudos to my father for exposing me to these horror films, which is probably not something “acceptable” for today’s children to be subjected to (chalk it up to being part of the last “free range” parenting generations). For me it sparked my interests in things of a darker nature and that would eventually lead me to creating this website in which I look at some of the more controversial aspects of life and taboo subjects.


I recently watched this film on Netflix while I was on an elliptical machine at the gym (I’ve probably seen it 20+ times now), and I couldn’t help but notice all of the occult symbolism that we’ve been exploring for years on this website so I thought it best to create an occult analysis post so you can take a look at what I’m seeing as well and determine if there is a secret “Illuminati” or occult message engrained into the story…

Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Poster

Freddy Kronos- The God of Death

Director Wes Craven also wrote the story about villain Fred Krueger who hunts children down in their dreams. He seems to be in touch with something of occult importance, although I’m not seeing anything that suggests he’s been initiated into the secret societies that we typically see people connected to.

Perhaps he’s unconsciously tapping into one of Jung’s planetary archetypes- particularly that of Saturn with Kronos…

Craven did in fact have his start in Hollywood through various porno films (allegedly he was involved with Deep Throat).  His pre-Nightmare films included Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes, so it’s very possible he was tapping into something because he would also later direct The Serpent and the Rainbow– a film that is packed full of esoteric and occult beliefs.

Serpent and the rainbow poster


You may ask who “Kronos” is, and I’d like to direct you to my post on Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube, in which you’ll see how the lineage of the “Illuminati” goes back through the ancient Greeks and Romans, who worshipped this figure known as Kronos; e.g. Saturn:

The ancient Romans worshipped the god Saturnus, who was the god of agriculture and time, and his reign was known as the time of Golden Age of peace and harmony. The Greek god that was the same as Saturnus was Cronus, the youngest of the Titans. The Carthaginian god Ba’al (or Moloch) was the same god, and devoured children (similar to Cronus who ate children).



Those of you that are familiar with IlluminatiWatcher.com already know that I’m going to point out the linkage of Saturn-Kronos to Ba’al-Moloch. It appears that Moloch is rearing his ugly head yet again; this time in the form of Freddy Krueger, a man who was molesting children and in essence “eating their souls” like Moloch did (*see the post I wrote dedicated to examining Moloch as well).

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch


In Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors we see Freddy as Kronos with his pulsating chest of souls as we learn that he devours the children in order to infer the power of their souls (the films were a bit ‘iffy’ on overtly mentioning the child molestation stuff at the beginning due to the concurrent real life McMartin case where systematic molestation was occurring):

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Chest of Souls NOES 3

Nightmare on Elm Street Chest of Souls

If you follow my train of logic you can see that Freddy is a supernatural entity that devours the souls of children. This is because he is part of the occult lineage that traces back to Moloch. The origins of this come from the pagan cultures of the Middle East; not far from where Craven was inspired to create this film.

In a 2005 twitchfilm.com interview, Wes Craven says the following:


I was studying eastern religions when I came up with the idea for Nightmare on Elm Street and really connected with the concept that all these things we think of as being spiritual are actually about very nitty-gritty everyday stuff. What the hell are we doing here? How do we deal evil? It’s amazing what you can talk about.

Craven grew up a Christian but seems to have strayed from the organized aspect of the religion (albeit only slightly- this is what I’m hearing him say from a few interviews I’ve read online). When you analyze enough works of art you start to see the fruits that bear from the industry that pumps out occult imagery and Illuminati symbolism.

Freddy Krueger Nightmare Elm Street Devil

For example, when asked about the horror film viewer’s experience of watching one of his films, he said the following:

“…something has been released, something has been exorcised.”

In fact, in NOES 3 we learn that Freddy’s mother was a nun that was raped by hundreds of mental asylum inmates over Christmas; how evil is that?

Freddy Krueger Nightmare Elm Street Nun Mother

The actor who plays Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) also played a shape shifting lizard alien named Willie on V.  This character was the only friendly alien overlord to inhabit Earth, but that doesn’t take away from that the fact that this series is so full of occult belief systems that it deserves its own post:

Robert Englund V Willie

The “V” has been mentioned numerously before in the past on Illuminatiwatcher.com because it is the symbol that summons the great beast from the Abyss; Typhon. For more on that you’ve got to read the article on the Illuminati Mark of the Beast.

