MKULTRA mind control symbolism in “Fifty Shades of Grey” film


Alright; so here’s a big secret I hadn’t planned on sharing with the world, but I actually read the book Fifty Shades of Grey before going to see the film. There. I just had to get that out. I thought the book was garbage, but the sex scenes were decent enough to keep my twisted interests (honestly- I really just had to know what all the fuss was about).

So when the film came out I went in with low expectations since the book was definitely not R-rated; even though the film was. However, I was excited to see some forms of symbolism that I just know the ‘Watcher’ community will appreciate. I won’t be devoting any time discussing the controversial aspects of this film (e.g. the domestic violence stuff, the rape stuff, etc.). There’s plenty to be said about all of that, but I’ll save that for another time; perhaps one of my podcasts.


So let’s get into it…

The first symbol we saw was actually in the trailer where we saw the ubiquitous All Seeing Eye of the Illuminati (which we actually see twice in the film; once at the beginning and again towards the end):

Fifty Shades of Grey all seeing eye elevator WO


The main symbolism I saw in the film was that of mind control. The dominant handler (Christian Grey) was definitely playing mind games with this innocent young girl.

The first thing I noticed in the film was when Anastasia goes into the ‘bedroom’ (it’s more or less her part of the house she is to stay in when Christian doesn’t need her for the sex dungeon).

You’ll notice that there is a peculiar shot where she sits down on her bed and you prominently see the bird cage right above her head; with a mirror across from her: BOTH symbols of mind control (*sorry about the grainy images, I’ll get better ones someday; I PROMISE you that is a bird cage picture above her head):

Fifty Shades of Grey bird cage mind control


This is a concept I’ve covered in the past several times (both the mirrors and bird cage). I’ve covered some of this in my Hunger Games Illuminati symbolism post where I go into her initiation into the mind control process which was shown to us in this high profile ritual of a music video where she is shown in a bird cage while undergoing a failed attempt at an alchemical process (shout out to Priscilla on Facebook for sharing this):

It all ties into the occult belief system of alchemy and the pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone. This “Great Work” of occult traditionalists suggest that there is a way of achieving immortality (a Golden Age concept I explain in my first book- A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory). The path through these steps are portrayed by colors, or birds with the same corresponding colors.

We’ve seen this from Miley Cyrus; right before she went off the rails in her video Can’t Be Tamed (which also features the bird cage mind control aspects):

Miley Cyrus cant be tamed bird cage alchemy black wings WO

You’ll also recognize in that video she is depicted with the peacock feathers, which tells us the fabricated story of Miley Cyrus who lost her mind in this transformative process. The peacock feathers can symbolize the failed attempt, which drives one crazy; as you can read on

The second meaning is that it represents the failure of the alchemical process. When the conscious enters the unconscious “each part of a thought can take shape and become visible in color and form”, according to a Chinese text about yoga exercises. One starts seeing all kinds of forms which look real and which look like they have an independent life. But one cannot go into it as it leads to discord of the mind, and possibly to schizophrenia.

Miley Cyrus cant be tamed peacock alchemy WO


Some of the mirror examples also include the shattered mirror (aka ‘shattered mind’) seen in Taylor Swift’s Illuminati symbolism of Style video:

IlluminatiwatcherDotCom Taylor Swift Style mind control mirror Eye



Appropriately, here is one from another sexually charged film; Eyes Wide Shut and my Illuminati symbolism:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Eyes-Wide-Shut-Alice-Mirror-12 WO



Shia LaBeouf in Sia’s video:


Ariana Grande:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Ariana-Grande-Bird-Cage-MK-ULTRA WO


The next (and sadly last) example I saw was that of the infamous MKULTRA Project MONARCH butterfly experiment. After a weekend with Christian, Anastasia heads back to her place where she crosses paths with her roommate/friend. They exchange a quick dialogue which I’ll use to back up my claim of the mind control:

Her friend says: “You look… different.

Fifty Shades of Grey butterfly MONARCH mind control part1

Anastasia replies with: “I feel different.”

Fifty Shades of Grey butterfly MONARCH mind control


Did you notice the butterflies right behind Anastasia’s head?  The dialogue implies she is going through a transformation by changing her mental programming. The butterfly symbolizes and proves this. This is a symbol often times identified with mind control issues. We’ve seen this covered here on multiple times as well:

The-Walking-Dead-Illuminati-MONARCH-butterfly WO

e216c_beyonceand-the-butterfly WO

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord Fok Julle monarch butterfly

shialebouf butterfly mkultra WO


All of these examples support this overall theory I’ve compiled about the entertainment industry and the mind control these victims suffer from. In my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC I went into great detail as to how this program started and how it’s affected several pop musicians and rappers.

