Miley Cyrus and the Illuminati Androgyny Agenda

It was barely two weeks ago when I referenced Bruce Jenner’s sex change as being a potential Illuminati agenda, and now it seems that Miley Cyrus is pushing similar content. What is that content you may ask?… That of the Illuminati Baphomet:

Baphomet_small WO

Just like in the mysterious case of Bruce Jenner, Miley is trying to say that she isn’t necessarily gay or straight. She’s a bit of both. Here’s a quote from


“I didn’t want to be a boy. I kind of wanted to be nothing. I don’t relate to what people would say defines a girl or a boy, and I think that’s what I had to understand: Being a girl isn’t what I hate, it’s the box that I get put into.”

She is continuing that push on the androgynous mixed sex stuff, just like Bruce Jenner. This is an Illuminati ideal because they’ve long wanted to become androgynous themselves due to their beliefs that god is a perfect being that consists of both woman and man. There are beliefs that aliens from the constellation of Draco visited the royal bloodlines long ago and interbred with them. These Draconians were allegedly androgynous beings.

This is why we saw the 60s/70s push on similar content from the likes of Robert Plant and David Bowie:

David Bowie Androgyny

Now, here’s the thing; I don’t take issue with what Miley is saying. I think it’s nice that there can be a voice for the LGBT community to raise awareness and help push for anti-discrimination and acceptance.

HOWEVER, I think it’s a bit deceptive (and rude as hell) that Miley Cyrus is deciding to be that “voice.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but she’s been on the tabloids for dating all sorts of men in the past (e.g. Nick Jonas, Patrick Schwarzenegger, MKULTRA victim Justin Bieber, Liam Hemsworth, and that alleged satanist Jared Leto to name a few).

This leads me to believe that she is just part of that big manipulative Illuminati machine. She’s just pushing an agenda that’s not even hers, which should be appalling to the LGBT community.

It’s not all that surprising that Miley Cyrus would be chosen for “The Agenda” given her history of Illuminati symbolism from videos like We Can’t Stop:

MileyCyrus Ill

…and a more recent dabbling into the dark arts with her video for Tongue Tied which couldn’t express that Illuminati Mark of the Beast any more clearly:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Miley Cyrus Mark of Beast 2

She was also featured in a similar argument I posted about the sexualization of the aliens- another agenda of the Illuminati that runs parallel to this androgynous movement:

Miley Cyrus Alien Real and True

Never mind that Miley Cyrus is the nightmarish mess of Billy Ray Cyrus, so you know she’s not above a publicity stunt to get her name in the headlines (as is evident on her Illuminati symbolism filled Bangerz tour); but she’s not even gay!


I’ve explored this entire androgynous-Illuminati link in that Bruce Jenner article, so be sure to read that for more information on why the Baphomet symbolizes these important concepts in occult history.


So what do you think? Should I leave Miley alone and quit picking on her? Perhaps I’m no different than her- wanting to see some positive change for others that are suffering from discrimination and intolerance. She’s just got the following to actually make change, so maybe she’s doing this for the RIGHT REASONS. I am a bit cynical because she’s long been on my radar for pushing bullsh*t Illuminati symbolism so I don’t know that I believe her intentions to be honest and true. In fact, she wrote an Op-Ed about this subject in which she talks about this exact agenda-push, and in it I saw something that highlighted the exact point I’m trying to make here:

Bruce Jenner spoke beautifully about using his platform and fame to DO GOOD and to make real change, and I want to do exactly that!

Again; are Bruce Jenner and Miley Cyrus the voices that the LGBT community want to represent them?… I’m not a member so it’s not up to me, and in fact, I don’t know that I should be jumping in on this conversation, but nonetheless, there are my thoughts.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. She’s “bisexual” now because it’s chic. I’m so over them that I almost want to become a housewife just to spite them.

    Grunting neanderthals may apply for the job of husband. It pays well.

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    • Occasional lesbianism is trendy too and sick inducing at least to me

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      • Well, it also diminishes the people who are actually lesbians because the women who do this are doing it as a way of being tantalizing to men. It makes lesbians look like all they need is a penis to stop liking women.

        Like Evan Rachel Wood is “bi” but marries a dude.

        Anna Paquin also “bi” but marries and babies up with a dude.

        You know who likes girls? Ellen.

        Miley likes girls on Molly. I know I’ve been there myself. I wouldn’t make a thing out of it because its just disrespectful to lesbians.

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        • Part of the same poison called politically correct agenda. Source of inspiration: Protocols of Zion. Didnt u notice that it literally rains trannies, homosexuals, lesbians etc? The Zio-owned media abounds in such “news” and be sure that hardly a few of them are true, not to mention how many of them are distorted so as sheeple should be brainwashed properly.

