New Martian Monolith Discovered

A Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured an image of what appears to be a monolith on the surface of Mars. It appears to be a single, rectangular, large, and vertically placed rock. As expected, NASA has already “debunked” this and a researcher who processes these images says that the resolution is so grainy on this image that it appears to be perfectly rectangular because the pixels are ‘square-y’ (we’ve all seen a digital image with poor resolution; it’s like that). I don’t know that I fully agree with that; the image is a little grainy, but that monolith looks almost perfectly vertical, and possibly perpendicular. Take a look:

Also, the researcher claims that its location doesn’t make sense because it is at the bottom of a hill where other boulders are open to roll down and knock it over. But to me this begs the question; why hasn’t that happened yet and where are all of these other boulders that are rolling down the hill?

Just a couple of years ago, Buzz Aldrin was part of the hype surrounding a different monolith found on Mars (and also “debunked”). Check this one out:


And what appears to be odd about this whole thing is that I retrieved this image from a 2009 DailyMail article and they show that this 2009 monolith is located on Mars right here:

But if you scroll up to that first image I posted with the 2012 monolith, it appears to originate from the same exact location on Mars. Either the websites are just copying/pasting the images and not realizing it, or there are now TWO monoliths in the same area of Mars and nobody is recognizing this.

What is also cool is the reference to Space Odyssey 2001 from Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick could’ve very well be privy to some insider-Illuminati information because his films feature so much symbolism.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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