New Sharon Tate Book Authors on CBS This Morning

Brie Tate-Sharon Tate’s niece and family friend Alisa Statman shared an audio recording on CBS This Morning of Sharon talking to her father about Roman Polanski. She said: “Roman will be here in two weeks, He’s doing a film out of a book called ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ which you should read. It’s a fantastic book. Oh, yeah. By the way Roman’s just like you. He smokes cigars. He’s very sensitive and stubborn. He’s very — he makes decisions and nothing changes them.”

The book was written as support to keep the Manson family members in prison. They have been up for parole several times since their initial incarceration. Family member Tex Watson has since converted to Christianity and seeks parole in his next hearing in 2016. Patricia Krenwinkel will be up for a parole hearing in 2018, and Manson himself is up for a hearing in the next few weeks. All of these members were sentenced to death, but California repealed the death penalty and the sentences became life sentences.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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