Miley Cyrus: The Illuminati Breaks Her Mind While Nude Photos “Break the Internet”

Welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher- your home for decoding hidden occult symbolism in pop culture. Today we’re going to cover the latest from Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana). She was recently featured in a Paper Magazine interview that is supposed to “break the Internet” like Kim Kardashian did a while back.

But what is the real message behind it? I believe there is a hidden agenda buried in this supposed “story” and after you read this article you’ll be ready to face this oncoming occult train.


So let’s get into a post on called “FREE TO BE MILEY”…


Destruction of the Ego a la Charles Manson

The article starts out with an odd comment about being in the Bermuda Triangle:

“I feel like I’m in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and something is about to zap me into nothingness.”

Which some may look right past, but I can’t help but consider the occult elements within this statement. British occultist Aleister Crowley influenced thousands (if not millions) of people to subscribe to his belief systems that were handed down through the ages by magickal orders and secret societies (e.g. the “Illuminati”) and many of these beliefs seek to achieve the destruction of the ego. He talked about crossing the Abyss in order to fully destroy one’s ego (which many New Agers like Eckhart Tolle also believe are the key to solving your problems).

This is a key concept that can best be reflected in the tragic example of the Manson Family murders. Charles Manson continually drilled in the idea of the destruction of the ego to his followers to the point that they believed death of the ego was not a far cry from death of the physical body. On some level they believed they were “freeing” their victims.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charles Manson Quote


MKULTRA Mind Control Symbolism

If you research those Manson crimes you’ll quickly find out that there are aspects of MKULTRA mind control, Scientology, and satanic worship. These things continue to pop up tied together with occult systems, and Miley’s symbolism from past performance and music videos continues to push these ideas, including the Illuminati Mark of the Beast:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Miley-Cyrus-Mark-of-Beast-2 WO

You’ll also see the split personality imagery commonplace among those that suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder where the mind is given multiple “alters” from which the person is subconsciously directed:

Miley Cyrus Paper Mag Dissociative Identity Disorder


Perhaps that is why Miley has been becoming more introverted and ‘weird’ as of lately. She’s been acting out with drugs and one stroll through her Instagram page will show you just how much time she spends contained by herself.

Her first video as Miley Cyrus (when she broke from the Hannah Montana role) depicted her in the birdcage- classic symbolism of the mind control agenda with her representing the ‘blackening’ of Alchemy with the wings:

Miley Cyrus cant be tamed bird cage alchemy black wings WO


The Discordian American Princess Theory

There’s a theory evolving that states Miley is an agent of Discordianism. This belief/religion/philosophy worships chaos in the form of the goddess Eris, whom Miley is said to embody. Ironically (or not so ironically), Discordianism originated in Southern California in the early 60s, right along the time of MKULTRA projects, the hippie movement, and the Manson era.

The support for this argument is that she started out as a wholesome, Hannah Montana Disney character, but now she’s into all sorts of wretched stuff (which shows nothing but chaos- you’re braced for one version of Miley but you get another):




She’s given us more symbolism like this with her video for the song 23 which is another Discordian reference because the followers believe things happen in fives (the Law of Fives) and 2+3=5, so the number 23 is referenced as an enigma:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Mike Will Miley 2


Speaking of the Law of Fives, you’ll notice she’s always doing the peace symbol- another Discordian reference:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Miley Cyrus 6

Another connection is that she started the Happy Hippie Foundation, which uses a smiley face as its logo (as seen on the Miley Cyrus- Joan Jett video for the song Androgynous, which you’ll learn more about in a bit…):

Miley Cyrus Joan Jett Happy Hippie Androgynous

The smiley face was used to convey that Discordianism is a joke posed as a religion, or a religion disguised as a joke- hence the worship of chaos and disorder. Miley Cyrus’ real name is ‘Destiny’ and her father (Billy Ray Cyrus) named her Miley because she smiled so much.

If she truly is the embodiment of the goddess Eris, it’s no surprise to see her depicted with the Semiramis goddess outfits on her Bangerz tour (a show that was on television yet I heard zero outcry for her scenes of masturbatory celebrations and pot smoking- see the analysis HERE):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Miley Cyrus Bangerz Semiramis

“The Classics”: Illuminati Symbolism

You’ll notice the symbolism of the Paper Magazine interview covers all sorts of classic “Illuminati” symbolism. In that photo above (blacked out so this article can stay safe for work- if you’re brave enough to look at my website at work), you’ll see the classic symbol of the Illuminati pyramid which represents manifestation of occult beliefs.