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    • The breaking up of the family unit. The empowerment of women and the weakening of man. Its clear what it says in the Bible on the subject of Gay and Lesbian relations. Baphomet clearly has BREASTS and is transgender which he also promotes. The times of Noah were the same……that didnt end up going too well for the Sodomites. Just saying……….

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  2. I am a member of the community, and I have to agree. I do not want these people representing us. Especially trashy Miley Cyrus.

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    • Well but it also makes people like ridiculous. There are legitagay people out there like NPH and Ellen who lived through the fear and bullshit and really struggled, now that it’s chic everyone is tagging it.

      Being “bi” or “genderqueer” is the new French Bulldog–everyone has to have one.

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  3. I love now how they are imposing “dresses” and genderqueer on gay men as if they really needed that.

    Here we go…

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    • Its exactly the opposite: the politically correct agenda appears to be in favor of sexual minorities, when in fact it does more damage to them. But as most are sheeple, they obviously jump the bandwagon and if u happen to think differently, ull become a pariah.

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      • Yes, I’m glad to have been born a subversive person. I never go with the flow.

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  4. I think the illuminati have a habit of imposing their preferences on the world and trying to make it as if everyone is a little bit like that. I’m not talking about sexuality there’s nothing wrong with that!!

    It’s just that they probably are androgynous (they have to be if they worship the baphomet), and trying to make it the norm.

    They push the paedo element and try to make it like it’s casual as I believe they’re trying to legalise it.

    That rapey blurred lines song that would gotten banned based on public opinion as I believe they’re trying to legalise it, in fact there was a politician in the uk who bombarded and harassed a lawmaker judge to legalise it with his irrational arguments.

    And I think they’re trying to make people think that if they’re not bi they’re not normal.

    I’ve said it in a previous post but sexuality starts at a very young age the same time as gender identity.

    Growing up one of my friends was a lesbian who used to try and kiss my other friend and did not even know it was different. My cousin is gay I figured that out when he was 6 and my female cousin told me she thinks she’s bi she was 10.

    If Miley always felt like this and she’s only able to express herself now that’s different but people who hide who they are usually have some psychological issues.

    And also she can say she felt male without demeaning the female part about her. To feel that you are nothing is not normal, you’re either proud to be your sex or you know somethings not right, again early on.

    If I were Miley Cyrus I’d be more concerned about the fact that I don’t use my real name.

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  5. This is Miley’s latest vid btw, just in case

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  6. But have u seen her vid of the same name?

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  7. I totally agree with what you’re saying but I think perhaps you should stop picking on her as you mentioned – as you know she was brought into this industry at such a young age and we have all witnessed what that’s done to others like her (Britney, Amanda, Lindsay) You can just see she’s not in the right state of mind, I don’t think she has a grasp on anything to be honest with you, I wonder if she’s even aware of what she’s doing. I hope she isn’t anyway because I really wouldn’t want my future daughter looking up to her.

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    • Isn’t this a clear depiction of the breakdown of old program? I don’t think she is even signed to Hollywood Records anymore She might die at 27 Personally Just me I don’t think she is a subject or even has a handler Her Dad isn’t even his own handler So she’s not even corrupted like she 1nce was Better that her phase is complete so that she doesn’t have to poison your daughter anymore Kids are the way they become because society consumes & never create Ponder on that

      On a lighter note ISAAC If you have seen the latest Avenger movie why haven’t you covered the False Prophecy double meaning within? The use of THOR (SON OF ALMIGHTY ONE EYED GOD OF SKY), IRON MAN (THE SON OF INSIDE JOB TODAY TERRORISM), & VISION (CLEAR MOCHERY OF BELIEF IN RELIGION) 3 beaming their energies to end Ultron (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN A HOST/SMITH FROM THE MATRIX/VIRUS/CYPHER) & his plan to flip Sokovia like Atlantis

      After the sacrifice of a sibling A HYDRA( MKULTRA) Victim who was before in alliance w/ Ultron & triggered suppressed memories of all the Avengers when they were undergoing rituals & dissociating from torture to help strengthen Ultron to channel more technology leaves the key unguarded w/ vulnerability & emotion at fault the city that was built over underground bases falls into a sea

      Though the prior mission before setting out to “Avenge” was to flee the civilians to safety & keep them in the dark about what might occur I personally have no idea what happened to those people because most were lifted into the sky Nick Fury The SHIELD coordinator who’s seems to have psychic abilities though never warns or prepares for what he knows Has an aircraft that appears just when every1 thought they’d fall from the sky but I don’t remember them retreating or rescuing those people like in 2012

      Though alike in 2012 The depiction of new order is evident w/ the “NEW AVENGERS CENTER” I might be wrong or insane but it is blatant w/ the Furious 7 Tower scene that images & instances are purposely orchestrated to trigger post traumatic stress in viewers a. k. a. Batteries a. k. a. zombies a. k. a. expirements a. k. a. slaves & promote the acceptance of Transhumanism & Biometrics in us

