More NASA photos with structures on the moon

A former USAF airman posted up some images of what appear to be more structures on the moon, further corraborating conspiracy theorists such as Mike Bara that suggest maybe there is (or was) civilization on the moon. Other theorists such as Richard C. Hoagland claim there are glass-like structures all over the moon. This latest set of images found by Scott Waring show several anomalies:


He describes the structures, and talks about their shapes and angles at which they have been built.

“Many of these structures have right angles, also note that when I show you the black building in the shape of a wall with two 90 degree angles, there is another in same location in this video but on lower right hand corner.”

Mr. Waring finally describes the black structure and tells us how it should be the shadow of a hovering spaceship.

“That black structure has four 90 degree angles which should be impossible. The large black turtle shaped structure is most likely a ship that is hovering…that is why the triangle shadow is under it.”


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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