Metro Boomin’s Illuminati Jewelry

Toady we’re going to look at the jewelry collection of rap producer Metro Boomin. While most would find this innocuous; I ask that we take a step back and realize that many thousands of dollars are spent on these designs so we should pay some attention to them…

The caveat I always throw out is that I don’t believe Metro Boomin is actually in the Illuminati; but rather connected to them. The reason I believe this is because he is like other celebrities in the public eye in the sense that it’s ALL A SHOW.


The theory goes that people who reach an elevated status are given some form of persuasion (or even direction) to use these ancient symbols in order to soak the consciousness of the masses. The symbols get perpetuated, accepted, and then repeated in what Eliphas Levi called the “Magnetic Chain…”


Metro Boomin wants some more…

The video on YouTube regarding Metro’s jewelry collection shows us an interview where Metro goes through his jewelry and the inspiration for the design.


I found it curious that there was minimal to no discussion on the pyramid with all seeing eye jewelry. He talks about his “Boominati” company, which, in fact, uses the same symbols:

The symbolic meaning of the triangle/pyramid and the All Seeing Eye have been discussed in my past articles on the subject so read those for a much deeper analysis.

It was curious that Metro Boomin’ also had a pendant as tribute to Darth Vader- the symbolic reference to embracing the dark side of duality!


Darth Vader was a topic of great importance in The Star Wars Conspiracy because he represents the ‘balancing of the Force’ since Anakin Skywalker was able to successfully defy the Jedi Council and embrace the dark side; only to come back and become a sympathetic figure when he saves his own son, Luke Skywalker.

Another symbol that often gets overlooked is that of the lightning bolt.


The lightning bolt has represented the fallen angel of Lucifer who ‘fell from the heavens like lighting.’ He also represents the adversary or the “Other” as Darth Vader did. These different incarnations of the Dark Lord are becoming more and more sympathetic to the minds of the masses through anti-hero programming (like Deadpool).



Symbol for the High Priest in the Church of Satan utilizing the lightning bolt

In Conclusion

The power of the symbols get dismissed by many, but the inner beliefs of the occult teachings understands it more clearly.

The mass indoctrination is happening on levels beyond our comprehension and the aim of my research is to explore it and get everyone on board with understanding why it’s happening.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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