Lastly, I thought I’d go into a bit of a ‘bonus round’ of other Illuminati ties this film has. For example, the singer/actress Rita Ora plays a small role in this film, and you all know her Illuminati ties I revealed in my post Is Rita Ora in the Illuminati?… Yes:

Rita Ora Terry Richardson all seeing eye WO


Also; the actress Dakota Johnson who plays Anastasia is the daughter of Melanie Griffin and Don Johnson; and was also the step-daughter for Antonia Banderas at one time. She’s also playing the mother of Johnny Depp’s child in Black Mass, so basically she’s got plenty of ties to the entertainment industry that suggest she’s been groomed for all of this.

There is a music video for The Weeknd’s song Earned It that is on the soundtrack, and in this video we see the Illuminati Mark of the Beast ‘X’s:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Weeknd Mark of Beast X Earned It video WO


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I haven’t seen the film or read the book but I have a friend who is a big fan of the book. She was disgusted at the film – She said it promotes men controlling women.

    My question is…why do the elite like to show off their occult practices (such a MK ultra, monarch butterflies, mirrors and such) in films and music videos?

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    • Because they get away with it,
      They are proud of their slaves…..
      And the fact people in general are just ignorant and don’t care.

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      • I agree with Debra.

        But the thing that shocks me is how many people (especially women) are fans of this nonsense. Abuse is abuse no matter how much you try to dress it up.

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    • Desensitization.

      It’s a very important tool they use on the masses.

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  2. I’d also like to know why do the elite like to show off their occult practices (such a MK ultra, monarch butterflies, mirrors and such) in films and music videos?

    Thank you,

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    • For centuries, only the Illuminati insiders of the highest order, were privy to their true meanings. Secret Illuminati symbols appear in a startling number of places, hidden in plain sight, in popular culture, media, and even architectural designs of important buildings and monuments.

      Members of the Illuminati have become integral in today’s governments, economies, media, communications systems, and entertainment industries. Knowledge of the Illuminati’s symbols will help common citizens understand the pervasiveness of the organization and not fall victim to them.

      Symbols and propaganda only work when an individual does not consciously recognize them. In other words, the symbols have the most power when the true messages are hidden, thus working on an individual’s subconscious level by triggering an emotional response to the message or the symbol. However, once we recognize the true meaning of a symbol or message, we then can filter them out and their intended effects on us are rendered obsolete.

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      • That’s not necessarily true. People say that witchcraft only works on those that believe, but that is also not true. I’ve seen it work on others. They are filling this world up with their sigils to break us down slowly. It’s why it’s harder and harder to attain the level of peace and focus to pray to God the Most High in order to combat this.

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  3. Thanks anon…I agree that symbolism is everywhere and that so many hidden messages attack our subconscious. E.g. Drinking and drug taking is deemed as “cool” thanks to crappy music videos.

    But what effect would a mirror or butterfly have on someone’s subconscious?

    Lots of blogs explain the relevance of butterflies to the elite (project monarch), broken mirrors (fragmented personalities), black and white (duality), etc. however none explain why the elite feel the need to display these things constantly.

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    • They are putting a spell on you. Read up on witchcraft.

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  4. Curious: It’s sort of like this…you have all the money and power in the world. What can you do with it? Many things…one of those things you can do is flex and flaunt that power through the various media apparatus that you own and control. It’s the high brow version of chest beating. Something you and those in the know can revel in as the masses look on, unaware of its hidden meaning. It might even be erotic to these creeps because they know most are unaware of the occult meaning behind the symbolism. It may also be a trigger mechanism to activate or silence their victims. Ultimately, it could just be a symbolic nod to their god, Lucifer. It could be all of these, some of these, or none of these but it’s certainly not just a coincidence as we once thought. I hope that helps.

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    • They are putting a spell on the world.

      and became enmeshed in demonism and witchcraft. They sought to substitute magic mirrors, consecrated daggers, and circles spread around posts of coffin nails, for the living of that virtuous life which, without the assistance of complicated rituals or submundane creatures, unfailingly brings man to the state of true individual completion.

