Met Gala 2018: Illuminati Symbolism of Luciferianism

This year’s Met Gala promised to provide the biggest night in high fashion and celebrity-worship; but when they revealed the theme of the show many cried foul. The reason is more covert than many realize since the Illuminati implant symbols and esoteric messages on a level much deeper than the masses understand…

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Heavenly Bodies

This year’s Met Gala is named “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” for proper reasoning.

Vogue wrote about the controversy citing that the Vatican signed off on it (as if that mattered when we consider the idea that the Vatican is part of the Illuminati agenda):

The “Heavenly Bodies” exhibition has, however, received the official stamp of approval from the Vatican. In fact, along with over 150 designer pieces, the Costume Institute’s next big exhibit will also include 50 garments and accessories loaned from the Vatican. Other brands featured include Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, both of which have a history of using religious undertones in their designs, and more unexpected inclusions like Chanel and Valentino.

So what is everybody so concerned about? Read on and see for yourself…

Fallen Angels

Katy Perry came to the event with giant angel wings; symbolic of the fallen angel Lucifer who “fell like lightning” before taking his place as the ruler of the underworld:


In the Illuminati we consider their religion to be one of Luciferianism; meaning they live to promote the adversary or “Other.”


Last year at the Met Gala we saw the symbolism of the Scarlet Woman from Katy Perry, evoking the Book of Revelations-inspired visions of Aleister Crowley:


Rihanna attended the event dressed up as the Pope himself:


The outfit featured the papal hat that some have claimed to be a reference to the fish gods of Babylonian/Sumerian religions which tie into pagan or occult beliefs in an evolutionary past.

Surprisingly, Katy Perry wore a fish head similar to Rihanna’s in her Prismatic concerts (which were FULL of Illuminati symbolism):


Rihanna was also featured as the Scarlet woman in a Semiramis-Goddess emulation as well; similar to the Scarlet Woman:


Rihanna as Semiramis


Illuminati Symbolism

Donald Glover appears to be stoking the flame of conspiracy with his jacket that features the Illuminati triangle with all seeing eye on the back:

This is curious to me since he’s part of the hip hop community (which plays heavily into the rap Illuminati conspiracy). He’s is also helping popularize occult symbols such as these as some form of fashion.

Janelle Monae continued her journey of occult realization as she continued her duality of black and white (see my analysis of her DIRTY COMPUTER film):


The New Gods

Jared Leto showed up to the event sporting the crown of thorns which obviously draws analogies to Jesus Christ:

To see a guy like Leto trying to “pay homage” to Christianity is laughable if it wasn’t so sacrilegious. This particular image appears to show him doing the priest’s blessing (although I can’t confirm that is what we’re seeing).

In fact, when I was early in my blogging days I posted a string of images that suggested Leto was part of the Illuminati agenda.

When he was filming Suicide Squad he was interviewed by GQ and said the following:

“I don’t want to be dismissive because my real belief is that if that’s what you believe and where you find comfort, then that’s great, That’s actually my belief: People should believe whatever they want to believe,” he says. But for me, you know, I don’t think there’s a bearded dude up there that’s like, “Oh, you did this and this.”

“It’s a challenging piece of work. But we had a lot of fun with it, too,” he told GQ. “I mean, the Joker is not that bad a guy…He’s always making himself laugh.”

While he’s not clearly denouncing Christianity; he does seem to be at odds with it. Especially when he says the Joker is not that bad a guy. We know that the Joker is a proponent of Nihilism- which is part of the entire Illuminati agenda (from my research into this topic in the book The Dark Path ).

In Conclusion

Without sounding too paranoid; I believe we’re witnessing a bit of sacrilege with this Met Gala 2018 show.

The fashion industry (and celebrities in general) seem to be proud to show their antinomian views and this is just one more example.

Makeup artist Fiona Stiles confirmed this juxtaposition of Christianity and the occult with her efforts (reported by HollywoodReporter):

There was perhaps no one better prepared to translate Monday night’s Met Gala theme—“Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination”—onto the red carpet than celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles. Six months ago, the day the exhibition was announced, her brain immediately went to the occult and the dark arts. Stiles went to art school where she studied art history, giving her a unique perspective and interest in the subject, and she’s been ruminating on the theme since then.

“I knew there would be a lot of angelic renaissance beauty, and Lily’s always really wiling to go for it,” she recalls. “I texted her, ‘I’m thinking about the dark arts,’ and she’s like, ‘Awesome, I’m on board!’”

The big Illuminati agenda here is to show us the deification of celebrities by directly showing us their presence as the gods we knew. They ultimately want ALL of us to become gods which is alarming when we consider the serpent in the Garden of Eden promised the same thing to Adam and Eve- to “become like gods”…



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Proof those in the high echelons of religion know it’s all inverted and disguised and it’s ALL tongue-in-cheek to keep the masses in line.

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    • Religion, one of the most efficient methods to keep sheeple obedient. Or turn people into sheeple.

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  2. note that a big deal was made by Scarlett Johanson wearing something made by Harvey Weinstein’s ex-girlfriend (who apparently is a high-fashion designer).

    she (weistien’s ex) was shunned-by-association when the Weinstein humiliation ritual unfolded.

    Johansen was the first time someone of A(i)-list wore her clothing to a significant event/ritual (or at least according to

    considering the scarlet woman theme, Johansen is the living embodiment, if only by name alone.

    does this signify weinstien’s rising from the ashes?

    or is it simply saying wienstien is the great beast himself?

    or maybe Johansen’s star has fallen so far that she is left with only rejected designers to dress her…

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  3. That Donald Glover being there and this video I’m hearing about says a lot…I’m sure there will be an article posted on that soon.

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    • Not worth the effort. The same divide&conquer crap trap.

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  4. As a real Christian, I was disgusted at Katy Perry’s appearance as the Scarlet Woman from Revelations 17.

    According to Revelations, the Scarlet Women is the forerunner to the anti-christ. It is the apostate church that will lead men away from the true worship of ALMIGHTY GOD by prostituting the Gospel. That’s is why it is also referred to as the whore of Babylon.

    Last year I commented on the fact that many true Christians believe the scarlet woman to be the Catholic Church. Honestly, a lot of what they teach is not even in the BIBLE. That is why Martin Luther published his 95th Thesis and the Reformation happened. But i digress.

    The fact that the Catholic Church (and i use the word loosely) allowed people to blatantly make a mockery of Christianity shows that they are not of GOD. Whether they is under the influence of the Illuminati, the Freemasons, or the the Easter Bunny…it does not matter. They are all under the control of the devil (1 John 5:19).

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  5. I actually found this more entiitaenrng than James Joyce.

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