Miley Cyrus Paper Mag Pyramid and Manifestation

You can also see the All Seeing Eye of Horus on her forehead (meanwhile she appears possessed):

Miley Cyrus Paper Mag All Seeing Eye of Horus possession

Not to get over-paranoid about things, but it is quite possible that the look of possession is somewhat accurate. In that Paper Mag interview she gets quite angry when talking about Christianity:

Although she was raised Christian, Cyrus maintains a particular contempt for fundamentalist lawmakers who rally against this sort of progressive, potentially life-saving change. “Those people [shouldn’t] get to make our laws,” she says. Those people — the ones who believe that, say, Noah’s Ark was a real seafaring vessel. “That’s fucking insane,” she says. “We’ve outgrown that fairy tale, like we’ve outgrown fucking Santa and the tooth fairy.”


Duality and the “Perfection” of the New Mankind

This look of possession is also fitting because the practitioners of the occult believe the All Seeing Eye of Horus could represent this new age of mankind which they seek to bring about. The eye is representative of the star of Sirius which supposedly is the Freemasonic embodiment of the perfection of duality- of man and woman together…

Miley is quickly becoming the voice of the LGBT, which leaves me stumped that the community is okay with that since she really isn’t doing anything but using the publicity to get more fame and quick money. She started the Happy Hippie Foundation and released a song called Androgynous with Joan Jett- further fueling the commercialization of the LGBT movement (see my entire post dedicated to that topic HERE).

I’m an avid supporter of ALL human rights and that particularly includes the LGBT community (or any other group that isn’t treated fairly or respectfully), but you won’t see me becoming the “poster child” or “spokesperson” for the community because I’m not a member, nor do I feel that I am qualified to do so. For SOME reason “they” are choosing Miley as this spokesperson. Why is that? Are the LGBT okay with it?…

Is this merely another hijack of a social issue for the means of commercialization? I argue that it is.

Disney is pushing transgender shows like Becoming Us through their ABC Family channel. The president of ABC Family even admitted this in the open on

“It’s a moment in our society when the world is focusing on transgender issues,” Tom Ascheim, president of ABC Family, said in an interview. “It only helps us.”

Discovery and Netflix both offer similar programming, and of course we have that whole Caitlyn-Bruce Jenner publicity stunt to consider as well.

Getting back on topic with Miley, you can see that the Paper Mag interview is tailored to highlight her open sexuality:

She says she has come to consider her own sexuality — even her own gender identification — fluid. “I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that’s legal, I’m down with. Yo, I’m down with any adult — anyone over the age of 18 who is down to love me,” she says.

“I don’t relate to being boy or girl, and I don’t have to have my partner relate to boy or girl.”

There you can see she embodies the occult spirit of the Baphomet- perfection through the harnessing of both sexes:

Baphomet_small WO

She proceeds to sell Paper Mag on her ideals when they finish the article with the following:

For Cyrus, it’s less about renouncing her past than imagining a wild new future, one in which people are free to buck expectations and live whatever kind of life feels truest to them.

Do What Thou Wilt rings a bell here…

Crowley Great Beast DVD


Final Thoughts

The point is this; the LGBT, like many other misrepresented and misunderstood groups shouldn’t be used for monetary gain by these people. I know there is an argument that entertainment like this opens up the doors of perception for others so they can become more accepting, but this doesn’t feel like that. It feels like the big entertainment industry is trying to capitalize on a social movement.

So what do you think? Is she being genuine? Or is this just more manipulation for “other” purposes?

Is she a victim of MKULTRA Project MONARCH mind control (which I detail in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC where I examine the music industry and their occult secrets):


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-Isaac Weishaupt



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Complaining about naked women, faggot. Go wank off to Alex Jones. Sodomite.

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    • Are u suffering of Tourette, moron?

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        • So anyway, commercialization of social issues doesn’t even have to be occult to be fair game for criticism.

          She’s like the Vanilla Ice of GLBTQ.

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          • There are worse offenders, but she is just the most popular. You should see this Brooke Candy girl…

        • Are you one of those atheist tards that voted for barry?

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          • Meatspin is a very sick person. We will probably read about him shooting up a movie theater.

    • Is he complaining about naked women? Really. Okay, anyway…

      So it’s pretty unoriginal and she’s trying to ride GLBTQ chic all the way to the bank like every other trend she’s ridden.

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      • Skyrim- are you an atheist tard? You sound like one.

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      • Don’t even respond to that guy’s BS, the best response to someone like that is for everyone to completely ignore his complete lack of intelligence.

