More Illuminati symbolism from Kendrick Lamar…

Kendrick Lamar had a video called Swimming Pools (Drank) that had some Illuminati symbolism in it, and now there’s more with this latest photo shoot with Document Journal. This image from 2DopeBoyz shows him doing that one-All Seeing Eye symbol we see so often from the entertainment industry, indicating they are ushering in the Aeon of Horus of Aleister Crowley’s:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kendrick Lamar One All Seeing Eye

That’s all I got. For now. If you want more Kendrick Lamar Illuminati symbolism check out my posts on Robin Thicke’s Give It 2 U, where he’s dodging pyramid cones and also his ‘777’ Crowley stuff on the 2013 MTV VMA Awards.





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. hahaaaa, kendrick too?? haha u cant be serious!! thats the westcoast sign stupid…..
    “they say a black man in illuminati, last time i checked, that was the biggest racist party!!”
    nuff said!!!

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    • Realtalk he grew up with virus got cus em to be blind like ray andont know shhhiiittt

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  2. Came here cause I’m curious & I never seen anything really compelling linking Kendrick directly to this shit. Pretty weak picture to post, seeing’s how neither his right eye, nor his left eye, are covered by anything, in fact, I’d go on a limb & say that Both of his eyes… are in full view.

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  3. I’m sure this is the west side hand sign.

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