New Witness Details From Travis Walton’s “Fire in the Sky” Alien Abduction

Travis Walton has been regularly speaking and presenting his story at various conferences and road shows over the last 36 years. The film “Fire in the Sky” details his story of being abducted by aliens. Recently, at the 2012 International UFO Congress, he was reunited with two other men who were with him that night (I’m assuming that they all hadn’t been talking since the night of the incident) and they sat down to do an interview with

That night, they observed the blinding light, sensed the beating pulse, and felt the fear that comes from seeing your friend and co-worker disappear before your eyes. What followed was a stream of disbelief and accusations from law enforcement and the local community. Even after passing lie detector tests, these men’s lives have continually been harassed. John Goulette eventually moved out of town, put the memory aside, and went on with his life. Steve Pierce was pressured repeatedly by UFO skeptic Phil Klass to take a bribe and say the whole incident was a hoax. After showing the film made about the event to his daughter, she encouraged him to come forward with his story.

The Travis Walton story has stayed consistent and exact for more than 36 years. Now, with additional eyewitness testimony to back up his claim, his amazing ordeal will hopefully be seen with less skepticism, and his journey for the truth appreciated.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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