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    • Writing outrageous and provocative things that are hateful in comment sections on the Internet is no longer provocative or interesting. It’s commonplace and boring. Maybe it feeds some dark part of your psyche and gets a laugh from shock value, but it is really counterproductive. Casting hate filled wordspells (all words are magical) only comes back to affect the spellcaster as negatively as the hateful words used to begin with. It’s like a rule of magic. Try this instead:

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    • She looks like a dude. So who’s the real sodomite? You men go marry a good woman and stop idolizing the whores of hollywood.

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    • Meat- STFU atheist. Go get laid LOL

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  2. Good post! Good info as usual. That one shot of her with the eyes…eek

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  3. A variant of triskelion in that pyramid pic….

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  4. She was a super Christian when she was packaging Hannah Montanna all the way to billions of dollars, then she was a boy toy and dated the hot pretty boy when he was at his hottest, now she’s showing up at RPDR and is genderless.

    I call shennanigans.

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    • Yes, and being “raised Christian” does not make one a Christian. We are known by our testimony and actions, not what we call ourselves. Miley is one very sick person and she comes by that honestly, if you believe the trauma-based mind control aspect. I feel sorry for her and hope that the Love of God will save her. She is definitely being used for an evil agenda.

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      • Someone actually knows something on this board.

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  5. I’ve only just found this site and it’s fantastic, it’s such an major eye opener! (no pun intended) Keep spreading the word!

    Anyway, I’ve been slowly making my way through the topics involving Celebrities and their apparent connection with the Illuminati or Kabbalah which curiously makes me wonder – if these people are dabbling in Kabbalah, does this not suggest that Kabbalah is possibly the ‘real religion’ and that all other religions have been tampered with by the powers that be in order to control? Or perhaps they’re not real at all.
    Considering 100’s of years ago before Media was around, books and word of mouth surely would of been the main source of information, unless I missed something.

    Curious to hear anybody’s opinion on the matter, I’ve not seen it mentioned anywhere.

    Peace and love brothers and sisters!

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    • Glad you found the site my friend! Yea, it raises some interesting questions. So far on this journey I’m finding that it’s an anti-Christian agenda in the sense they want to destroy ALL religion and bring about their own (the transhuman agenda). That’s about 4 years of research crammed into one sentence but you get the point 🙂

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      • IW unless you have kids you might not notice. But a lot of the movies are becoming half reality and half computer, ie spy kids, shark boy and lava girl etc the list goes on. I think it is going that route because of the transhuman agenda as well as trying to get kids to accept the merge of computers. Also possibly to have the kids “check out” more especially with the advent of virtual reality goggles etc. what’s your opinion on this?

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    • Unite, Kabbalah is purely Satanic and absolutely “anti-Christ”. Don’t be fooled by the elite liars that push this stuff on the unwitting sheeple.

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  6. She is a grown woman and she is trying to look like a child and I find that very sick.

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  7. I’m sure we’re going to be a lot more of this and at an accelerated pace too. Sad because people are falling for it. Disney does this to their youth stars and then turns them out to be freaks. I blame most of this on Disney and it’s characters. It’s all done for greed.

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    • If you notice, most of the Disney kids and some from Nickelodeon (Amanda Bynes) are train wrecks now. They have outgrown their Monarch programming and it is causing psychotic behavior. Dissociative Identity Disorder is rearing its ugly head. There is even talk that at one time, Justin Timberlake was probably Britney’s “handler”. He was a victim of Alpha programming, whereas Britney was programmed as a Beta (Sex Kitten).

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  8. My only problem with anything you said is “Her song 23” talking about shoes from Michael Jordan who wore NUMBER 23…also it is Mike Will Made It’s song, not hers, and when he asked her to perform the hook I doubt he gave 2 shits about discordianism.

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  9. No, I don’t think it is genuine, but I do think Miley is about as highly programmed as anyone can be! All can be done is pray for her at this stage. I don’t know what is going to become of her? But my guese is her future is not good 🙁 And what I wonder is about too is that little sister of her Noah! What is going to become of her in the future. When she was 11, she already had an entire clothing line fitting for prostitutes to model! I find it all really very sad, but also very angry at what all is going on!

    Post a Reply
    • Pray for her? Who’s kidding who?

      Post a Reply
      • Christinne, she is being exploited and brainwashed, of course we should pray for her.

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        • Get a grip, dude, get a grip….

          Post a Reply
          • Christinne, iow’s,you are saying ‘don’t pray for her’? I thought it was supposed to be Christian duty to pray for all lost souls. I”ve never heard anyone state that you never pray for someone. I am sure that even serial killers are prayed for by their families

        • Amen, Rebecca! Too true.

