New David Icke ‘Good Vibrations’ podcast April 2013

Icke goes back onto the Good Vibrations podcast and gives us more details on his Wembley 2014 show and a new book. He talks about Archons, the system, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, citing that it owns large shares of Monsanto (which is ironic that they fund ‘health’ programs while funding Monsanto who is contrary in its very nature to our health) and has ownership in all aspects of the global conspiracy. He finally talks about the book he’s been working on for about a year now and his new 2014 Wembley show towards the end of the podcast. He said that the book is the “best thing he’s ever done” and intends on releasing it by the end of April. It’s also the biggest book with 800 illustrations and over a staggering 420,000 words that puts all the pieces together in one comprehensive book. He confirms that he is definitely doing another presentation in 2014 at Wembley Stadium.

Good Vibrations returns to talk anew with David Icke, the guest that first kicked off the series. In the past year, much of what he has talked and written about for so long has been validated in the eyes of many, not least given his revelations about Jimmy Savile, and his connections to the deeply rooted paedophilia that was rife in Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government, and still infests all areas of The Establishment.

David starts off by assessing humanity’s current position in terms of the conscious awakening playing out against the control system’s desperate attempts to put the last pieces of its long-planned programme into place. He goes on to assess his recent mainstream media appearances, and talks about the engineered financial crisis in Cyprus and how it has implications for all other countries. He finishes with a mention of his upcoming new book, and a new show scheduled for Wembley Arena in 2014.

Here’s the link to the page:

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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