MKULTRA Blood Lust- How Family Guy and First 48 revealed the agenda…

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As a fan of the show The First 48, I see both sides of the homicide investigations the detectives analyze. One particular episode gave me pause to wonder if the murderer was a bit TOO close to the big Illuminati agenda.


In this show, there were a series of unfortunate and senseless killings that took the lives of innocents- something inherently “evil.” I saw the typical calling cards of the Illuminati with the MKULTRA mind control mixed in with the world of entertainment so I wanted to take a further look…

Granted it is most likely a case of mental health issues, or even a lack of parenting (he even admits he was left to be raised by the streets in the interview).

However; this man killed a few homeless people and shot a woman for reasons he didn’t seem to understand. He said it was demons; but he also says that he was an aspiring actor on ABC. Worse yet; he says watching American Dad triggered him, a la MKULTRA.

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think. Is this man possessed by Satan? Is he a victim of MKULTRA mind control in entertainment? Does Seth MacFarlane from Family Guy know all about the big agenda?…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I feel a very strong feeling that things is coming to an end for us all through these mindless people and only thing I can say is God save us all

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    • eh i don’t think so. really all were seeing. is lucifer being lucifer. and lucifer can only strike when it is written within the prophecy for him to do so. really the end of days to us could be very different. as in we don’t know how long it is. or what day is the actual day. only God knows this. so yes we will consistently see all these signs. but you have to keep in mind that it is lucifer behind it all. personally i don’t see the point in freaking out over the end of the world when in reality all of our worlds end. inevitably we all have to face death. why stress so much over a possible bogeyman when you’re going to die anyways. what i do to find comfort in this is try to understand God more. try to understand the reason for Jesus and what he sacrificed for us. too many people are worried that judgement is judgement for your sins. in a way it is. in a way it isn’t. we’ve already been judged for our sins. that was the whole point of jesus dying for our sins. its just we have to accept this. and accept jesus in our hearts. God knows every sin you’ve made and that you’re going to make before you even do it. whats important is to look into yourself and find ways to better yourself so you can help others and you can better your relationship with God. Don’t give in to fear. Lucifer is consistently going to try to make us feel like Harry Potter in Episode 5. though i know this is a movie with a lot of symbolism. i’m just using it as a minor example. When Harry is told that Voldemort would probably want you to feel alone and like nobody believes you. This is exactly what Lucifer wants. He wants you afraid. He wants you living in fear of an impending doom. God wants you to live. To live your life and be the best you that you can be. Don’t give in to Lucifers bullshit. if you have a mind for these things than i’m not saying you can’t delve into this research. Just make sure you can handle these type of things before you research it. It can be a lot for the mind to handle. Can make you feel like there is no good in the world. Trust me. That is very far from the truth. Can’t have evil without good.

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  2. It is very disturbing. I work part-time in a retail electronics store and see both the music and movies. For one thing, we had some new releases out yesterday. One was “American Ultra”, which seems to be a farce on MLK Ultra. IT is about a young boy who discovers that he is a sleeper agent for CIA. The movie is described as partly a comedy. Also, another movies which has been out for a little while now called “As Above, So Below”. Guess where the setting is in this movie. Paris. It seems to be about an underground area below Paris where elite people sacrifice others to an entity. I have not watched it, but from reading the description of it, sounds very illumanati-connected and with the Paris attacks, I am now wondering and find it concerning? Please do a write up on this movie in your convenience. Thank you for all you do.

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    • There was actually a society living in the underground catacombs of Paris, the remnants of which were discovered in 2006. The area was complete with a security system, restaurants, and a note to the french police who discovered it “dont try to find us”. The Parisian catacombs are vast. And only a small portion is open to the public. This topic you brought up is interesting and deserves a deeper investigation. Thanks, I will look further into that movie now.

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      • Thanks, that is very interesting. I did not know that and just learning of this underground society under Paris. I was looking at it again and not sure about whether they were actually doing underground sacrifices in the movie now? I looked at quite a few movies the other night. But that one did catch my eye with the title ‘as above, so below’ and on the cover is the Eiffel Tower upside down? Just wonder whether there could be connection with the latest events in Paris? Thank you and God Bless

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        • yeah american ultra. ha. i picked that up today. couple years ago i was called crazy like every other day for even mentioning MK Ultra. now theres a movie that literally explains it detail by detail and still hardly anyones notices. also noticed within that movie. john leguizamo has a tattoo of a butterfly. the main guy flashes the horns several times when hes talking to the girl from twilight. and the girl from twilight. flashes the 666, okay song, several times in the movie. also another show about mk ultra somewhat, is that new kung fu show that plays after the walking dead. the main character is named M.K. and his story is that hes a trained assassin by some rich dude who likes to kill people and enslave others to force them to kill. sounds like a story of a mk ultra alpha to me.

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          • okay sign*

    • Skylar- check out JaysAnalysis, or Google Jay Dyer American Ultra. He was on Freeman Fly’s Free Zone talking about American MKULtra. You’re correct… And good thought about that As Above So Below- I forgot that had the Eiffel on the cover.

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      • I will do that and thanks Isaac

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  3. Dear Isaac, we were writing rdgularly then you stopped replying. My life took a sudden turn. After Kathmandu we got really ill. AND were also blessed with love adter 8 years alone. We really miss our discussions! Why dont you reply any more ? Gen

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    • Hi Genesis- I hadn’t seen that you were emailing me??… Maybe it went into my spam folder?… Anyhow, I don’t get a chance to comb through the comments as often as I’d like but we can resume the conversation on gmail.

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  4. Which book would I need to read to understand HOW the Illuminati influences or causes these things happen……such as the Paris and Boston terroristic acts? I certainly see the foreshadowing in Family Guy of the Bostom bombing and th suicide of Robin Williams. But my question is how does the Illuminati (Seth McFarlane) know certain events will take place?
    Which book do I need to order to help me make sense of this?

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  5. Hey Issac,

    Don’t limit yourself to just North America media.

    Look up Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, both her YouTube music videos and her Instagram and you’ll find a ton of stuff. I woke up after being a fan of her stuff and I’m utterly disgusted.

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  6. You need to watch the new Captain American Civil War Trailer, the entire film is covering current events today I am sure just like Winter Solider was its loaded with New World Order Agenda.

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  7. Hi there
    I’m a South African and I want to know about south African singers/actors whould u be able to tell me about them. Another thing Trevor Noah did he ha e to sacrifice anyone to be where he is right now. He is some talk show host. I remember a presenter for a well known show its called Top Billing past away. And he’s co host cried so much and something about her felt fake. And something told me that she was one of the people that had sacrificed him.

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  8. I have read alot regarding the mkultra techniques, but wonder how they can get these high profile people to disassociate without them knowing. Have you ever met one of these handlers who described it? Does it happen in a conference room or office under the guise of a business meeting?

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