Katy Perry Summons Nodens / Typhon from the Abyss

Katy Perry Summons Nodens / Typhon from the Abyss


Some claims online state that the name of Fred Krueger was inspired by Nazi officer Friedrich Krueger, but on the Never Sleep Again documentary, Craven asserts that the name is an amalgamation of bullies from his youth and memories of a scary man staring at Wes from the street. It would be interesting in Craven chose a Nazi officer though, given Hitler and company’s obsession with the occult and summoning their own demons from the Abyss (hence Winston Churchill’s opposition symbol with the “V”):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Winston Churchill V mark of beast WO

Milk from Moloch & the Occult Goddess Bath

Like I mentioned before, the horned deity of Moloch plays a role in this. Depending on who you ask, you can see the symbolism of the occult history of the world tying in with milk.

The most simple explanation is that Cow God=Moloch=Milk:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch2

The more complex answer is that the much revered ‘mother goddess’ is said to have given life through her “milk” which is analogous to women who bear children and feed them breast milk. The ancient civilizations obviously saw this milk as an important part of life- even a magical elixir.


It all goes into the belief in a period of time when Adam and Eve were created as forms of vegetative life (before we were “animalized”). This “animalization” of man was also referenced as “The Fall” in the Bible, but occultists believe that Lucifer (symbolized by a snake) was the entity responsible for creating mankind in its current form.

Lucifer and the snake were the “necessary evil” required to start the process of animalization of mankind, which is why many occultists worship him.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord all seeing eye snake

In NOES we see Nancy’s mother offer her milk while Nancy is taking a bath. This bathtub turns out to be a place where Freddy tries to kill Nancy in yet another example of Illuminati ritualistic sacrifice (see Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Water and the Occult Bathtub):

Nancy was intended to be the goddess sacrifice in the bathtub, which is a portal to evil that lets Freddy in. This is similar to the strange occurrences of Whitney Houston AND her daughter Bobbi Kristina both mysteriously dying in bathtubs

Brooke Candy Study in Duality Bathtub executioner sacrifice


Later on we see more milk by Nancy’s bedside, further emphasizing the point (which doesn’t even make sense because when her mother asks her if she wants milk in the first bathtub scene you can hear Nancy say under her breath “Ew, warm milk…”):

NOES Nancy Milk Moloch Nightmare on Elm Street


MKULTRA Mind Control

Right after Nancy almost gets ritualistically murdered in the bathtub we see more occult symbolism when she opens the mirror in the bathroom (see that video above).

This butterfly symbol is that of the MKULTRA mind control experiments the CIA conducted in the 50s-70s. This experiment had many sub-project underneath it, including the most notorious; Project MONARCH. This project was intended to relay a genetic memory from parent to child in order to ritually abuse the child in the same manner as the parent.

You can intuitively read into the story of NOES and see that Nancy and her friends’ parents were responsible for the murder of Freddy Krueger. Freddy must murder the children because there is a genetic memory link between the parents and children. Otherwise, Freddy would just kill the parents who took him out, wouldn’t he?…

In case you were wondering, there is yet another butterfly spotted towards the end of the film as well…

Nancy MKULTRA Project Monarch NOES Nightmare Elm Street


To take that genetic-child link one step further; the name “Elm” was chosen by Wes Craven because he said it was typical “Americana”, but one could postulate that it is surrounding the allegations of the Elm Guest House child abuse during the late 70s (just before NOES was filmed).

Straight from Wiki:

The Elm Guest House child abuse scandal arose from claims of sexual abuse and grooming of children at parties held at the former Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, near Barnes Common in south-west London during the late 1970s and 1980s. Prominent British men alleged to have attended the Guest House include former government ministers, senior MPs, top police officers, judges, pop stars, and people with links to the Royal Households.

There’s no doubt that there is in fact an underground ring of pedophilia going on in the world, as disturbing as that sounds. The Franklin scandal is a similar case in America (as was the Sandusky coverup). Was “Elm St” an analogy for the “Elm House”?…


Johnny Depp- Occult Beginnings…

For those of you that aren’t familiar; Johnny Depp might be the Devil. Or a vampire. Or perhaps he is just a dark, shadowy, mysterious figure who doesn’t age. No matter what, he’s got some suspicious beliefs and friendships in Holly-weird.

First; let’s start with the connection to NOES which is where Johnny got his start in acting where he plays the role of Glen Lantz.

Nightmare on Elm Street Johnny Depp Saturn Kabbalah 10

Strangely enough, Nicolas Cage persuaded Depp to try out for this role, and we all know where Cage’s career has led him with films about the Illuminati (National Treasure) and Druid human sacrifice (Wicker Man). In fact, Cage purchased a pyramid shaped grave site (for reasons he hasn’t revealed…) and is allegedly a Knight of Malta:

Nic Cage pyramid grave

Depp was also in the news for his sponsorship of friend Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3 (learn more about the WM3 HERE). Echols and two friends allegedly murdered three young boys in a satanic ritual; only to later have their convictions overturned and released from prison, thanks to the HBO Paradise Lost documentaries and the actions of Depp, Peter Jackson, Henry Rollins, Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines, et. al.

