Nicki Minaj Hard White Video: Meaning of Illuminati and Occult Symbolism

Nicki Minaj dropped a video for Hard White and the symbols and messages were too much to ignore (which may be what she wants?…). Learn about the occult meaning of Nicki Minaj’s video…

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Triangles and Eyes: Cliche Illuminati Symbolism

We have to cover the triangles because this is the most common symbol in all of Illuminati history:

Triangles in the Eye


I’ve covered this concept many times in the past; but the concept here is that the triangle of manifestation is employed by artists like Nicki Minaj to harness power on a subconscious level. Furthermore you can see the triangle inside of her eyes (the all seeing eye).

We also see the triangle in the corridor while she sits atop of her throne (a concept of the goddess we’ll discuss later).

Lady Gaga 2.0

We see the All Seeing Eye symbol as well because it represents the enlightenment of the artist in the ways of the occult doctrine.


Even the demons in the video have an emphasis on the one eye…



Luciferian Inspiration

We see Nicki in the desert (of all places- you know the affinity the occultists have for the desert such as Marjorie Cameron). Lightning crashes around her which symbolizes the spirit of Lucifer, the fallen angel who ‘fell like lightning.’ It’s no coincidence that there are “weak” nuns crying out for mercy from what appears to be a serpent-like evil Nicki Minaj.



We also see the black bird- a symbol that not only demonstrates the first stages of alchemy (a personal transformation that the occultist starts out with); but one could also argue it as a reference to Aleister CROW-Ley.


Crowley was known as a worshipper of Lucifer through his writings (see The Dark Path ) so it’s only fitting to see a shout-out to the great beast here in the video.

Goddess Worship

Over the years I’ve seen several female artists be elevated as ‘goddesses’ only to fall from graces (e.g. Lady Gaga). In this video we see Nicki Minaj donning the headless of the original occult goddess- Semiramis.

The goddess entity is evoked by Minaj on this whole album. Her album covers depicts herself as an Egyptian goddess (Cleopatra).




Why is this happening?

I wish there was a clear and concise answer- but there is not. There are several theories out there, and my best crack at it is found by reading The Dark Path . The best I could sum up if you’re not patient enough to read it; is that they are conducting mass rituals through these artists. The artists are used for mass rituals and Nicki Minaj is being led down the path of false-deification of man.

Man will become god in the next age of transhumanism and they are planting the seeds of acceptance through entertainment.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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