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          • we really have to pray for her coz its gonna be worse….the whole family can’t just be anti Christian.

  10. Hey Bro, thanks for your website and I appreciate the information that is provided and what more can I say that the evidence is before their eyes and yet some remain caged in the prison of ignorance, wallowing in their own vomit. There is nothing cool about these video clips and the dark sinister message and programming they send to brainwash mortals and their children. And to see the filth of ‘flesh for fantasy’ comments that are posted are immature. As to which some people are AWAKE and can see through the veil of this illusion, sickness, and disease. Too much and KIA KAHA from me an my Maori ancestors in New Zealand, KIA TUPATO, E RANGIMARIE E.

    Post a Reply
  11. Ben Affleck
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    Relatives Casey Affleck (brother)
    Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt (born August 15, 1972), better known as Ben Affleck, is an American actor and filmmaker. Throughout his career, he has won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards.

    Affleck began his career as a child actor, starring in the PBS educational series The Voyage of the Mimi (1984, 1988). He later appeared in Dazed and Confused (1993) and various Kevin Smith films including Chasing Amy (1997) and Dogma (1999). Affleck gained fame when he and childhood friend Matt Damon won the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting (1997). He then starred in high-profile films including Armageddon (1998), Shakespeare in Love (1998), Pearl Harbor (2001), Changing Lanes (2002) and The Sum of All Fears (2002). After a career downturn, during which he appeared in Daredevil and the much-derided Gigli (both 2003), Affleck received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in Hollywoodland (2006). His directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone, which he also wrote, was well received in 2007. He then directed, wrote and starred in The Town (2010). For the political thriller Argo (2012), which he directed and starred in, Affleck won the Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award for Best Director, and the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award for Best Picture. In 2014, he starred in the thriller Gone Girl. In 2016, Affleck will portray Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and will direct, write and star in Live by Night.

    Affleck is the co-founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, a grantmaking and advocacy-based nonprofit organization. He is also a stalwart member of the Democratic Party. His younger brother is actor Casey Affleck, with whom he has worked on several films including Good Will Hunting and Gone Baby Gone. Following high-profile relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, Affleck married Jennifer Garner in 2005. The couple have two daughters and a son together.

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    Blake Lively (m. 2012)
    Children 1
    Ryan Rodney Reynolds (born October 23, 1976) is a Canadian actor. He portrayed Michael Bergen on the ABC sitcom Two Guys and a Girl (1998–2001), Billy Simpson in the YTV Canadian teen soap opera Hillside (1991–1993), as well as Marvel Comics characters Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity (2004) and Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and the upcoming spin-off film Deadpool (2016).

    Reynolds has starred in films such as Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Finder’s Fee, Just Friends, Definitely, Maybe, The Proposal, The Amityville Horror, The Change-Up, Smokin’ Aces, Adventureland, Buried, and Safe House. He also portrayed the Hal Jordan version of the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern in Green Lantern (2011) and made cameos in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Ted. In 2013, he voiced the title character in Turbo.

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    • Why did u have to copy/paste all this, really?

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  12. well, i think… any “progessive” movement is being capitalized on.

    see even if feminism is a movement of truth – which it is, and has enriched my life in many ways – it is still an easy sympathizing factor which any sane business, illuminati or not, would use.

    its hard in this situation to decipher if it is just business tactic or actual propoganda.

    to me, the promotion of unnatural gender identies is unhelathy, but then again men wouldve said the same thing back in the more conservative days…
    women possibly do need to be chaste (not virginty-but educated and experienced about their choices) while men educate themselves of the same.

    who are we to talk of those with lives that naturally do not fit the norm.

    miley on the other hand is popular trash, and perhaps a good spokesperson to the youth.

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    • I don’t think any of us are talking about actual gay, lesbian, or transgender people–none of which Miley is. It’s easy to say now you’ve had lesbian relationships (when no paparazzi has ever caught you in one) because it is chic.

      She is Vanilla Ice of GLBTQ shit. She just stole the thunder of people who have faced actual bullshit from real life hateful bigots and appropriated it to sell shit.

      That is fucked up.

      I don’t care if you are

      a furry

      because your life is none of my fucking business. My opinion of you and your opinion of me should have zero impact on the others lives, but unfortunately collectivists, aka “progressives” try to force me to give a shit when I don’t want to.

      I am a huge hippy, live and let live, peace, love, and liberty type. I want everyone to be left alone outside the scrutiny of the state, but statists don’t want that.