Paradise Lost Mark of the Beast X and O WM3

After Echols’ release from prison, Depp proceeded to hang out with him and even get matching tattoos (from the I Ching– it means ‘Wind over Heaven’ which some claim is a reference to the Prince of the Air- or Satan):

Damien Echols Johnny Depp air iching tattoo WO

Depp has an entire gamut of occult related tattoos, which I explore in my analysis of Johnny Depp that I implore you check out.

To keep exploring this Depp-Illuminati allegation, we can also see that some claim he used his Viper Room club to get  River Phoenix ritually sacrificed. This concept of blood sacrifice is detailed in-depth in my hip hop conspiracy book, SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC in which you can learn all about the occult origins of the blood sacrifice and why it could be used to this day to grant people access to the inner workings of the Illuminati.


If you consider his links to other self-professed satanists like Marilyn Manson and Die Antwoord, you can see that ideas like this aren’t so far-fetched.

In fact, he was close friends with Hunter S. Thompson and even portrayed him in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thompson has gone on Letterman and talked about how enjoys killing others while also revealing similar information in various interviews. Granted, he seems to be supporting this eccentric personality of his; but it begs the question if he is openly telling us what is going on and most are simply ignoring it.

For more on Johnny Depp’s occult connections- be sure to check out my full analysis on Johnny Depp.


Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, The Illuminati & the Gravediggers

In the first NOES we hear a quote from Hamlet. Let’s see what the Shakespeare quote about?…

Speaking of the King, Hamlet asks, “is’t not to be damn’d, / To let this canker of our nature come / In further evil?” (5.2.68-70). Here, a “canker” is a cancerous lesion, and “our nature” means our common human nature. Thus Hamlet sees the King as a kind of disease who will make other people worse and destroy our faith in human nature.

source: shakespeare-navigators.com

Nightmare on Elm Street Shakespeare

So how does this fit into this Illuminati analysis? Shakespeare has been alleged to be a pseudonym for Francis Bacon, who was allegedly a member of this Illuminati-Freemason group. I go into more basis on this in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

The Illuminati beliefs trace back in time through a man named Sir Francis Bacon (depending on how much you want to believe this stuff you could argue back to the ancient Egyptians or even to the beginning of time and the Garden of Eden). Francis Bacon was an English philosopher from the 1500s-1600s eras and influenced the scientific revolution. Many theorists believe that he was the actual ghost writer for William Shakespeare.

Bacon was known for hiding ciphers in his works while many believe he had occult ties with secret societies like the Freemasons. He was alleged to have faked his own death and travelled by way of this network of secret societies to get around without being seen (apparently he was in debt and sought to avoid repayment). Some even believe that not only did he not die at that point, but he never died at all…

You can see that Bacon (aka Shakespeare) was known to hide ciphers in his works that were based on occult ideas. Could it be so out of hand to think that the NOES series has been influenced by this member of the Illuminati?

The teacher in the film also speaks of the Gravediggers, which references Shakespearen fools, or the jesters. We’ve seen the importance of the jester archetype appear as the Joker in recent years with tragedies. The jester, or joker, is referenced in Crowley’s Thoth deck of Tarot cards as the Fool or the Magician:

Joker Jared Leto Heath Ledger tarot Fool Magician Batman

In Hamlet the Gravediggers are digging a hole for the body of Ophelia, who ironically, dies by way of drowning also (see the ritualistic bathtub link above)…


More Random Occultism

Continuing on the Tarot card theme: we see the Hanged Man of the Tarot rearing his ugly head when Rod meets his demise in the jail cell:

NOES Hanged Man Tarot Nightmare on Elm Street


There are allegations that the Tate murders were done by the Manson Family in order to satisfy some kind of satanic ritual pact in Hollywood; which is why Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring had the rope tied around them in a similar fashion- symbolism of the Tarot Hanged Man:

The Hanged Man Tarot Thoth Deck

Freddy gives us a shot of the All Seeing Eye during the film as well:

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy All Seeing Eye



Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it appears that one of my childhood favorite films may have some Illuminati influence embedded within it. That doesn’t take away from the film- it’s a classic in the horror genre that will entertain for years to come. However- the fact that Freddy Krueger is so similar to Kronos is disturbing to me. What could be even more disturbing is the idea that they’ve made Freddy an anti-hero who you find yourself rooting for in some sort of dark, macabre way.

