New Underground Discovery at Puma Punku

A team of archaeologists have discovered a new underground tomb in Puma Punku (from Ancient Aliens-I’ll post the youtube video of the episode at the end of this post). They’re currently looking for a drill company to give them enough room to get a camera down there.

  1. The anomaly found is approximately four feet underground and then goes to depth of 10-11 feet.  (thereby making the height of the chamber 6-7 feet)
  2. The chamber is approximately 12 feet in length and 5 feet in width and appears to be mostly empty.
  3. The chamber appears to have steps leading into it but it does appear to have been filled in with something.  (the team thinks rocks and loose soil were thrown in to block access to it)
  4. The chamber does not have ground entrances to it and the very top of the chamber is 4 feet beneath the current ground level.  (the team thinks the chamber was dugout and then purposely buried)
  5. There appears to be something quite large at the end of the chamber that the team thinks could be a sarcophagus.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. even though religious people see and hear complexies around the world hundreds of them are older than there religions these people still don’t want to get it that man has enslaved them with man made guilt to get there money and there free help…knowing someone way back had great tools to build with…we could barly build this stuff today yet these religion profits get away with god works in mysterious ways….they believe in majic but not that hi tech has already been here

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  2. Maybe the other half of what is in the chamber under the paw of the Sphinx. Cut the BULL—— and let’s find out!!!

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