      Anyway, fuck Miley.

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  13. So sad….. Off topic, I’m sure you’ve seen Muse’s video “Handler” by now… …

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    • Muse. My absolute favorite band. I know Matt is diving headlong into pushing an agenda too. What’s this new one about?

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      • Watch it and you’ll see! A dark puppeteer, controlling a spinning wheel with Alice, butterflies, birdcage, Mickey. And then there’s the lyrics……makes me wonder 😛

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  14. Every man and woman is a star

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

    Love is the law, Love under will

    93 93/93

    Post a Reply
    • And if I want to punch you in your face because you ought to love it…? That’s okay with you, right?

      Love is subjective.

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  15. I can assure you that we Discordians prefer a much higher standard of music. Our name starts with ‘disco’ for starters…

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  16. I discovered something my friends! Backmaskings are ghost thing, which means that Illuminati is stronger than human, because they are probably demons. But if we can belive all backmaskings, this same is with Nazists and some masons. It’s bit complicated.

    Post a Reply
    • Once you’re aware of the spell it no longer works on you…unless you’re really weak minded I guess.

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    • Backmasking is total BS

      Post a Reply
  17. Do you think the up and coming band called “Rixton” is illuminati? If so, can you do a post on them?

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  18. Great fan of your Work and website. Keep it up!

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  19. “opens up the doors of perception”

    Was that an intentional reference to the book The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley? Which was the source of the name for The Doors, the first mk ultra pop band.

    Post a Reply
    • I think it goes back even further than them. On YouTube if you watch THEY SOLD THEIR SOULS FOR ROCK AND ROLE it will show you from as far back as Elvis to present day. And yes the door were also one of those bands. Every interesting.

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  20. I really enjoy watching your videos and believe you are right on when it comes to MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL AND THE ILLUMINATI being carried out by these celebrities.

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  21. I think it’s rather obvious the poor child is under MK-Ultra mind control.

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  22. I do think Miley is some sort of mind control victim. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. They’ve made her do some pretty degrading things over the past few years. She’s like the female version of their whipping-post boy Bieber, and I don’t believe a word she says about being gender “fluid”; she’s on the bandwagon with most of the other celebrity pop stars. And remember that nude photo spread she did with her father? What the hell! That was pretty disgusting, even if she was covered with a sheet. Can you imagine leaning up against your fathers bare chest for a photo? So don’t think Billy Ray is all that innocent, either.

    I’m pretty sure that these folks do EXACTLY AS THEY ARE TOLD to do. Say this, say that, do this, do that, make this commercial, post this on social media, and on and on…

    And let me say, as a gay man, none of these people, not Miley or Bruce/Caitlyn represent the gay community. THEY’RE ALL FRAUDS. No one asked them to do anything, and we certainly don’t need their help. No one in their right mind would respect anything they have to offer. Those of us who are LGBT fight our OWN battles individually, and it’s not an easy path, and we don’t require bullshitters on our side. These kinds of people have NEVER helped us, now matter what they or the media claim.

    Along the same lines, I saw Madonna in Miami a few weeks ago. Had to take my husband. Talk about a real illuminati ceremony… it was all I could do to sit there and smile as if it were all okay, so as to not ruin his birthday present! OMG, you would have been floored.

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  23. Wanna hear some truth? Billy Ray Cyrus was raised in Russell, Kentucky. He attended Russell High School. He started playing in bands in Huntington, Ironton & other small places located near Russell. Billy’s dad (deceased) eventually moved to Morehead Kentucky. Billy’s grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher. IMHO I think it’s Tish (Miley’s Mom) that really pushed her into the entertainment industry. When they were going through a lot of problems & were in the process of divorce, is right before Miley went from Hannah Montana to a Satanette. I don’t think Billy was really for it but the mother definitely was. Tish was a wanna be run around groupie poor white trash. This is a documented fact. It’s how she met Billy. I can definitely see her push Miley so she can live off her coat tails. It’s sad but true. So, how do I know this? Russell isn’t to far from where I now live and at a festival in the area I met Billy’s dad. From this info, we can make assumptions. I’m just putting it out there as to what I think happened. Billy needs to man up & take care of his daughter. Doesn’t matter how old your children are. They will always be your children.

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  24. Believing in the Illuminaty is believing your own darkness has taken over your Light. ‘They’ want you so badly to believe all is lost. Yes all is lost for the people who give strength to their darkness.
    Light=Love has already won.

    No form of Illuminaty can rule the universe. The universe begins and ends with you.

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