      Those who sought to control elemental spirits through ceremonial magic did so largely with the hope of securing from the invisible worlds either rare knowledge or supernatural power. The little red demon of Napoleon Bonaparte and the infamous oracular heads of de Medici are examples of the disastrous results of permitting elemental beings to dictate the course of human procedure. While the learned and godlike dæmon of Socrates seems to have been an exception, this really proves that the intellectual and moral status of the magician has much to do with the type of elemental he is capable of invoking. But even the dæmon of Socrates deserted the philosopher when the sentence of death was passed.

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  5. Thanks everyone…some fantastic comments.

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    Kanye is trying to get his mom into heaven using a video game. Why? Where does he think she is?

    I think he’s cracking right now because he knows he did wrong. It’s why he ended things with Ricardo, why he married Kim, why he keeps saying he’s a Christian and at the same time bowing to Jay Z and Beyonce to prevent a backlash.

    He’s playing all sides.

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    • He can claim to be whatever he want to be, but in the end the Bible says that we will know them by their fruit.

      However, no true Christian ever went around doing the following:
      1. calling himself Yeezus, to mock the name of JESUS;
      2. put out artwork for his albums that show him nailed to a Y-shaped cross in mockery of JESUS’ crucifixion and in keeping with the Yeezus theme; and
      3. has a Rolling Stones Magazine cover called “The Passion of Kanye West” were he is wearing a crown of thorns.

      It just supports what the Bible says about many false messiahs who seek to distract away from the TRUTH.

      I do actually feel sorry for him because he is the one being enslaved and he is being used to control the masses.

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  7. Don’t forget the all-seeing eye symbolism when Anastasia leaves in the elevator.

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    • Ah- that’s right! They do that twice in there. I forgot about that, I’ll have to update the article. Thanks!

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  8. Yayy! MK-ULTRA articles. I shouldn’t enjoy, but I do. I left a comment previously under a different name asking you to look into this more and you may not have read it but I’m glad to see this post nonetheless. I’m currently writing a few articles for a blog devoted solely to Monarch Mind Control symbolism in the media just because there aren’t enough websites that keep you up to date AND catch all the symbolism. Just watching TV with my boyfriend gives me so much material.

    I have been a visitor to this site for awhile, I always return because you have information on things like occult magick, which I find very interesting. Keep up the good work!

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Athena! Send me a link to your work, I’d love to check it out. I’ll plug ya on the social media too.

      Post a Reply
  9. Is there a way to contact you Issac? There doesn’t seem to be any contact info on the website. I was wondering if you would be interested in featuring one of my articles on your website, my subject matter is exclusively Monarch Programming. I feel I have a lot of info that you and your readers may or may not have come across. I would love to send you an excerpt of my article to see if you are interested.

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  10. My comment here would be about the books. The biggest point I have noticed is that Christian Grey’s character very much resembles the victims of mkultra. He was traumatized at a very young age. He was forced to stay with his dead mom locked up for 4 days.

    As a teen, he becomes slave to a woman who later gives him money to start his own business. He shows no hatred towards this person. Instead he thinks that the torture worked on him like therapy because he was “no more in control” of his life. The woman to me seems to be his handler. The second book contains some mind control game Christian plays with his ex slave to save Ana. The author calls it bdsm dynamics. Come on, bdsm doesn’t produce robots. Who is she fooling???

    I read the books because feminists were going all crazy about it. I didn’t have any other interest. It was just the same wine (maid in manhattan/cinderalla flavored) in different bottle, but it did reveal to me the reason behind all the hypes. Everything was quite carefully planned. It was merely celebration of unhealthy relationships that already exist in our society.

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  11. I think its important to clarify here that none of those people above are IN the Illuminati. they SERVE the Illuminati. people of non white origins are not IN the Illuminati. these people SERVE. SLAVE. SUFFER. NO ONE SEES THE ILLUMINATI…but you CAN catch a glimpse of the jesuit Brotherhood from time to time. i believe one leading brother just visited new York! the Pope! yes, that’s the one.

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    • But there is no proof of the Jesuits nor the Pope being in the Illuminatii nor having anything to do with the occult. If there was proof I would accept it and be preparing for the Apocalypse but for now I can’t help but suspect it’s just a product of the fear and hatred of Catholics. If you can provide genuine evidence I will certainly examine it.

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  12. Hi Isaac,

    I’ve only recently discovered your website. I’m finding it interesting and informative.


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