MILLIONS of dead fish in Japan after UFO crash


A UFO crashed off the Okinawa coast by Japan back in December and there has been speculation that it is even a UFO. posted an article (I’m not sure where they got it; or the validity of it yet) about millions of dead fish that are a result of chemicals leaking from the UFO. The Prime Minister of Japan signed an executive order restricting the Japanese media from talking about the UFO incident. The website is citing an insider who had this to say about it:

“I can confirm to you the dead fish appearing on Okinawa’s coast is a direct result of the UFO crash,” said the source. “We have scientists stationed on the JS Kurama, the vessel at sea responsible for bringing the spacecraft up to the surface, and they have informed the Prime Minister they believe a strange substance is oozing from the damaged ship and causing noxious fumes to rise to the surface. Not only is it killing any surrounding fish in the immediate vicinity but the fumes are making it difficult for the salvage crew aboard the ship to breath. The salvage operation has been halted for several hours due to this new development. The scientists fear a new and very dangerous alien chemical is infiltrating the seas and thus killing sea life.”


There are also several eye-witness account about it too. A photo supposedly released by the Japanese Navy (before the Prime Minister blocked all the media) of the UFO was released and HuffingtonPost debunked it by claiming it was a Google Maps image of lens flare.

If all of this is legitimate, then the mainstream media is not touching it.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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