Thanks for reading and be sure to sign up for that free email newsletter where you can get access to all of the IlluminatiWatcher archives delivered directly to you! I’ve also got a great START HERE page where we can connect on social media.

-Isaac Weishaupt



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Yep, I agree, a lot of those horror flicks I grew up with. NOES, Halloween, Friday the 13th. I remember I used to babysit for a couple of kids and one was a little 5 year old boy. He loved Freddie Kruegar and wanted to watch the film all the time! I always felt it was disturbing. Freddie would kill someone and basically make a sarcastic comment or joke afterwards. It made death look as something you don’t take serious. I also remember once watching the film and going to bed with a very bad nightmare and the next morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat. Which may have been just a coincidence, but I hadn’t been around anyone the previous day to catch anything. Now, after studying monarch programming, there is certainly lot to be said on looking back at Nightmare on Elm Street stories.

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  2. Nice article. The people respnsible for the ‘works of Shakespeare’ probably had a hand in the King James Bible translation too. Which makes Psalm 46 interesting as 46 words in is ‘shake’ and 46 words from the end is ‘spear’.

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  3. IW, you should read a book called Hamlet’s Mill. It’s about the metamyth of the cosmos as a gigantic millstone, churn, or potter’s wheel that spins around the axis mundi and manifests time and the material world. It also has a lot of material about Saturn, Chronos and the black cube as a plug for a cosmic whirlpool created by the tilting of the wheel in the precession of the equinoxes and the resulting eventual replacement of every pole star over time. Chronos is considered to be a later manifestation of the same archetype as Shiva in his avatar of Kala, the god of time and the male counterpart to Kali. The Hamlet referred to in the title is the hero Amlodhi from the Gesta Danorum, an ancient Nordic book. Shakespeare used it as the source for his play, so it’s pretty interesting that the film quotes from Hamlet.
    The milk might be a reference to the world axis as the churn from a story from Tantra and Hinduism about the churning of the cosmic ocean of milk that created amrita, the nectar of immortality.
    Freddie Krueger as Chronos also reminds me of the underground child-eating monster in Pan’s Labyrinth. Chronos may be a source for Cthulu, the monster from Lovecraft who lies ‘dead but dreaming.’ He’s supposedly sleeping in the underworld until the cosmos turns and it’s time for him to rise once again. The axis mundi myth encompasses elements that shed some light on the tree of life, the qliphotic tree of death and the underworld.

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  4. I have this impression that some egomaniacs are trying to convert animals or spirits into new vegetation, and from there commence in some P.O.S. occult Lucifer to re-create speciation.

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  5. I don’t think Ba’al is Moloch.

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  6. Chronos is the devil in Islamic religion. My personal belief.

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    • You obviously don’t know anything about the Islamic religion.

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    • I don’t believe Wes even had brain cancer, I believe his death was a hoax, he didn’t really look sick, did the illuminati kill Wes? Can others please share their doubts too? Diane Davidson

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      • It’s possible…there have been so many suspicious deaths in Hollywood: young stars accidentally overdosing, stars warning us of some great evil and then committing suicide.

        The Illuminati runs the world system and they are influenced by the devil (or great evil or whatever you want to call it). As a Christian, the Bible teaches that we should not love the world or the things that are in the world (1 John 2:15) because the world’s system is under the control of the devil (1 John 5:19).

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  7. Also here’s a fun fact about V: the mini series, there was an alien disguised as human character named Mary Kruger aka The Dark Angel of Dallas,who was responsible for the roundup and processing of 50,000 humans. Good series. I recommend watching it over again being that an alien invasion is to go down. Love you’re website thanks for all the vital info

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  8. Moloch might not have been a deity. If you look at wikipedia it says that one of the translations of the quote ‘thou shall not make sacrifices to moloch’ may have been ‘thou shalt not make molochs (moloch being the word for human sacrifice).

    If that’s right and Moloch wasn’t the name of their God, then what was the name?

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  9. Thank you
    You and freeman are true revolutionaries
    To speak truth in a time of deceit is revolutionary

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  10. The whole “psalm 46” comment is a lie. Shake is the 46th word from the top, and spear is the 45th from the bottom. I’d also like to add that the whole “Francis bacon writing the Kings James bible” is something that was invented and promoted by Manly P Hall.

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  11. I started a thread about Freddy being Kronos years ago.


    You missed the picture of Saturn(kronos) on Depp’s bedroom wall. It’s right by the lamp. There’s a picture of Kronos in the remake too. A guy is on the web and a picture by Goya comes up. Saturn devouring one of his kids.

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