Miley Cyrus: Sexual Preferences of the Occult

Welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher- your home for decoding hidden occult symbolism in pop culture. Today we’re going to cover the latest from Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana). Again.

Earlier this year I wrote an engaging article about Miley Cyrus and her “Illuminati Androgyny Agenda”, and much to my dismay I am being proven correct; as you’ll find out before the end of this article.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is an equality issue, or that MTV/Miley are concerned with the rights of the LGBT community. I wouldn’t write this article if I believed it was the case. I’m all for the rights of the LGBT community and equal rights for everyone. This is much more sinister than that.

Like I said in that previous article, Miley is being ‘chosen’ as the voice of the LGBT community, which is a huge disservice to LGBT members; in my opinion. I posit that she is none of the L-G-B-T, but rather a pawn for the Illuminati to push the occult side of the house. Just a couple of years ago she was dating all of these male sex idols- Liam Hemsworth, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Jared Leto, and Patrick Schwarzenegger just to name a few. But now we’re being told she’s not really into men, but more “open” and into “whatever.”

If that is the case, fine, I honestly don’t care who she has sex with, but I feel that there are more occult undertones that aren’t being brought to the forefront. Which is what I aim to do here.

As of May 2015 she was dating men; then in June she decided to start dating women, and only a couple of months later she’s now claiming even wilder sexual preferences…

I predicted that she would be pushing the Illuminati-occult agenda in my 2015 MTV VMA Illuminati symbolism article, and I couldn’t have been more accurate.

Given a recent unveiling of an October 2015 article of Elle UK, we find out that Miley is in fact pushing an occult sexual belief system.

Straight from the website:

ELLE UK celebrates its 30th anniversary with our boldest issue yet; covering the end of gender, fluid sexuality, and the trans revolution.

And who better to be the face of such a daring new issue than Miley Cyrus – pop star, provocateur, LGBT activist (and the sure to be controversial host of this weekend’s VMAs).  

In the issue Miley, 22, talks about her role as a gender activist and a politically engaged young woman, on a mission to make the world more tolerant, and gender and sexual identities less fixed.

The article proceeds to get into what I’m concerned with:

She then goes on to discuss her opinions on gender, and relationships saying, ‘I’m very open about it – I’m pansexual. But I’m not in a relationship. I’m 22, I’m going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I’m with.’

I’ll explain why “pansexuality” is an Illuminati agenda in a minute, but let me make one more point before I do.

On the cover of the Elle UK magazine we speak of; she shows us the symbol of Pan- the wiccan horned deity (just one of many gods worshipped with horns- like Moloch, Satan, etc.). You can see the symbol with her hand and thumb making a right angle; just like horns:


Elle UK Miley Cyrus L hand pangender

We also see the famed British occultist Aleister Crowley doing this with his full magickal regalia:

Aleister Crowley L Hand Oath Freemasonry

A follower of Crowley (and practitioner of his magick) is Damien Echols- one of the convicted child murderers in the West Memphis 3 murders. This rabbit hole goes deep and wide- please check out my conversation with WM3 expert William Ramsey for more:

Echols L Devil Horns hand

Ramsey also provided a compilation of this type of symbol in one of his analysis of the Crowley-Echols WM3 case:

Damien Echols Thumbs up Horns WO

Check out William Ramsey’s Occult Investigations YouTube channel for more videos of similar content.

The right angle ‘thumbs up’ symbol was also revealed in a Johnny Depp analysis I did where we see Depp giving us the symbol when he fulfilled his fantasy of becoming a vampire in Dark Shadows:

Johnny Depp Dark Shadows L Hand Demons

In another photo shoot she is depicted in the bathtub (with the water/bathtub symbolism being another potential source of occultism):

Miley Cyrus Adore You Bathtub



Getting back to the original talk about the pan gender identity being Illuminati symbolism; I believe that assigning this sexual preference is the next step before pandrogyny- an occult unification of sexes.

