Nicki Minaj ‘Va Va Voom’ music video-explicit

No symbolism that I see. Sounds like she’s splitting the difference from the last two albums and doing some partial pop, partial rap now.

Here’s the track list for the new album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded Re-Up” (Nov. 19th):

  • 1. Up In Flames
  • 2. Freedom
  • 3. Hell Yeah
  • 4. High School
  • 5. I’m Legit
  • 6. I Endorse These Strippers
  • 7. The Boys Ft.Cassie
  • 8. Va Va Voom


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I came across your blog trying to find information on a couple of weird symbols I picked up on while watching ‘va va voom’ the night the video was released. if you watch her video at 0:59 she is wearing that weird outfit and then at 1:47 shes wearing it again- it cuts right into the scene of her walking into light and shes wearing this mask where only her eyes are visable. It then shows her all in white, hair down, holding on to a unicorn (very angelic looking scene) it then shows her laying in a glass casket, she then as before comes into light and she’s wearing the exact same glittery dress and shoulder pieces as before… just no mask? I just got a weird feeling from that & felt it was something more than ‘oh.. one of nicki’s crazy outfits’ I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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    • @kelly Did u notice that “weird outfit” she’s wearing is in the shape of a horse(she’s representing as a unicorn). The video is based on fairytales. The glittery dress and mask represents cinderella. When she is lying in the glass coffin – Snow white. But I think the only thing illuminati here is the art of seduction. . . Just listen to words, anyone else agree?

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  2. How Can You Not Want To Notice Cassies Earings In The Boys.
    The Way Nicki Drops And Her Feet Looks A Pyrimids.

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  3. ok, its not truth, there is plenty of symbols and sublimminal .1. unicorns (elite ), va va voom (v v v or 666 on hebrew) , video is sending message to those from elite and ordinary people, ,, i wanna give you one last chance (to join to us) . its not all symbols on plate to see,start using your brains people, because word is not fairytale like this music video is trying to portrait .conclusion- if you join to us your life will be fairytale,elite, immortality, just V(6)A VA VOOM (accep 666, lucifer) i m giving you last chance….to this attraction, listen to the text

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