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      • I totally forgot the point of DNA modification used to match pure w/ hybrid to make VISION which is a depiction of dual Similiar to androgyny but never elaborated on in the film wether the man is a man or something else though the Avengers entertain the positive thought regardless Also showing the evelasting wonder & risk of evil & danger

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        • also When Iron went to retrieve the Sceptor & fell under a trance by the Scarlet Witch as his team lay dead Thor’s hand is placed precisely as Aleister Crowley’s when he’s facing west pointing w/ his Index

          Everytime Bruce Banner transforms Black Widow infamous for her natural compulsion is sent to hypnotize or (or seduce.. I don’t really understand that sexual tension) to alter him

          The energies are all solar but Vision is the only 1 w/ it already in him

          So sorry to scramble thoughts Just forgot pieces of the movie & will gladly settle for my own observation than the 1 many will water down when the movie is on Blu-Ray & what not

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      • I haven’t seen the new Avengers yet- but I’m wanting to do so!! I better hurry before it’s out of the theaters…

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        • Hopefully I didn’t ruin it then but 1nce you have come back

          read over what I took from the movie I think I hit it so right on the head It’s scary

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      • @j r DUDE!! your fucking right right! you,watching it,it’s always the good guy winning the bad guy but when i saw the avengers two and your writing i totaly new it was evil especially tony stark’s part with the scarlet witch.but it’s not only the avengers! other movies like x men,superman v batman(which i dont know why they used ‘v’ instead of ‘vs’….

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  8. Is it me or does anyone else find it out that these dumb girls only date douchy rappers? There must be some esoteric agenda for race mixing? Now, i’m not a racist nor opposed to race mixing most of my gfs have been latina or middle eastern and i almost married a creole girl. Im saying there must be agenda, look at news broadcasts its always some buff pretty black guy and some bimbo blond, NEVER a white man and a black woman.

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    • Do you not know of the Royal family & their Bloodline? Either some1 is w/ a person because they are their handler, by contract for PR, or to breed for a cult & in my own head that cult is the Draconians Which are Scottish & Aryans

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    • Its the liberal marxist agenda and race mixing is one of its items. Its mainly aimed at women, no need to say why.

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    • It’s not that racial mixing is the agenda but moreso the elimination of the black race. You are correct in pointing out that it is never, ever a white male and black woman together. But they push the image of the black male and the white woman. Where this was once one of their greatest fears (bm w/ ww) they are now using that image to tear down the idea of the black family. This says to women, white men don’t want you and not even black men want you anymore. Add to that the feminization of the black male in the media and it’s a tragic recipe for disaster. They don’t want black babies being born.

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      • Yes there have been white males and black women- eg

        – FKA Twigs and Robert Patterson (Twilight)
        -Mariah Carey and James Packer (she’s not really black, but mixed race)

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    • Billy, my response was geared towards images in all media, not just news broadcasts. I have seen several examples of white male/black female pairings. George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts is the first one that comes to mind. One of my local news channels has used a couple of wm/bf anchor teams for years now. That’s not so uncommon. But look at any tv show, movie, commercial and that disappears.

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  9. I recently read an article which described Miley and others like her as “gender-fluid”. I feel sorry for her, as she really did not have much of a say about her indoctrination in this sick world. But having said that, I wish she would disappear from the industry so as not to influence young people with her perversions.

    On another note, I have always been a HUGE fan of David Bowie and in the past didn’t really pay much attention to the symbolism he used. I didn’t realize when I was younger that the lyrics to Quick Sand were partly about The Great Beast666 and the occult (“I’m closer to the Golden Dawn, immersed in Crowley‘s uniform of imagery.”) It pains me to know this as Ziggy Stardust is one of my favorite albums of all time. I hope he has grown out of his infatuation with the occult – but I doubt it. I am a Christian and the Bible says we cannot serve two masters. I am trying to get away from the worldly influences that take my attention away from Christ’s love and truth, but sometimes it is very difficult!

    PS- on the “black assassins” site, do a search for Pharrell; you will be blown away. Also, Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding, Jr. Unbelievable stuff! A lot of the writings are about the subversion of black artists, past and present.

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    • I’m right there with you Paula! I’m a massive Bowie fan but now that I’m seeing the occult beliefs it’s got me wanting to examine his stuff again. I’ll check on that Black Assassins into- thanks

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      • Bowie is the biggest occultist around. Even his last album- Black Star- which is a tribute to Saturn.

        And BTW, I personally strongly believe (according to my personal actual experiences and feelings) that David Jones (AKA Bowie) is in a better place now. He is happy and smiling and wherever he is, he is at peace.

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  10. Unless you make the realization that sodomy is sin you well never produce accurate information on this subject.

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    • The definition of ‘sin’ is separation from God. God is Love, Light, Source Energy. When we incarnated into this density, by definition, we separated from Loving Source in order to become matter.

      So the word ‘sin’ simply means separation from Source.

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