The reason we’re seeing this Crowley-Pan ‘thumbs up’ symbol is in alignment with why Miley is claiming to be pan gender as well. Another Crowley acolyte I’ve discussed before on this website in my article about Illuminati and Alchemical Symbolism in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange film analysis is Genesis P. Orridge- the creator of pan gender:

Aleister Crowley believed that all things labeled as opposites, were in reality the same, and actual unities. This is why the alleged satanic Process Church of the Final Judgment (an offshoot of Scientology) seeks to unify the Church and Satan, because they believe in this unification idea. One person who took these ideas of the Process Church and ran with them is Genesis P. Orridge. He is also known for creating industrial rock in the ’70s which influenced David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails.

He’s also known for turning himself into a pandrogyne, seeking to merge man into woman.

The links just go on and on, you just have to look for them.

If you want to go further into Miley’s androgyny push (along with Bruce Caitlin Jenner) check out that Miley Cyrus and the Illuminati Androgyny Agenda article OR you can check out the article on the mind control of Miley Cyrus and how “The Illuminati Breaks Her Mind While Nude Photos Break the Internet“:

Miley Cyrus Paper Mag Pyramid and Manifestation


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. country is just sinking deeper into the pit… was wondering, is the Bible still used in the Courtroom to swear people in… ???

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    • No the Bible is not used in the courtroom to swear people in. I’ve worked in courtrooms for thirty years and have never seen it used in all that time. I’m a court reporter and we give the oath at depositions. When I started we used “so help u God” at the end of the oath. That was done away with pretty quickly thereafter but I kept using it anyway 😀 I got some funny looks but one one has ever confronted me about it.
      I am wondering if the movie Pan coming out soon is related to this also?

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      • Even toddlers are being allowed to choose their gender when they are so young. I want freedom for all in life choices but. this seems too young for a person to know give how much we change in the years fromchildhood to teenager

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  2. Just looked at DM’s article Miley-Cyrus-bare-breasted-Barbarella and saw the VMA pics. Anyone know if her costume actually has a flesh-colored bottom piece underneath the “chandelier”? I thought I could actually see her labia; I guess that’s how far down the drain we’ve gone. (Is the costume related to her programming, especially the “gems”?)
    P.S. Billy Ray Cyrus posted an old picture of himself and daughter where it sure looks like he’s wearing an inverted cross.

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      • I was having some difficulty with my computer, but I saw lots of “eyes”, Miley sliding out of a rainbow star gate, Miley and some rapper guys playing with a Ouija board, stupid drug “humor”, Miley wearing a rainbow square, and Miley saying Jesus’ name in vain… I guess by “best bits”, they mean “most calculated” to offend Christians and titillate juvenile minds.

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        • I was indelicately referring to your comment about her visible lady parts.

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          • Oh, the innuendo wasn’t missed.:) I just decided to click the link.

          • The lip skirt wasn’t subtle at all either, was it?

  3. Igh need better evidence of thumb symbolizzm where the fingers are bent. The symbolizzm of `Dark Shadows` yz incontrovertible: we have the fingers and the floor. But Echols tucking fingers not thumb under an arm? It kud be a matter of comfort. Miley with her left thumb part:ly in her mouth : tHis kud be tu signify that sheez a bit infantile or it kud be tu put us in mind of oral sex; nu both. If the thumb symbolizzm yz right, we kud do with a hard-core analysis of it.

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    • Actually, I had just posted about her on the Depp article! I didn’t expect that she’d echo that Miley kind of crap, but I shouldn’t be surprised.

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      • Nope you should not esp since he’s Satan’s Big Helper!

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  4. The reason they push androgyny is a hat-off to the fallen angels because angels are actually both male and female. They are Its.
    That’s why demons like the Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, etc pantheons have a male or female “consort”. Brahma’s consort, for ex. is Saraswati who is actually his feminine dual. Apollo has Athena, Anubis has Bastet, etc.

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  5. ^Argh! Isaac, can you delete those posts where people just copy & paste insanely long segments that don’t seem to have any relevance to anything?

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    • Sorry- the damn spammers seem to get through somehow. I’ve got all sorts of settings to catch them. Trust me- it annoys the sh*t out of me too!!!!

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  7. You’re deceived if you think anyone from the LGBT community is going to be #WOKE enough to think you’re anywhere close to the truth with this, lol. Anyone that sides with the agenda they are worshipping!

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