Mysterious Blotch Captured on NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity

An image taken from the Mars rover “Curiosity” appears to show a blotchy object in the distance. The rover took several images later of the same location and the image is gone. One theory is that the blotch was the spacecraft that delivered the rover was crashing and the rover just so happened to capture it on the film. The article has engineers stating that this is highly unlikely. So what was/is this blotchy image?

A photo of Mars taken by Curiosity shows what might be the NASA rover’s spacecraft crash-landing in the distance. If so, it ’would be an insane coincidence,’ one engineer says.

Did Curiosity capture the galactic equivalent of the Zapruder film when it landed on Mars?

Seconds after the NASA robot’s landing Sunday night, Curiosity managed to squeeze off a handful of fuzzy, black-and-white photographs. One, taken with a device on its rear known as a Hazcam, captured the pebble-strewn ground beneath the rover and one of its wheels — and a blotch, faint but distinctive, on the horizon.

The images were relayed by a passing satellite. Two hours later, the satellite passed overhead again. This time, Curiosity sent home a new batch of higher-resolution photos. They showed the same horizon.

The blotch was gone.,0,4063207,full.story



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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