Met Gala 2019: Illuminati Symbolism

Have you ever watched Neon Demon? While it’s a fictional movie; it shows us a dark side to the fashion industry. I find it to be revealing because it’s easy to argue that these celebrities and models are inducted into a group of people that seek to cause changes in reality. They seek to usher in a new age of occult practices. They do this by implanting symbols that speak to our subconscious.

I seek to wake the viewer up to the reality behind these symbols…



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A Luciferian Affair

Every May there is a gathering of celebrities to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute.

Looking for themes of Illuminati occultism isn’t hard to do- we seem to find it every year:

2018’s Met Gala was a Luciferian affair:

Childish Gambino’s Illuminati Jacket


Katy Perry: The Fallen Angel


Janelle Monae is a Freemason floor


We’ve also seen Katy Perry as the Scarlet Woman in 2017:


This year’s theme was ‘camp’: “a style or mode of personal or creative expression that is absurdly exaggerated and often fuses elements of high and popular culture.”

They can call it whatever they want; themes of occultism are to be found to the astute observer (*of course these are all my opinions- decide for yourself).

So what did we get in 2019?

Let’s go…



Janelle Monae’s Eye Sees All

The symbolism of Janelle Monae shows us the All Seeing Eye; a reference to the initiate’s understanding of the occult path:


Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer is soaked with symbolism of this theme so I’m not surprised.

Ezra Miller the Alien

Actor Ezra Miller is known as The Flash or a magician in the Harry Potter “Fantastic Beasts” films. He showed up with the All Seeing Eye symbolism (referencing the pineal gland in this particular format).

Mano Cornuto hands for bonus points


He’s infamously known for super-woke gender levels, but I’m confident he’ll be taking the mega-monster-woke path of claiming to be an alien. He had this to say about the topic:

“Queer just means no, I don’t do that. I don’t identify as a man. I don’t identify as a woman. I barely identify as a human.”

Given his presence in the endless number of super hero films I’m not surprised (super heroes are, after all, Blavatsky’s alien race).

Michael Urie: The Baphomet

This actor sported a half-man, half-woman reconciliation:


Blurring the lines of gender in the name of questioning social constructs is a-ok in my book, although I can’t help but see similarities with our old goat friend:

The Baphomet: As Above So Below


Katy Perry: Luciferian Stooge

I also like picking on Katy Perry (relentlessly). She showed up adorned with candlesticks and most would suggest she’s a chandelier:


I’m far too paranoid for that line of thinking so I’m going to suggest she’s symbolizing the illumined ones. She represents the light; or the path of Luciferian doctrine (we’ll revisit this before the article wraps up).


Jared Leto: Destroying the Ego

Jared Leto is also one of those names that routinely pops up in my research (e.g. buying Lookout Mountain, pushing symbolism, etc.). He showed up with his head detached from his body:


This super-enlightened individual is showing us that he has destroyed his ego and went beyond the confines of normie-reality. We know the destruction of the ego is key to enlightenment through films like Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain:

Destroying the ego in the All Seeing Eye



Billy Porter: The Final Boss

Billy Porter showed up as an Egyptian god:


This typifies the Illuminati belief system that believes the real god is the Sun. The Egyptian sun god is revered as the source of enlightenment. The occultists believe that Jesus and Christianity is a perversion of true source of divinity: the Sun.

A warped path takes us to the idea that Lucifer is the key to reconnection with the “sun god” because he is seeking to save us from the oppressive god.

I’m not here to tell you which way is “right” (how the hell would I know anyhow); I’m just trying to open your eyes to the big agenda…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hi Issac, good job as always. Yes, I’ve seen the movie “Neon Demon”. It was disturbing on many levels mainly because I’m sure it contains a lot of truth. Also, I rarely watch TV but yesterday I just happened to turn it on & Ellen was on. Okay, here we go…. She had a skit where she was playing some type of instrument with famous guitarists. It was to the Game of Thrones theme. Right after it ended, a very quick flash of words in black & white appeared on the screen. Yeah, one of those quick eye blinkers. I caught the words “Sigil Connection”. Yep…. I have no idea if this will show up again anywhere but I betcha they meant it. I was thinking who else in the world just caught that? Issac, where are you? Thanks, for all you do.

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  2. Jesus is the only way to heaven and that is why these devil worshippers mock Him. They surely don’t mock leprechauns, unicorns etc because they don’t exist. Instead they mock the only true God, the God of Israel, the Great I AM. He is coming soon. People prepare!! Gb

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    • Honey, preach somewhere else! Keep ur Xtian talibanism to urself!

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      • Tolerance doesn’t mean that everything pleases you. It means that you don’t have to tolerate (a.k.a. involve yourself in willingly.), things that displease you. If you don’t like what you hear, it might be because people tend to dislike things that go against their beliefs. Tolerate. Accept. Two choices. Pick one and STFU.

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        • I’m the mean time, I will tolerate your (my opinion) IGNORANCE.

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          • *In. Sorry. Your ignorance has caused me to make a simple spelling mistake. I’m sure the LIB in you will use it as your only ammunition. My bad. Tolerance…..

  3. Christinne,it seems that you dont understand.They are indeed mocking Christ,if not,then what are they doing then?Why go to the length of being called luciferian and satanist.This is an attack on Christianity.If you know the illuminatist,then it obvious that they HATE Jesus.IT IS SO CLEAR.

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