Mix Mash of Prometheus Goodies

I try not to bite off of one website too much, but BloodyDisgusting.com is really on point with the Prometheus features (and horror movie news-go peep them). So here’s a post with reference to several of their posts, I’ll have the links also so please hit those up for much more info on the images/videos since I don’t want to just copy/paste everything from them.

Fan designed 1950’s poster of Prometheus:



Prometheus interview with Ridley Scott with a clue to a Prometheus viral map and discussion of a sequel (they’ve posted several viral clues on BD.com, this one says: “Here is the clue (click on the link at the end to head to the map): “Location 004: Skiing is just one way of carving the Andes with great precision. #Prometheus http://po.st/DYgnNE””):

NECA shows off two new Prometheus action figures:





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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